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Kees van Hondt at Sziget 2013

Dutch polka DJ Kees van Hondt is the latest name to self-confirm for Sziget 2013.

The news has been confirmed on Kees’ website, where he says he will be playing August 8.

Kees van Hondt has played Sziget before, and the last time was in 2011.

(thanks go to Ruben!)

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13 Responses so far.

  1. Frankie says:

    Ok, good: Sziget 2013 is going to be a Dutch madhouse.

  2. Steven says:

    2010 was a very happy dance experience!

  3. C says:

    Terrible music, but a fun madhouse:

  4. lambo says:

    sziget has been a dutch madhouse for years, they even got their own stand at last years festival, spent a lot of time there actually the dutch know how to party!

  5. johan says:

    it was also confirmed at the release at the schedule

  6. Sziget News says:

    Can’t hurt to mention it 🙂

  7. Carlo_VLD says:

    Otto knows is confirmed to ( facebook )

  8. Peer says:

    Good news, strange it is at the same time as Nicky Romero (Dutch partymusic). This is gona be a bigger party than David Guetta !

  9. adam clark says:

    I remember this guy. He was the excuse many of the Dutch festival goers used to justify and excuse their rampant vandalism towards the trees on the island. Fucking joke!

  10. Sieget says:

    You can whine about anything can’t you.

  11. japajaa says:

    It is plain stupid to kill/harm trees to wave them around in a concert and then toss them away. I don’t understand what those people are thinking.

    I have watched a couple of Kees van Hondt live videos from youtube and I like the music and party, but discourage all kinds of vandalism towards property and specially towards nature.

  12. Sieget says:

    They are not killing trees, they are just branches.

  13. theshipscat says:

    But pulling a large number of branches from a tree can kill it! We all love a party, but surely it’s possible to have a good time without causing that sort of damage!

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