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It’s Magic/Ez Magic – The Sziget 2012 Anthem

The Sziget festival Official Facebook has posted the Sziget Anthem.

It’s called It’s Magic/Ez Magic and it was written by Dr. Magic.

It’s a really catchy song and it also has a very cool video, that should make time waiting for this year’s Sziget pass even harder.

Here it is. Play it, but prepare to sing it in your head for hours…

5 thoughts on “It’s Magic/Ez Magic – The Sziget 2012 Anthem

  1. WOW that videos insane!! out of all the videos ive seen for Sziget this is easily the best! and the songs amazing too! BUZZING to FUCKKKKKKKKKKK now!!!!!!!!

  2. thank god for that haha im well addicted to it at the minute! 😛 reckon it would be a good atmosphere there too with all the different countries attending, go team GB!!

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