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GWAR at Sziget Festival 2009

GWAR’s management, Issachar Entertainment lists the summer festivals dates for GWAR this year on their website, and Sziget Festival is mentioned. They even give a date – August 13. Looks like there’s going to be some serious action on the island, with GWAR there…

13 thoughts on “GWAR at Sziget Festival 2009

  1. Hehe I don’t like this kind of metal but I’m just going for the fun they give you! ! 😀 finally something I actually want to see 😛

  2. what a stupid band is this! they sux big time!!! Please bring more bands who play with passion.

  3. I think you’ll find that music is an art form, if you don’t like the way some artists go about it then don’t watch them and stop complaining.

  4. what passion? THEY have the passion. we already have too much emo bands like kings of leon in the line up.

  5. @Required:

    what’s your source? Can’t find it anywhere on the internet and think it would be great if they’d play…

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