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How was your Sziget 2012?

We had an awesome Sziget 2012, but now it’s your turn.

How was Sziget 2012 for you? Did you have tons of fun?

What new bands did you discover and what bands you knew did you enjoy live?

Did you check out things like the Luminarium or the East-European Funfair?

Leave a comment and tell everyone.


49 thoughts on “How was your Sziget 2012?

  1. It was good, but as expected I had a lot of time on my hands due to my opinion on the line up. Numbers seemed down as well, will be interesting to see the figures on attendance! Think the money cards were annoying as well, got ripped off a couple of times, when drunk it was very easy to just swipe and walk without checking what came off the card! Spent £400 in 2 days then £300 in the last 5. You live and learn though! Will be waiting for a lineup next year before seeing if I can afford the flights without prebooking as usual. 🙁

  2. Band wise Leningrad were awesome! As were Molotov! Pogues were good but sad! Wish that fella could sort out his life!

  3. I had one of the best times ever. this year’s sziget was on a whole different level than last year … the sziget is always as amazing as you admit. so if you were disappointed, I would say it’s your own fault 😉

    even though I have to say that someone has stolen my iphone … the person that did that shouldn’t return to sziget next year. holy shit!

  4. After eight wonderful years in Sziget I must say this was far the worst experience so far. First of all the lineup was pure signs of 20th anniversary nor best european mainstream festival title. Lack of metal/rock stage was also very stage locations didn’t really improve anything. Probably missed bunch of cool new bands though since English (or any other language than Hungarian) programs weren’t available during the whole festival!!

    PayPass worked fine, Sziget eye was fun and atmosphere rocked as always. Still feeling like not going next year again..sad moment.

  5. Had the best time! Sziget eye was fun, bungeejump was awesome and we had great fun at the captain morgan sky bar! YARRRRR
    Line-up wasn’t great but enjoyed myself at Kraak&Smaak, Lamb, Fink and at a lot of amazing electronic acts trough the night! Bit too much dust (still snorting blood) but that’s because of the great weather!

  6. Don’t think it was my fault I had a worse time than other years! I bleedin tried hard enough haha! Lack of English programmes was a disappointment, especially as that is a good way to find new bands! I have to say I really didnt like the new stage set up either, there was a lot of cross pollution musically which got annoying if you were trying to chill and watch a band. To be honest I think I may do a couple of local uk fests next year, maybe boomtown and beautiful days.

  7. This was my first Sziget, and as a seasoned UK fesival goer, I’ve got to say that it was absolutely awesome! Clean, well organised, on late.

    The lineup was OK, Awesome in places, but that gave us room to exploreother stages and bits of the site than just watch bands all day.

    They had English programs on Sunday, and had mini English programes in the centre of Budapest, plus they looped the lineup for all stages between bands, so shouldn’tve been a prob

  8. Even while the line-up was far from brilliant, I’ve had a great on Sziget 2012.
    The major disadvantage was the lack of English programs. Because I’d really liked to have a small introduction of each band on the bigger stages. In that way it would have been easier to check which bands I’d like to see on the festival.
    Nevertheless, great festival! And now on my way to Pukkelpop. 🙂

  9. First ever festival I’ve been to so I guess it’s impossible to compare to others. But the vibe inside Sziget was second to none. I quite liked the line-up anyway and thoroughly enjoyed everyone I saw apart from Flux Pavillion. Leningrad were a great find on the last night! I found that not only was it a festival where you could relax, go crazy and listen to music but experience all different kinds of culture through meeting so many open, foreign people! I will be returning very soon!

  10. Had a great time BUT it was because I got to spend a week with friends from Europe rather than because of the festival itself. I would say that the program thing was disappointing but we cant complain in the uk (how many uk festivals have programs for different languages?). I think the organisation was poor especially only announcing on the day that Anti-flag had been moved to a different stage and had been put on earlier than planned, surely this should have been massively advertised the day BEFORE as I was off the island and completely missed them. Metal fans were badly let down this year the “metal day” was not anywhere near compensation enough for getting rid of the whole stage. Liked the wheel though that got a big thumbs up.

  11. as my second sziget i’ll say this year was cool as always but many things annoyed me a lot


    2nd – there was way too much dust everywhere, a lot more than last year

    3rd – the line up was weaker than last year (but this we already know)

    4th – way too many power fails during the festival.

    by the way thank you for the stone roses gig it was so great!

  12. 2nd Sziget for me, and as wonderful as the first time!!

    Beatsteaks, The Roots, Muchachito, Kakkmaddafakka, Mando Diao and Leningrad were amazing gigs! I think noone were dissapointed at those!!

