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GWAR cancelled for Sziget 2009

After so many rounds of good news, we have to give you a bad one, too. GWAR’s show at this year’s Sziget Festival is cancelled, according to the French Official Facebook site. The band is not mentioned on the official site, either, anymore. Too bad, it would have been a great show. (thanks, Tetert)

10 thoughts on “GWAR cancelled for Sziget 2009

  1. arghhh, there has been no rounds of good news, just petty small bands that no one really cares about, the band i was looking forward to has now cancelled? is it posiible to get money back on tickets? this is starting to get silly now! SORT IT OUT ORGANISERS!

  2. I don’t think that it’s the organizer’s fault! It’s always risky to confirm acts many months before a festival takes place, because bands pretty often have to cancel shows because of financing their production.

    Bands usually get great fees for festival shows or close to none (depending on the size of the band). Especially overseas bands can only finance single festival shows if they are able to book additional dates around the festival shows (if they don’t get massive fees – which Sziget definitely are not paying), but in the summermonths it’s pretty difficult to book successfull club shows (because of the weather and all the festivals).

    I have the feeling that Crystal Method will be the next officially canceled (US) band…

    I think it’s a bummer because I really wanted to see GWAR, Crystal Method and The Kills, but I know from experience that there are always lineup changes at festivals like Sziget.

  3. I wonder if there’s a kind of boycott going on against METAL at sziget 2009. So far the metal bands announced are three. THREE! Faith No More, Brujeria, Life Of Agony. That’s all metalheads are getting. I remember the hammerowlrd stage always being filled with metal fans, and i am gutted to see that metal is being abandoned. Obuda island is less fun without metalheads walking around!!! :(((((

  4. @Szigetist: Thanks for the link! Very interesting (and very true) article!

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