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Flu prevention measures taken at Sziget 2009

Organisers of this year’s Sziget will provide a clinic specialising in respiratory problems on-site, as well as a round-the-clock pharmacy for those who might feel unwell during the week-long event, Hungarian Health Minister Tamas Szekely and head of the festival Karoly Gerendai told reporters on Monday, according to

The clinic will have 60 beds and will help those with flu-like symptoms. Music fans with other medical issues will be treated at the first-aid points.It is important that possible A/H1N1 patients are isolated, the minister said. He added that 122 new flu cases had been registered in Hungary up to now.

400 health professionals will be working at this year’s Sziget.

The minister noted that health facilities on the festival grounds will be staffed by a total of 400 health professionals.

The festival will be “absolutely safe and people don’t need to worry as long as they observe basic rules of personal hygiene,” Szekely said.

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