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Good & bad rock and metal-related news for Sziget 2014

Some good news and some bad news on the rock and metal front for Sziget 2014, coming from our friend jason. Jason has asked the organizers some questions on the Sziget Festival Official Facebook page about the metal stage (and the idea of having one). His full inquiry was:

During last years Q & A session someone asked why there would not be a metal stage at 2013 Sziget, the reply was:- “Sziget Festival Official: We wanted to organize a seperate Metal Stage, but we could not collect a full program for that. So we did not want to have a bad program on a Metal Stage. But we will try it next year again. July 23, 2013 at 6:43pm” My question is how is the metal stage shaping up this year? Please have the decency to reply

He got a reply after a while. The reply says that:

There won’t be a seperate metal stage this year.

Besides the already announced names the plan is to put some more quality rock/metal acts on our bigger stages. Our program department is still working on that, we hope to have some good news soon.

So the bad news (which we all suspected) is that there will be no metal stage this year, either. The good news is that there might be some interesting rock and metal acts on other stages, which we should hear about soon enough. We’re looking forward to finding out what those acts will be. (thanks, jason!)

9 thoughts on “Good & bad rock and metal-related news for Sziget 2014

  1. like tribute of tribute bands? at this stage there is no way to trusz/believe the crap they are saying. Everyone should boycott this awful festival to open up their eyes.

  2. also Reading/leeds just announced their full line-up. Book some real actual bands from there.
    helpful hints:
    Ganarwolves, The Story so far, A wilhelm Scream, Dave Hause, Every Time i die, The Flatliners, The Wonder Years, Touché Amoré, Jimmy Eat World, The Front Bottoms, Basement. etc.

    Maybe they won’t do it probably because these bands not played on radios & play real music on their instruments. so it’s just against Sziget’s policy.

  3. The tribute stage was a well known venues in earlier years and always very much fun. It defintiely isn’t back to replace metal, but to create another rock-oriented party location. I’m really sad that there is no more metal, but the return of the tribute stage is something I’m really looking for, because we had so much fun there in the past. Also, Subscribe is one of my favourite hungarian metal bands and their Rage Against The Machine set will be awesome. 😉

  4. Blink 182, Millencolin, Skindred and NOFX plays aan Frequency festival (same week as Sziget).

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