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International Zero-Day big names & full Sziget 2009 programmes

First of all, you can download an official PDF of the full Sziget 2009 programmes here (or should we say the programmes so far). The source is the official French site.

Second of all, Szigetnews friend Tijn has sent us quite some interesting news. Dutch site Rock Blog says that the Sziget 2009 Zero Day, the Rock Against Racism Day, will have  some international acts, too, in addition to the local acts that will most certainly be present. More so, the official French Facebook site lists the question “Prognostics pour la tête d’affiche du Day Zero (11 août) ?”, meaning “any prognosis on who the Zero-Day headliner will be?”. Rock Blog, that spoken to the organizers, also say that some international names will be confirmed soon, and that we’ll know in the following weeks.

Who do you guys think the mystery headliner will be?

17 thoughts on “International Zero-Day big names & full Sziget 2009 programmes

  1. The discussion on the french Sziget Facebook site is pretty pointless: everyone is asking for bands like Rage Against The Machine, Metallica, David Bowie, Radiohead, … I’m pretty sure that each of these bands would be a standalone Day Zero act (as last year) if the organizers would have been able to get them. (I personally think that they do the “Rock Against Racism” day just because they couldn’t get a decent headliner for Day Zero).

    I think that the biggest possible act they could probably get are the Arctic Monkeys (what would be quite exciting!), but my guess are some smaller bands which didn’t fit into the regular line up!

    Possible could be bands like Glasvegas, Madness, Royksopp or The Enemy.

  2. I wouldn’t have thought Glasvegas or The Enemy would be big enough for a day zero headliner and Royksopp is already playing Balaton Sound to that one’s a bit doubtful.

    I really hope it’ll be Pearl Jam although I’m not holding out for much, I doubt they’ll be able to get anyone particularly big.

  3. I think there will be no real headliner…

    Royksopp would be okay to play Sziget, because the announcement for the Rock Against Racism festival is that late that everyone who wants to see Royksopp at Balaton Sound has already bought tickets!

    Pearl Jam will definitely be too expensive!

  4. ‘Cause I just can’t believe it … Faith No More is the main star of the day??? W T F ??

  5. What about any of the following: Mad Caddies, Lacuna Coil, Nightwish, Eagles of Death Metal, Patrick Wolf or The Gossip?

  6. I agree with Mellowmaniac, there will be no big headliners. Just a bounch of hungarian bands, and some no-name international ones. If they had money for a big name, they would buy it for a whole show, not just for a couple of songs. It’s not cheapes, especially if they want to get more bands.

  7. well the tickets are more expensive so it is quite possible they get a program like the other 5 days also with another headliner

    i also doubt it will be as big as pearl jam, radiohead or david bowie but i’m almost sure there will be some kind of headliner


  8. make it the specials, which would hook in with the racism malarky, and i will be a happy man, saw them in london recently and it was one of the best concerts of my life!

  9. This antirasism-shit wont contain any famous bands, perhaps intresting acts, but im affraid that some old “well-known” hungarian bastard will perform holding each others hands. Anyway I will be there and I know that the lineup is almost complete so there will be no artic KOL Radiohead Kasabian (Killers again Flogging again – yeah last year was cool) and so on, phaps Bono but personally I hate him 😛
    To make me happy : Supergrass PLZ to rock stage and Tryo from France or Jovanotti!

  10. i don’t think there will be such big names as last year, but oasis, coldplay, deep purple, u2 could be there.

  11. Coldplay have already said they aren’t doing any more than 3 festivals and they’re already booked up, Deep Purple are incredibly unlikely, U2 aren’t doing any festivals and are way too expensive. Not sure about Oasis but it also seems doubtful.

    The Specials on the other hand would be great for a RAR gig.

  12. which is whats making me wonder, but its most likely not going to be them, i noticed paso are nt playing anywhere, so i think they’ll probably be on that day. drunk

  13. The Specials would be awsome and a good “headlner”, too!

    PASO are playing on the regular festival on the hungarian stage!

  14. On MySpace you can find some bands who announced themselves for the 11.08. (Day Zero):

    – Marujah
    – K.L.B. Trio
    – Modern Art Orchestra

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