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Helloween, Goose and Hudson Mohawke in the Sziget 2011 line up

Some really cool information coming our way today.

First of all, metal fans will be happy to hear that the official Szigetfest Twitter account is announcing Helloween for the Metal Stage.

The same source also announces Goose, for those wanting to party at Sziget. (UPDATE: Goose will be playing on August 11, according to their Facebook thanks Eva!)

On the other hand, the Sziget France Facebook announces Hudson Mohawke for the A38-Wan2. They’re also confirming Goose and Helloween.




49 thoughts on “Helloween, Goose and Hudson Mohawke in the Sziget 2011 line up

  1. Goose will play on August 11…
    I “hate” this day already… because it starts at 15:00 with Hadouken!, then Good Charlotte, La Roux, Kasabian vs Goose vs Rotfront vs Elvis Jackson (maybe), The Chemical Brothers vs Gotan Project vs Bomb the Brass, Crystal Castles and finally 2manydjs…
    o, no. How can i survive? 🙂
    there are 50% that i liked in this year line-up will play on 11.08)

  2. @Sziget News
    yes, but this year it is especially for me. And only on 11.08 🙂
    last two years there were not so many bands i want to see on one day) Maximum it was 4-5 slots) on 11.08 there are will be 7 slots 🙂

  3. This year is a dream! Thursday must be already sold out, right? 😀 There are like 11 concerts I want to see on that day. oh dear!

  4. The 11th will be tough: about 40% of all my “must sees” so far will perform on this day and I know that I can be happy if I get to see about half of these bands for more than 30 minutes… 🙁

  5. Sziget Italia said its not sure Kasabian will play on the 11.!
    How could that change the line up?

  6. The 11th for Kasabian was announced by Sziget Facebook official, but if it would change they would habe to play as co-head on the 13th or as headliner on the 12th! 😉

  7. One more for the 11th: De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig on the 11th, according to the website of their booking agency Topbillin’. The same source says Baskerville will play on the 14th.

  8. A few bands performing on Sziget are also performing on pukkelpop in the week afterwards. The Foo Fighter are also performing on pukkelpop. Could this mean they are coming to Sziget too?

  9. Foo Fighters, Arcitc Monkeys and Kings of Leon were ruled out by the Sziget organizers several times.

  10. if you happen to stay in Budapest after sziget is over, there is one more reason to do it for at least one more day:

    Budapest @ Dürer Kert
    Tickets: 3.900 HUF (in advance) / 4.900 HUF (doors)

    (actually this show is better than the whole festival line-up…)

  11. Interesting:

    For the 11th Hadouken!, Good Charlotte, LaRoux, Ben L’Oncle Soul and The Chemical Brothers are selfconfirmed and Sziget Festival official confirmed on Facebook Kasabian for the 11th – this makes 6 bands while there usually are only 5 bands a day on the mainstage…

    Probably Kasabian will play as co-head on the 13th and we will have a much smaller band (LaRoux or Good Charlotte) as co-head on the 11th.

  12. some Hungarian people really have a weird taste in music. I mean, I watch those conversations going on on sziget pages and everyone seems to want Billy Talent, 30STM, Sum 41, Blink 182, Good Charlotte, Tokio Hotel and these bands all the time 😀 ridiculous

  13. If I look at the charts in most countries I would assume that most people in most countries have a pretty strange taste! 😉

  14. Huh, I’m a Hungarian and I do not like those bands you mentioned. For me Nine Inch Nails was the best headliner along with Radiohead. Unfortunately I was too young to see David Bowie, Foo Fighters or Sonic Youth back in a day, but I think these acts were the best through the years.

    This year I wanted to see Foo Fighters and Slipknot from the bands playing in Europe in summer.

    About the Foo Fighters things: a lot of people talking about Gerendai said they wouldn’t come, but no one has seen or read anything confirming this. I’m almost 100% sure they won’t come this year, but come on, don’t say a thing if you can’t confirm it with a link!

