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Jake Bugg, Skrillex, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis & more in the second Sziget 2014 announcement!

Jake Bugg, Skrillex, Macklemore & Lewis, plus eight other interesting acts are part of the second official Sziget 2014 announcement.

The new names have been announced on the official Sziget Facebook account and are as follows:

  • Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
  • Skrillex
  • Jake Bugg
  • Die Fantastischen Vier
  • London Grammar
  • Tom Odell
  • Michael Kiwanuka
  • The Big Pink
  • Borgore
  • Brody Dalle

What do you think of the second Sziget 2014 announcement? What makes you the happiest? Is it Jake Bugg or do you prefer Skrillex?

Tell everyone your opinion in the comments below!

Of course, all of these names are already part of our Sziget 2014 lineup page, which we’re working to keep updated.

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35 thoughts on “Jake Bugg, Skrillex, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis & more in the second Sziget 2014 announcement!

  1. It’s written Budapest, France on their website haha.

    Anyway, i prefer the first names but London Grammar and Jake Bugg is good.

  2. I also think Skrillex will headline, but not Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. I think they’ll co-headline ore play in Party Arena at 19.30 like Chase & Status last year 🙂

  3. Jena – Yes you are.

    It’s last year all over again…
    First announcement is great (QOTSA) second – sucks ass!
    It’s not a good sign for this year’s line up.

  4. seriously this festival should be boycotted by everyone. they can’t push this shit on our throat every year. These “bands” are so fucking bad.

  5. Pretty good annoucement for attracting people to Sziget (and young people especially)

    – macklemore is very mainstream but will be a good party
    – darkside is a brilliant band
    – London Grammar & Jake Bugg are good as well

  6. Not MY favourite, but a pretty good announcement. Michael Kiwanuka is brilliant, Jake Bugg is good, and both Skrillex as Macklemore are going to be a great parties.

    Happy to see some diversity and new names who I haven’t seen at Sziget before.

    People need to stop complaining constantly, and each year, about the line-up though… and this is only the second announcement, give it some time. In the end of the day, 60.000 people visit Sziget each day, and not everybody enjoys the same music.

  7. Let the whining begin 😀

    I don’t understand it, these are great names compared to last years. Great variety and big artists, maybe they are not your taste but that’s not an excuse to say it’s a bad line-up.

  8. Brody Dalle on Day 0 with her husband 😛 the Hungarian article about the bands at say so

  9. Do you guys think there’s any chance The Black Keys will play at Sziget this year?

    Looking at their tour schedule on their site, they don’t have anything planned/announced yet after mid July.

  10. The few names we have are fresh compared to last years Sziget
    and I like it!

    much more easy to attract friends with mainstream musical tastes!

    now i am waiting for some big rock names to have a balanced line up

  11. I really like the diversity of the acts announced. Saying that it all depends what acts are filling what stage slots.

    There is a day 0 with QOTSA playing
    Then there is the 5 full days of main stage acts, 4 acts per day so a total of 20 acts over the festival so if indeed the bands announced are headliners

    Placebo, x,x,x
    Macklemore & Ryan Lewis,x,x,x
    A N Other,x,x,x
    Calvin Harris,x,x,x

    You can probably fill several main stage X’s with Jake Bugg, Tom Odel, Bastille, Imagine Dragons, London Grammar etc but in truth at least some of the acts announced will fill the A38 stage and Arena stages.

    Personally, if the acts announced ARE main stage headliners then slightly disappointed as a Dubstep artist, a Hip Hop group and a Dance act are better suited to the Arena (Dance) tent.

    Would also love a little more Rock

  12. I like the lineup till now…only 30 % artists for my taste…but thats better than last year…a bit more rock? Yes please…but also a bit soul please…only 6 more month 🙂

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