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First Sziget 2015 announcement: Florence & The Machine + more

The first Sziget 2015 announcement is here, and it’s an interesting one, with some colourful names, as promised.

Namely, according to the official Facebook, Sziget 2015 will be graced by the presence of:

  •  Florence and the Machine
  • Alt-J
  • The Subways
  • Babylon Circus
  • Blasterjaxx
  • Jamie Woon
  • Kadebostany
  • Jose Gonzalez

What do you think of the announcement?

Is it what you expected or were you hoping for other names?

If so, who do you think will be part of the next ones?

23 thoughts on “First Sziget 2015 announcement: Florence & The Machine + more

  1. Florence and Alt-J were expected yeah but AWOLNATION is a very pleasant surprise 🙂 I’ll listen to the other but i’m glad with that first announcement.

  2. How do you know that Florence is playing on day 0 please?

    Florence & Alt-J are excellent announcement. 50/50 if we are all going next year as the crowd gets younger as we get older. The 10 of us oldies will decide depending on Indie/Rock announcements over the coming months. Have a great Christmas (if you celebrate it.)

  3. it’s in the official announcement on sziget’s page that she plays on day 0. last year we had bigger names in the first announcement, but it’ll be florence’s and alt-j’s first concert in hungary, so it’s really exciting! 🙂

  4. Exactly tool! Add to that the fact that Florence will have a new album out next year (and same for AWOLNATION) so we finally have a “current” act (even if I wanted Muse).
    Jason I’d put 50pounds on Linkin Park if I had the money (if it can help you 🙂
    Also, we don’t even have any of the headliners (assuming that Florence will play like Qotsa, before a DJ for the “opening”).

  5. Thanks Tool 06 & Noeliam – I will have a listen to Linkin Park as I only know 1 or 2 songs.

    I would love “The War On Drugs”, “Caribou” & Patti Smith as announced at “Way Out West” festival in Sweden Aug 13-15.

    I would absolutely buy a ticket tomorrow (for the 4th consecutive time) if any Rock/Indie mega-band came – I’m thinking ACDC / The Who / Jack White / The Black Keys / Foo Fighters / Muse / Aerosmith / The Cure / The National and my 2 favorite bands – Arcade Fire & Radiohead.

    My favorite gigs of this year (non Sziget)were Beck & John Grant so I could happily see them both again in 2105.

  6. I am happy because there are a lot of new bands, that wasn’t in Sziget line-up before (except The Subways).
    It will be my 7th Sziget and I am really need new bands like Alt-J, Awolnation etc.

  7. I listened this alt-j last week and today also. the whole new album. this is so…eee. uncool. boring. sorry. awolnation got one song I like. so far I’m going to werchter instead of sziget.

  8. I’d like to remember to people saying last year we got a better first announcement that sziget 2014’s first announcement was in january, so actually this year. Now we have an early announcement and we’ll have the big january announcement too. Announcing those names Sziget Official said it was just a sneak peek.
    Florence is a pop name and Sziget have always had a pop headliner every year: 30stm, Mika, Lily Allen, Scissor Sisters, Pink, The Kooks and obviously Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Don’t forget that in 2012 and 2013 Day 0 headliners were Akos and Quimby, so hungarian headliners. Florence is way much better than those names imho.
    We have to wait for 5 international headliners (maybe 6, let’s hope so) and all the Main Stage djs. Let’s wait and be confident! 🙂

  9. @ilbert I advise you to listen to their first album… amazing! They have 5-6 great songs there. I agree that the new album isn’t like the first one though!

    Bender is right, last year at this point we didn’t have anything so let’s be thankfull for what we have, we still have the “regular days headliners”. 🙂

  10. It’s normal to have different tastes 😉 I hope next time you’ll have some ands you like.

    Merry christmas you’all 🙂

  11. Merry Christmas to you all…I think…the anouncement is very cool at this time…specially because the bigger names will earliest come in the mid of febuary…so…be relaxed and enjoy the time til…and then on the sziget. ..

  12. Happy new year as well… my vacations end on tuesday I hope we’re gonna have some news by then (official or unofficial 😉 )

  13. I’m pretty sure Alt-J was on sziget last year or the year before.. so it’s not their first in Hungary

  14. I’m 100% sure Alt-J never performed at Sziget before. The Subways and Babylon Circus are regular performers at Sziget and Jose Gonzalez performed at Sziget in 2008, but all others are new to Sziget.

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