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Kingdom of Hegyalja Cancelled, Rudimental to Perform @ Sziget 2015

This just in (it has been officially confirmed by the Sziget festival website), and the website of the Hegyalja has confirmed it way before Sziget did: Rudimental will occupy the last free spot on Main Stage in the Sziget 2015 lineup. The official Sziget timetable was updated with a bit of delay – the Kingdom of Hegyalja has today confirmed not just the date and the spot, but also the fact that all tickets for Kingdom of Hegyalja valid for their concert can be exchanged into one-day tickets for the last day of Sziget 2015.

The Kingdom was cancelled due to issues related to the festival site:

Due to unexpected problems relating to land-lease the festival between July 15th – 19th will not go ahead at Tokaj-Rakamaz. We have not got the festival site at our hands in the format we previously agreed on with the local municipality, thus we made the hurtful decision not to go ahead with our event. We are working tirelessly on rearranging shows at selected venues, and will provide information in due course.

Most of the concerts planned for the festival were re-scheduled for alternative locations this month.

Rudimental is an English drum and bass band consisting of Piers Agget, Amir Amor, Kesi Dryden and DJ Locksmith (Leon Rolle), who have all known each other since their early childhood, growing up on the same street and attending the same school. Since its formation the band has released two albums, Home in 2013 and We the Generation in 2015. This year the band has headlined Glastonbury’s “Other stage”, and after Sziget they will perform at Pukkelpop.

This leaves the festival with a single spot to announce: the A38 spot on Thursday at 22:00.

33 thoughts on “Kingdom of Hegyalja Cancelled, Rudimental to Perform @ Sziget 2015

  1. They headlined the other stage at Glasto!

    One more name on my list and one more name to go!

  2. very good for me! way better than I expected for this slot at this point (a month before the festival)! Very energetic, perfect for festivals atmosphere!

  3. Agree with Noeliam and bobo, I’ve seen them live and they were much better than I expected. Good vibes, perfect for Sziget. At last!

  4. Good booking, but come on this is just luck for the bookers, what if KoH didn’t get cancelled?
    No complaining from my site but this is just coincidence that saved the festival.

  5. I’m happy enough now. I wouldn’t say I was a fan of Rudimental but they’re watchable enough and I’m sure they’re decent live. Sunday needed another act and it has it. It’s just a pity we had to wait so long!

  6. Nah, i don’t think it was luck, I’m pretty sure they were already booked earlier, but cause Kingdom of Hegyalja did not take place yet they couldn’t announce them.
    There is no way Sziget did not have that final slot booked that close to the festival.

  7. so let me clarify.
    1. Werchter booked fnm few weeks before the festival in a hurry to fill the hole dave grohl made.

    2. Europe’s best major festival filled the final main stage slot with a cliche, uninteresting, generic pop act, which was recyled from a cancelled Hungarian festival.


  8. @Art: lol so pathetic. To clarify, not that you’re complaining. But that you would call Rudimental a recycled pop act? They aren’t even pop… Do you even research names before you judge them? Or do you just assume whatever you want about whoever you want with absolutely no basis in reality? Characteristic of Hungary certainly… being completely out of touch with the rest of the world at all times.

    I don’t even think Rudimental has a distinct vocalist… So I don’t know how they could be a pop icon lol. It’s like calling C2C a shitty pop act haha. Don’t worry, we’re all well aware that you have literally no idea what’s happening in the world of music, and that you have zero ability to appreciate anything without a stringed instrument in it.

  9. so just so everyone knows… Art has begged for “live instruments” constantly, and has been given a band who frequently brings an entire brass section on stage with them. But they’re just a pop act! No pleasing Art. Hungarian piece of trash you are sir. Still 100% convinced you’re trolling this whole forum, because I actually refuse to believe a human being is capable of being so idiotic. Like sell your f***ing ticket you c***.

    @thetrootroo language!

