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iLL SkiLL Squad Sziget documentary in the works (video)

As you may remember, iLL SkiLL Squad performed at Sziget last year.

Now, they’re working on a documentary that shows their experience at Sziget 2012.

As we found out from them, the documentary will be a short one – around 15 minutes.

It will cover the whole Sziget journey: the Vice train where a few of them were DJ-ing and the whole week at Sziget, both performing every day as well as partying.

Basically, this documentary shows the Sziget experience through the eyes of iLL SkiLL Squad, which could be a pretty cool perspective on things.

They are are planning to release it around June/July when the warmer weather starts and the people are starting to get excited about the upcoming Sziget.

That was what we’ve been told about it and we must mention that we got their promise that we will be told when the full documentary is out, so we can show it to you guys.

Until that happens, you can enjoy a teaser below.

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