  15. It was quoted that Grenedai said that Foo Fighters and Kings of Leon wouldn’t come at a press conference earlier this year. This was confirmed several times by official Sziget Facebook sites. Supporting this info is that Foo Fighters have a pretty tight schedule in Europe between 18.08 and 26.08. and not a single date between the 18th and Sziget (especially because the only left reasonable slot for them would be at Day Zero).

    Mainstagewise for me the best Sziget program was 2007 with Chemical Brothers, Tool and Nine Inch Nails (also The Killers, Madness and Faithless were performing), but I prefer the new kind of line-up with spending less money on headliners, but with booking lots more interesting international bands for all the other stages…

    Many people just look at the billing of the mainstage, but while the mainstage program seemed to get “smaller” the other stages got incredibly bigger (this year in particular the metal stage with a band like Judas Priest who otherwise definitely would headline the mainstage and other bands being too big for the old tent, too (like Deftones and Motorhead).

  16. There are MANY updates on the schedule on the Bestdayz board:

    Please consider that all the times for the mainstage and the A38/WAN2 stage are taken from last year’s schedule and that the slots the bands are listed to perform are mostly guessed and some of them WILL change once the official schedule will be released.

  17. Hmm – this would make three international bands on the metal stage on the 11th and Sziget announced that two international and two hungarian bands will perform there…

  18. @chudo_pahan:

    it was posted on their website, but as I checked now it was deleted… So probably they will play on a different day.

    At least one riddle solved! 😉

  19. @Mellowmaniac: Puding Pani Elvisovej is a Slovak band (SVK) not a Slovenian (SLO) 😉
    oh my god so many clashes already! I hate it 😀

  20. scared why? i would rather kasabian headline than alot of the others! i cant understand why no one thinks kasabian is big enough to headline?

  21. because their concert was kind of B to the O to the R to the I to the N to the G last year imho. They sucked all the energy out of me (although I really love their music)… but I dont think that Kasabian headlining is the best choice. Id rather have Dizzee headlining for he makes a powerful show full of energy…

  22. @Legion.
    The problem is that while Ben LOnce Soul, La Roux, Hadouken, Good Charlotte and The Chemical Brothers confirmed their gigs at Sziget on the 11th of August, Kasabian was confirmed for the 11th by Sziget Festival Official (they have nothing on their page yet)… There have been 5 bands on Main Stage each year and with Kasabian, it would be 6

  23. On the 11th definitely The Chemical Brothers are headlining. Kasabian pretty sure will have a co-headline-slot and Sziget Offical Facbook confirmed them for the 11th. Now we do have 5 bands confirmed for the 11th and Kasabian additionally confirmed for the 11th. My guess is that Kasabian will co-headline on the 13th and Good Charlotte (or LaRoux) will co-headline on the 11th.

    I have seen Kasabian several times and always loved their concerts – except the one at Sziget, which was a little bit disappointing – but I do hope that this year they will be back in perfect condition and we’ll get an amazing concert! 😉

  24. Yeah ofc they wont headline on the 11th, i was referring to the missing headlining slot on the 12.! Let’s hope its true they still have a headliner left for us. : )

  25. nothing new – Sziget official said, they gonna announce new names, and they gonna reveal the schedule in a couple of weeks

  26. Someone exlpain me something!! Why Sziget never invite Arctic Monkeys??? They have never been to Hungary and it’s ridiculous that Sziget hasn’t managed to invite them. Why??????????

  27. Probably Sziget invited Arctic Monkeys..! But it’s also a question of money and availability! 😉

    (They are playing in the USA at the time of the Sziget and the Monkeys might have preferred to play there…)

  28. Okay – I just received an email from Kasabian’s booker and they are definitely confirmed for 11.08.! This makes 6 mainstage bands right now announced for the 11th and if they will not move one of the bands to a different day we will get at least 4 more bands instead of 3 more bands for the mainstage!

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