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Iron Maiden – album release date & free track download

Iron Maiden, one of this year’s Sziget headliners, has announced the release date for their new record, “The Final Frontier”. The new record will be out on Monday, August 16, just after their performance at the Sziget Main Stage.

Also, the band have made the artwork of the new album available. You can see it below.

Iron Maiden have also made a new track, off “The Final Frontier”, available as a free download to their fans. It’s called El Dorado and you can get it here (the server’s a bit crowded…).

22 thoughts on “Iron Maiden – album release date & free track download

  1. Is there any chance that the last name to announce could be…THE PRODIGY?

    They are playing all around europe by the dates of the sziget festival.

    wouldn’t it be great?

  2. @sergi: chances are close to none, because they’re playing Volt Festival. It’s also organized by Sziget, so…

  3. I would be happy if I could see the Prodigy again.
    But how about the IM song, do you like it? I think the instrumental part is awesome, but I have my doubts about the lyrics and the vocals. I hope that there will be better on the album.:D

  4. I personally think Bruce Dickinson is one of the world’s best lead singers. His style is different that anybody else’s, and you either love it or hate it. But I think the song is brilliant.

  5. So?yestrday was first IM show of this tour…So – here is setlist
    1. The Wicker Man
    2. Ghost Of The Navigator
    3. Brighter Than A Thousand Suns
    4. El Dorado
    5. Paschendale
    6. The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg
    7. These Colours Don’t Run
    8. Blood Brothers
    9. Wildest Dreams
    10. No More Lies
    11. Brave New World
    12. Fear Of The Dark
    13. Iron Maiden
    14. Encore:
    14. The Number of the Beast
    15. Hallowed Be Thy Name
    16. Running Free

  6. The greates hits we had to listen a lot of times)))even in 2008))on this tour they play songs from 3 last albums?and this is great))))

  7. The program for all the bigger stages (except the mainstage) is published now on the hungarian Sziget site!

    Some changes and a lot to discuss because they changed the times for excample for the rockstage, so that one of the headliners of the rockstage plays at the same time as the headliner in the Party Arena and the Co-Headliner on the Mainstage…

  8. It looks like the Skatalites canceled their appearance on Day Zero… They are not listed on the official hungarian site anymore and the show isn’t listed on their homepage, too…

  9. on English page:
    Main Stage

    11 August
    Gwar (US)
    The Toy Dolls (UK)
    Ska-P (E)
    The Hives (S)
    Madness (UK)

    12 August
    K.I.Z (D)
    The Young Punx (UK)
    Public Image Ltd. (UK)
    The Specials (UK)
    Faithless (UK)

    13 August
    Lyapis Trubestkoy (UKR)
    Papa Roach (USA)
    Gentleman and the Evolution (D)
    Thirty Seconds To Mars (USA)

    14 August
    Havervagy Tánc
    Subsonica (I)
    The Cribs (UK)
    Iron Maiden (UK)

    15 August
    Death Valley Screamers (UKR)
    Rada (UKR)
    Danko Jones (CAN)
    Billy Talent (CAN)
    Kasabian (UK)
    Muse (UK)

  10. it means that headliners are: Madness, Faithless, 30 STM, Iron Maiden, Muse.

    what do you think, is Gentleman a co-headliner?

  11. This way we will still have at least two available slots on the mainstage: headliner or co-headliner on the 13th and possibly co-co-head on the 14th! (Havervagy Tánc is not a band – it’s a flashmob thing)

  12. I don’t think that 30STM are a definite headliner! And I’m also pretty sure that Gentleman will not be co-head!

  13. very offensive to me is the intersection of The Hives / Ill Nino / DJ Shadow. Others tolerate it.
    and i hope that 30 STM will not play at 19-30, the same time with Enter Shikari.

  14. the main stage schudule is also on the official hungarian site, I think they mean it… oh my god… oh my god :/

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