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Frequency Festival, which takes place from 14 to 16th of August in Austria has announced a bunch of acts.

Considering the fact that Frequency Festival takes place at the same time as Sziget, some of these acts could make their way to the Island, too.

The announced acts are as follows:

  • Skrillex
  • Queens of the Stone Age
  • Placebo
  • Blink 182
  • Parov Stelar
  • Ska-P
  • Jimmy Eat World
  • Prinz Pi
  • Kadavar
  • Wilkinson
  • Congorock
  • Milk Drinkers
  • The Young Punx
  • Dubesque

What do you think? Which one of these acts would you like at Sziget?

51 Responses so far.

  1. jakzso says:

    I hope none of them lol
    btw qotsa is the best from this list…

  2. art says:

    obviously we won’t have QOTSA, blink and JEW aka the bands that are worth something, but still we can bet for placebo and ska-p for the 100th time…

  3. a_a says:

    hope none of them

  4. jason says:

    Skrillex & Queens of the Stone Age would be good.

    Placebo are not likely as they were at Sziget in 2012
    Parov Stelar & Ska-P were there in 2013 so even less likely.

  5. Szitizen says:

    All of the first seven + Wilkinson would be nice. The others I don’t know, but they could be the next band I like. :)

    I actually think Parov Stelar is likely, because the A38 Stage was full for them last year.

    And I don’t think Placebo are not likely because they were at Sziget two years ago:
    - Placebo headlined in 2009 and 2012
    - Iron Maiden headlined in 2008 and 2010
    - The Prodigy headlined in 2006, 2009 and 2011
    - Madness headlined in 2007 and 2010
    - The Killers headlined in 2007, 2008 and 2012
    So repetitive headliners certainly can’t be ruled out.

  6. adam clark says:

    Nice to see your back in 2014, Sziget News ;)

    For me QOTSA would be an excellent name to start off the year :)

  7. Sziget News says:

    Hey adam! Good to see you, too. Happy new year!
    Who knows, maybe you get your wish :)

  8. SZIGOTO says:

    QOTSA / SKRILLEX / BLINK 182 / is good news
    but PLACEBO this is a very very bad choice

  9. Bender says:

    I really want QOTSA to come to the island. I would also really like to have also Parov Stelar again, Skrillex and Blink 182. Even if I saw them so many times, I wouldn’t complain if Placebo come because I like em a lot. Congorock also played Sziget a couple of times in Party Arena, so he could be plausible as well.

  10. Bender says:

    But…maybe Skrillex for the End Show? Will there be an End Show again?

  11. Mit Kok says:

    Sziget festival is a week later this year for the reason of getting better acts that weren’t able earlier. Qotsa, JEW, Wilkinson and Young Punkx would definitely be great.i don’t care much skrillex but it’s a plausible act for an end show

  12. Sitcom says:


    Parov Stelar was comfirmed as a Strand Festival-only act in 2014 (same organizers as Sziget) (Parov Stelar Band only at Strand)

  13. K says:

    When are we going to get any names?!?!?! This is so frustrating!

  14. ilbert says:

    QOTSA? Yes, please! :)

  15. K says:

    Outkast have announced a 40 date world festival tour! Reckon it’s a bit too much wishful thinking!

  16. Bender says:

    I really hope OutKast won’t come. REALLY HOPE!

  17. ilbert says:

    me too! less this kind of crap would be better :)

  18. tom says:

    ????jep…2 man rappin on a stage….boring

  19. Szitizen says:

    My gosh, the complaining about line-up starts early this year, even before any act has been announced!

    If you don’t like Outkast, you don’t have to start b*tching about them! I’m sure many Szitizens would want to see Outkast, but you hope they won’t come to Sziget because you don’t like them? Do you think acts should only come to Sziget if you like them and Sziget should not cater for anyone with a different taste in music? That’s a very selfish attitude and I’m glad most Szitizens I know don’t think like that!

    I really hope selfish people won’t come. REALLY HOPE!

  20. enzo says:

    Szitizen: you got one beer on me. thumbs up

  21. K says:

    Well said szitizen!

  22. Bender says:

    I was only speaking of MY OWN music taste. It’s my comment. If Outkast headline the Main Stage I’ll go to World Music Stage of A38, no problem. But I hope Sziget will have headliners I like. That’s it and I think it’s pretty normal.

    Anyway Sziget Italia is asking fans which one they prefer: Metallica, Iron Maiden or Motorhead!

  23. Tom says:

    Sziget was never that late….whats up with Thema….

    And of course…youre right szitizen…but…its funny…only Humor…..thats it

  24. ilbert says:

    don’t be such a drama queen!:) I do not like rap or hip-hop at all, so I hope there will be no acts like that:) it will be my sixth time and I’ll find every year something to watch and enjoy:) peace!

  25. Szitizen says:

    @Bender: There is nothing bad about hoping for headliners you like, but that’s not the same as hoping the acts you don’t like won’t come. With a big festival like Sziget, that is catering to so many different tastes in music, many people are hoping for acts you are not a fan of, just like you might be hoping for acts they don’t like. If you really hope those acts you don’t like won’t come, I think that’s selfish, but if, like you wrote in your last post, you think it’s no problem there will be a few acts you don’t like and you’ll enjoy the music at another stage at that time, I don’t have any problem with your attitude.

    @ilbert: You can post a lot of smileys, but they don’t hide the selfishness in your reaction to my post:) I suggest you start writing about acts you hope for instead of writing about acts you don’t like:) That would be much nicer to read:) peace!

  26. jason says:

    @Szitizen: What’s it like up there on the moral high ground?

    People last year complained about Mika headlining – Thats their prerogative to do so.