  13. Only gig I was disappointed in was Flux Pavillion. But saying that, I dont like them anyway. Best for me was Stone Roses and Anti-Flag. I got the drummers ear plug from when he played drums in the crowd!!

  14. To be honest: it was a very mixed bag for me…

    – In general I think the lineup was great, but many bands (which were great at previous concerts I attended) played very average shows.

    – the only real improvement for me was the new location of the Worldmusic stage: to lie down on the hill and watch the amazing worldmusic lineup was the most amazing thing for me.

    – another improvement are the european bands performing at the party arena before the liveheadliner so that you didn’t have to cue up and get paranoid in an imense crowd of people trying to get in once they opened the entrance.

    – I REALLY hated (and also ALL of the other 11 persons traveling with me) that there were way too many PAs on the site and that you at many positions had to listen to three soundsystems at a time. In the past years there were lot’s of places where no other music was present as the music of the closest stage. I think the worst place was probably where A38, Inmedio, Voltterrace and the bar between them were loud and clear audible in a most disturbing way… 😉

    – I was really annoyed by electronic music everywhere. I do like electronic music, but it would have been smart to have some pubs, dancefloors or whatsoever with rockmusic, metal, pop, hip hop,… it sometimes felt that all the pubs shared the same two mixtapes. I think there was only one place with rock music and that’s definitely too few (Sziget is a mainstream festival and not like Balaton Sound an electronic gathering)

    – I think it was bad scheduling to have the bands on too many major stages too often start and finish their shows at the same time. In the past you could easily stay most of a show at one stage and then move to the next and still see the whole concert on the other stage.

    – I think it would have been nice to have also an entrance at one of the sides of A38 so that not all people have to go around the whole tent when entering the A38. This would have relieved the paths as well. It also seemed ridiculous not to be allowed to get into the tent through the dedicated exits when there is no cueing. It seemed like bullying us to go all the way around A38 to get in.

    – as not-camper I’m very happy that the ferries do work much better than last year, but I don’t get it that the first ferry from Pest doesn’t leave 15 minutes earlier. With the first ferry departing Pest at 14:35h there is NO chance to see the beginning of the first bands on Mainstage and A38 when travelling by ferry.

    – the Citypass is still amazing value, but it feels like a ripoff when you try to use your 20% discount and e.g. the Széchenyi people tell you that they don’t care about the official conditions of the Citypass and will give you only about 10% discount. Also some of my friends didn’t receive the vouchers and this way didn’t get discounts at any bath (when picking up the pass they didn’t know about the voucher book and afterwards they were, understandably, told that everyone could claim not to have reveived one).

    – the overall prices at Sziget got up too much. Not only the entrance fee went up a lot, but also all food and beverages. I think this is a natural thing for a successfull festival with probably more visitors from other countries than from Hungary, but one of the reasons many people choosed to go to Sziget was that the prices for food and drinks are low. Don’t get me wrong: they are still low compared to the prices at an UK festival, but I think they are rising too fast

    (Curious if someone really read until here…)

  15. considering, that this Sziget (4th for me) was less filled with big names. Nevertheless for 3 days i have to run from stage to stage in order to catch 4-5 songs of every cool band. Bonaparte, Deus, Younderboy, Mando Diao, Leningrad, Friendly Fires, Crystal Fighters, Shaka Ponk, Korn, Molotov, Sergent Garcia, Dubioza Collektiv, John B, The Killers. Kerekes Band, Ministry, Amon Amarth, Moonspell, Lacuna Coil, Dimmu Borgir and others – i really escited with’em! Meeting with my friends from many countries (they come to Sziget every year), filling dusty but great atmosphere, dancing everywhere at bars and arenas – i was glad to be here! As about prices – cool, that just like in previous years there was a ‘duty shop’ on the island with cheep beer and drinks ) + Aushan always help me to bring a lot of food (& drinks offcourse) with myself. Yeah, i was missing metal stage. But there were no lack of electronic and world music!

  16. The first time Sziget and it was – compared to some Belgian festivals – great, relaxing and unique.

    I also have a question: does anyone know the name of the song they always played before the performances in A38? The song was in a ‘commercial’ for the A38 boat and was always played on the big screen. Thanx a lot!

  17. It was my 12th Sziget so it was a sort of homecoming. The lineup was great though I had hoped to see some of the bands I hadn’t seen yet (maybe I’ve seen too many gigs so far and a lot of bands are repeating in the lineup). But like it was said many times on this forum, Sziget isn’t just about lineup, it’s about the feeling there, getting to know new bands and meeting new people.

