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Festival Memories #7

Sziget has been over for two weeks now, but your Sziget accounts keep on coming to Keep them coming through the contact section, or via comment.

Here’s the latest we received, from Szigetnews friend Kevin:

 Sziget was good as always, but it was better the last couple of years… Prices
have gone up extremely over the last two years. Line-up was a nice 90ies-feel
line-up, but we’re living 10 years later…

Two friends of mine were robbed. Both were sleepinh in there tents when people
came into their tents to get stuff out! That’s not your own fault!

Don’t know if I’ll go again. Maybe I’ll try the EXIT-festival next
year… But it’s a hard choice to make. Main reason to go to Sziget is the
massive possibilities to chill in tons of places!

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