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Jet confirmed for Sziget Festival 2009

Australian band Jet are confirmed on their MySpace for this year’s Sziget Festival (thanks, Mellowmaniac). Jet will play on August 14, possibly on the main stage or on the rock stage.

9 thoughts on “Jet confirmed for Sziget Festival 2009

  1. this is the worse line up since i started going to sziget 7 years ago. its a real shame. the only plus point is that now i have more reason to drink and socialise with random strangers. please make sure leningrad are playing!!!!

  2. OSKAR
    too bad but Leningrad is no longer exists. the band splits up last year

    and I’m agree with you – this year line up is pretty bad.

  3. Oh gosh! Could you all stop complaining about the line-up? If you think it isn’t alright then don’t come to Sziget! And if you come don’t complain, because then anyway nothing will change. With you coming you signalize that it’s good enough to go there (which is also true).

    And if there are bands not according to your taste then stop messing around! Feel special with your special taste, feel better than anyone and feel “not-being-mainstream”. Anybody who’s starting to complain here about the acts, shouldn’t go there to show the Sziget-organizers that it’s crap what they’re doing. otherwise come and shut up. And if you still feel like complaining you can freely consider yourself as a selfish bastard. 😀

    Sziget’s about having fun and not beefing around.

  4. arghhhhh leningrad split up?!?! bugger! not good at all! do you know if any of the members are doing anything new?

    and yes i can bloody moan about the lineup and still go! i go mainly for the people, its my 7th year this year and it is definitely the worse line up in a long time, but im still coming, but the way to get the organisers to realise theyre doing a shite job at booking is to moan on forums like this! and im sure i’ll have a blinding time but theres only a couple of bands i want to see and thats not really that great with 5 days of music, and i have a very varied taste in music, from tiger lillies to carcass and everything inbetween. anyway enough ranting! byeeeeeeeeeeee osks

  5. In a world wheer money does matter everything, you should know, that the only way to convince the organizers about doing anything different is to boycott them.

    If not, they give a shit about the taste of people, profit matters even more. That’s why all the metal-fans cry for years that the lineup is shitty. But guess what, they threw away the metal stage. This festival will go mainstream, as any other, and if you go for the people there will be mainstream people and the festival will be made for them and not for you.

    By the way I’m sorry for Leningrad, they were a real good experience every year…

  6. Sorry guys, but I and my mates I’m traveling with think that this year’s line-up is the best since many years and that last year’s line-up was the worst… It’s just a matter of taste! 😉

    To be honest: I have no idea what’s to mainstream? In the last years we had much more mainstream headliners as this year, like REM, Jamiroquai, Pink, Killers, Jovanotti, Scissor Sisters, The Rasmus, Sinead O’Conner and Faithless…

    And we usually had two or three good metal bands at Hammerworld each year – not less than this year with bands like GWAR, Brujeria, Turbonegro, Life Of Agony, …

  7. Sorry for my badly written message… sometimes I should read what I have written before I press “Submit”! 😉

    I meant “I have no idea what’s too mainstream?” and “not more [good metal bands] than this year, …”!

  8. well the way ive always summed it up is that i want to see 1 band a day at least, and so far that isnt the case, there is a few bands i will go see that i dont know to well, such as n&sk and gwar, but theres been nothing to get me excited, its a shame. but as i said i will have a blinding time meeting up with people from around the world ive met there before and also hopefully meeting new people. if anyone fancys a drink with a grumpy english fella (haha) then im generally at the bar near the theatre and dance stage playing music on my stereo. come say hello! oskar! p.s. not everything has been announced yet so heres hoping for something to light my fire so to speak! ha

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