    Kudos to the organizers for the water sprinklers at the Main stage and the Sziget Eye. Some changes of the stage positions were cool, some weren’t, but too bad there was no Metal stage. I’m not a metal fan, but I think their fans deserve a stage and you always found some cool bands there. The prices remained reasonable. They could have done something about the dust, because previous years they had these trucks sprinkling water on the ground, but let’s face it, it’s either dust or rain. And luckily this year it wasn’t extremely hot too.

    What I didn’t like was the behaviour of some people who think they can act like assholes just because they had paid for the ticket:
    – You’ve got hundreds of bars where you can talk, drink, dance or whatever during the whole night, so you don’t have to talk for many hours one metre away from my tent while I’m trying to sleep late at night.
    – If you don’t like the band, don’t stand behind me in the 10th row and talk loudly during the whole gig, because you can do that 50 metres away where you’ll still hear and see the band, have a better conversation and won’t bother the fans.
    – It takes so little to put your rubbish and cigarette filters in a plastic bag and then put it near a rubbish bin on your way home. My Dutch speaking neighbours left a pigsty, probably because they thought somebody else was paid to pick their litter.

    Oh, well, looks like I’m just getting old. So next year I’ll be in a hotel.

  18. was my first sziget and it was an amazing experience….. definatlyworth the money and effort.

    Best things:

    – the atmosphere was incredible and we met some lovely people
    – the cashless system worked so much better than i thought it would and i really hope that festivals in the uk bring it in
    – the fact that you could camp near the stages was really good especially as we camped behind the blues pub stage and so had a short walk back at night from all stages
    – the clock at the main stage freaked me out :)…. we were waiting for placebo on the first night and it just started… had to video it just to show people back at home so they would believe us!
    – the sound at all the main stages was really good as was the ease of getting near the front for the acts you wanted to see
    – price of food and beer was really cheap (at least for us coming from the uk) the quality was a lot better than you find at uk festivals
    – the ease of finding somewhere to camp in the shade and the ease of leaving on monday morning… we caught the ferry to budapest at 9:30 in the morning and we were the only people on it
    – and finally the lineup….. it was better than i thought it would be, personal highligts were in no order, ignite, hammerfall, superbutt, leningrad, snoop doog (surprise of the weekend), bonaparte, timebomb (rancid cover band on the blues pub at 1am), vaccines, two door cinema club, korn, and tankscapa.

    Bad points

    – not the fault of the organisers but the stone roses were bloody awful (i’m a huge fan)… we left after fools gold
    – the lack of queuing at stands and toilets… i know queuing is a british thing but some people were taking the piss
    – people talking during bands or songs that they didnt like… i almost punched many people due to this 🙁
    – the fact that the ferry didnt start running until 2pm… would have liked to have gone into budapest before the bands started

    all in all it was an amazing experience that i am really glad that we did… thanks to everyone on here for all the recomndations of bands and advice about the festival…. hopefully we can go again next year 🙂

  19. oh and to add to the above, the best set of the whole weekend was either anti-flag or leningrad

  20. This was my third Sziget, and I have to say that i’ve seen a lot of improvements but also some things has incomprehensibly changed.

    Good things:

    – Decoration was beautiful, the wood buildings and figures everywhere were very nice.

    – The water springlers.

    – Luminarium.

    – World music stage line-up. Best line-up ever.

    Bad things.

    – The dust. I know it’s difficult to cope with the dry floor but in the world music stage the organization said will be a party, so please put plastic floor like last years… it was difficult to breath there. This was an stupid decision. Also to put the stage in front of the sun, the bands playing at 16 and 17 were with the eyes closed all the show.

    – A38. The entrance, exit, false-exit make me you felt stupid, like someone said.

    – I saw some concerts during less than an hour… specially the black seeds only only 45 minutes long. I know this is a festival but one hour should be the average.

    – The buckets price at some places were very expensive.

    – The citypass should had been like last year.

    – Stop rising prices of everything! We’re in recession!

  21. i missed out on buying a shit as i waited for the monday to buy one on my way out but hte merch stands were closed, anyone know where i can get one? only down side of hte whole festival for me!

  22. @Lambo: you’ll get heaps at a reduced price next year at the bargain store on site! 😉

  23. BTW: Glastonbury just released the 2013 ticket prices: 3-day tickets (including fee) will cost more than 270 Euros! I’m curious about next year’s Sziget prices and changes, but I’m sure it still will be MUCH cheaper than this! 😉

  24. Good points for me :
    – World Music Stage Line Up
    – Decoration and fun stuff like Sziget Eye
    – the atmosphere and the people (nothing you will find in Europe)
    – drink prices
    – minimal tent and roma tent were good chill spots

    Bad points:
    -bar’s music was worst than before, I did not find a lot of Rock music pubs… only house shit music…
    – electro line up was too dubstep for me
    – the sound was not so good everywhere…

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