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Gotan Project now officially confirmed!

Something that Sziget News already told you about a while ago has just been officially confirmed – Gotan Project will take part in Sziget Festival 2010. The news is officially confirmed in this poster on the official Sziget France MySpace page.

Even more, we now know that Gotan Project will play the Electro Party Arena.

This info is already in our Sziget 2010 lineup page.

13 thoughts on “Gotan Project now officially confirmed!

  1. I dont believe this poster is correct. Gorillaz SS is the 5th name on the hungarian poster, I doubt that they will play in the wan2 stage. Billy Talent is not mentioned in this one, I hope they will play the main stage.

    Btw The Hives were confirmed for the 11th on their myspace page.

  2. Well, it’s from the official French MySpace. If they don’t know, who should know? :)) We found the Bad Religion thing quite strange too.

  3. We are discussing this on the german board as well and my guess is that the promoter want to have bigger acts in the tent as well.

    Last year we already had acts like White Lies and Turbonegro in the tents…

    Gorillaz Soundsystem is not the band with Damon Albarn, but a DJ with some session musicians. This way it fits into the tent…

    Bad Religion aren’t as big anymore as they have been fifteen years ago.

    I’m more surprised that Monster Magnet will play in the rock tent as well – but this seems to be concept!

    The Toy Dolls will be the first band on the mainstage which usually is much smaller than the headliner in one of the big tents!

  4. The rest are understandable, but Monster Magnet does seem like a Main Stage act. They’re probably trying to make the smaller stages more attractive this way.
    Still, this means more Main Stage acts are to be announced.

  5. @Mirex: thanks, modified it in the lineup page.
    @ amores: ok, you got us there. :)) Bad phrase…

  6. muahahaha))) who else if not me )) maybe you’ll finally reveal some other bands other than punk/metal/etc. or just ban me 😀

  7. @amores: Sziget News will never be about baning anyone (as long as they’re civilised :)) ). We’ll reveal anything we know, the second we know it. But nothing more so far…

  8. The same french Sziget MySpace site confirmes Faithless to be performing on the 11th!

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