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Full Sziget 2010 lineup and schedule this month

An answer to a post on the official Sziget Festival Facebook page gives some interesting news for all of you asking when the final Sziget 2010 lineup and schedule will be available.

The post says that “full line-up and schedule will be announced in June.”

We can’t wait to know it.

4 thoughts on “Full Sziget 2010 lineup and schedule this month

  1. yeasayer will play on 15 August (according to their official tour dates). this day will be a really busy day 😀

  2. Hi Szigetnews crew,

    When I was looking at the officaial Dutch Sziget site I say that a lot of names were announced there but not on this site. Im not sure, but can one of you ceck it out?

    These are some of the names: (but there are not more)
    -Barabás Lorinc Eklectric
    -Heaven Street Seven
    -Irie Maffia
    -Pannonia All-Stars Ska Orchestra
    -Péterfy Bori
    -The Carbonfools
    -Vad Fruttik
    -Flat Earth Society
    -Chapelier Fou & Renata Rosa
    -La Mal Coiffée
    -An Pierlé & White Velvet
    -Harcsa Veronika Quartet
    -Barabás L?rinc and friends
    -Fábián Juli Jazz Riff
    -Tzumo Electronic Dreams
    -Emilio Trio
    -Balázs Elemér Group
    -Sz?ke Nikoletta Trio
    -Borbély M?hely
    -Special Providence
    -DJ Gaetano
    -DJ Jutasi
    -DJ Tsigaravano + No Sikiriki
    -DJ Vino Dilo

    This is the link of the site, look for yourself 🙂

    Have fun,

  3. Hi Jos, some of these have been mentioned on the site, but we might have forgotten to put them in the lineup page.
    We’ve put all of the new ones up and found some more in the Roma Stage section. Thanks!

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