    Last year, people like yourself complained about complainers – again, unless the moderator finds it offensive, post whatever is on your mind.

    Sziget will have a set budget for bands so booking one headliner will be at the expense of an alternative; in that context I would also prefer not to see OutKast on the Bill.

    If people care to post how delighted they would be to see OutKast, will I have no right to call them selfish because they have not consider the feelings of Sziget fans who do not like OutKast?

    Just a thought

  27. ilbert says:

    @ Szitizen: Alice In Chains, Biffy Clyro, Black Label Society, Clawfinger, David Bowie, Deftones, Depeche Mode, Eels, Electric Six, Exodus, Foo Fighters, Keane, Leningrad, Mastodon, Metallica, Mumford & Sons, Mustasch, New Order, Nine Inch Nails, Pearl Jam, Pet Shop Boys, Queens Of The Stone Age, Soundgarden, System Of A Down, Tool, Travis, Triggerfinger, Velvet Revolver, Volbeat and Wolfmother would be nice…

  28. Tom says:

    @ilbert: you are also 47 ??? :-))

    I like to see: Rival Sons, Club des Belugas, Lenny Kravitz, Clueso, Coldplay and Wolfmother and a lot more….

  29. mellowmaniac says:

    Here are the three “polls” posted by Sziget Italy on their Facebook site. It would be surprising if not at least one of these each will be confirmed soon.

    1.) “Chi tra Metallica, Iron Maiden e Official Motörhead . Chi preferite?”

    2.) “Chi tra System of a Down, Queens of the Stone Age e Foo Fighters ?
    Chi preferite?”

    3.) “Chi tra Armin van Buuren, Paul Kalkbrenner e Calvin Harris ? Chi preferite?”

  30. mellowmaniac says:

    BTW: my guess would be Motörhead, Queens Of The Stoneage and Paul Kalkbrenner…

    And also Outkast, Blink 182, Jimmy Eat World, Ska-P and perhaps Skrillex and NoFX.

  31. Sieget says:

    It’s funny how every year there’s people whining about Sziget’s line-up, but yet you see them coming back every year :D

  32. chudo_pahan says:

    @mellowmaniac it’s great to read your posts again :)

  33. Sziget News says:

    Welcome back, mellowmaniac! Haven’t heard from you in a while.

  34. jason says:

    Regarding last year’s lineup:

    @Sieget says July 23rd 2013 “I believe they [SZIGET]are honestly sorry for the relatively bad line-up and that they really tried.”

    I think the majority of rock / Metal fans were extremely disappointed at the lineup and posted their feelings far stronger than you yourself did. Yes, there was a lot of frustration but “whining” suggests they did not have a point.

    As for this year, I genuinely feel Sziget listened to fan frustration; they publicly apologised for missing out on booking the acts they wanted (including a number of metal acts) and are making all the right noises which suggest rock / metal fans won’t be made to feel so unwelcome this year.

    Let’s hope ALL genres of music are catered for and then it’s all down to personal taste which no festival can hope to accommodate.

  35. Sieget says:

    No, whining doesn’t mean they don’t have a point. It’s the way of expressing their opinion that makes it whining.

    I can agree on the rest you said :D and my previous post wasn’t meant to be hurtful, I just think it’s positive that even though people say they hate the line-up, that they still enjoyed Sziget enough to get them to return.

  36. ilbert says:

    @Tom. No, I’m 25 but trapped in 40 year-old body :)))

  37. tom says:

    @ilbert….so I ment…sorry :-)

    Has anybody seen the threat with the italian facebook stuff here?

  38. alberto says:

    i’m an italian fan of the sziget facebook page and the polls done ,they say, aren’t indicative about the future line up of the festival…

  39. tom says:

    @alberto…thank you….

  40. SkaPanda says:

    according to the official czech sziget facebook page, the first names comes this week (unfortunately the post was removed): “Skv?lá zpráva!
    Už TENTO TÝDEN vám prozradíme první hv?zdná jména Szigetu 2014! T?šte se!”

  41. Mosquito says:

    If it’s 100% this week i’m sure it’s sunday at 23h59.
    God we waited!!!

    Thanks for the news though!

  42. Mario S says:

    There more names and not just the 9 who mellowmaniac wrote. For Example kasabian, the black keys, lumineers. These names jumped out from the italian wish list as they wrote. And still they are asking if we like Beatles, Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin, Doors, Bob Marley and other.. or rock, electro, indie..

    But I think it is just the technique to engaging fans. It could too much to be true. Metallica, or SOAD or Foo F are not names for Sziget as it appear from 3 years.

  43. Mit Kok says:

    New names announced and inside info on the financial situation on the dutch sziget page

  44. Mosquito says:

    Thanks! More and more exciting, they seem to be very confident about their lineup. A little Muse/Linkin Park or Killers here? :)

  45. Snexe says:

    Please can someone translate the text about the financial sziget situation on the dutch FB page ? thank you !

  46. Snexe says:

    google translate isn’t really clear !

  47. Sieget says:

    Don’t get TOO excited too early every year, we know how that turns out :P

  48. Snexe says:

    google translate isn’t really clear !!!

  49. Mosquito says:

    You’re right Sieget… I’m the kind of person who would come to a 209e festival just to see one artist, the satisfaction being completed by the other activities ^^
    But Outkast as a headliner could stop my boner. No offense but I think that the headliners should be rock-electro/dance.
    Anyway… Still waiting ^^

  50. ilbert says:

    please be something really big and good!:) if it is SOAD, this would be awesome festival:)

  51. […] suspected by many of you guys, Queens of the Stone Age, which are also at Frequency, will be playing Sziget […]

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