  10. you are right i didn’t know them, I just hit youtube to check out one song and that was enough to justify that band doesn’t deserve anymore of my time.
    Also, I bet I’ve been to more shows than you could ever be, sorry i have high standards in music, that’s my fault.

  11. I like the 2 new additions. I think Balthazar are an underrated band and Rudimental are more of a band than Art thinks. I think they will bring good balance to the days that they are on.

    I hope now the main line up is complete people on here will stop moaning about stuff and either embrace the festival or sell their tickets.

  12. Better than feared, but not something that lifts the general impression. Balthazar is a decent band which is ok live, while Rudimental went from piss poor to very good last time I saw them live (in the same performance). As someone mentioned they’re a nice festival band though, so at least now we know.

    Next thing I want to nag about is why Sziget can’t guarantee us good weather? They should be able to as Best European Festival 😉

  13. if you had high standards in music then you’d know that one song generally doesn’t define a band. and how does going to shows make your opinion any more valid than mine? in fact, this isn’t a matter of opinion. you can’t just go around calling anything you don’t like “shitty pop music”. it’s misleading and ignorant. to be clear, ignorance and high standards are not synonymous.

    I don’t even generally listen to rudimental, they’re not really my style of music. but as someone who has “high standards of music”, I can appreciate what they do. I think you’re confusing having “high standards” with having a closed mind. if you cannot embrace anything new or different from what you are used to (which is clearly outdated and uninventive rock), then you’re part of the problem. you just admitted to all of us that you heard one single song by Rudimental and proceeded to dismiss them as shitty pop music (which is both incorrect and ignorant)

    Let’s take my favourite band of all time, Brand New. A quick YouTube search brings up Sic Transit Gloria. If I had never heard of them and listened to that song, it may not tickle my fancy. Good lyrics, poor execution. A lot of people would dismiss it as terrible emo rock. But you know what? Even though I’m not a huge fan of that one song (probably their biggest song to date),their other music is fantastic, well written, and simply in a league of its own. I wouldn’t characterize my favourite band by one of their songs, so who are you characterize ANY band by only one of their songs.

    You’re ignorant, you’re whats wrong with music. As someone in the industry I can tell you that it is constantly evolving and changing, and if you don’t start paying attention and evolving your tastes with it, then soon you won’t have anything to enjoy.

    Anyways, peace man. I don’t care about my language. Anyone who gives Art the time of day is obviously either a Hungarian twat who’s stuck in the Soviet Era or lacking a functioning brain. I could keep going but what’s the point? Art is only going to continue to spew his caveman-like rhetoric until he gets to Sziget, where he will hate every single act playing and refuse to enjoy the festival for what it is. I’ll reiterate: sell your ticket. You clearly aren’t looking to discover anything, you’re not looking to make friends, you’re not even looking to go watch a genre you normally wouldn’t. This, from what I understand of it, is what Sziget is about. So why are you coming, seriously.

  14. omg, you like brand new, and still consider rudimental music. I’ve seen brand new 6 times and they are great, if not the best band out there. comparing them, or just wirting them in a same paragraph as rudimental is just a crime…

  15. no, I LOVE brand new. I’ve seen them a bunch of times as well, and they get better every time. if I remember correctly, you enjoy NOFX and other dirt punk “music”. now THAT and Brand New in the same sentence is a crime. At least Rudimental is enjoyable to listen to. NOFX is just shitty pop garbage. I heard one song and I didn’t like it so I can dismiss them entirely as a band!

  16. i do too, it’s not their best song though, and it’s different from their other stuff (although their sound matured quite a bit with TDAGARIM).

    I merely meant to point out that you can’t judge a band by one song. If Sic Transit was the first song you heard by Brand New, you likely wouldn’t see them as the genius musicians they are. Other songs have more musical and lyrical depth.

    Anyways. Trying to prove a point. As far as I’m concerned, anything Brand New or Jesse Lacey touches is absolute gold, was just saying that bands can experiment with different sounds and one song cannot generally define an act.

  17. i also don’t mind NOFX. But you cannot possibly consider four power chords and sporadic yelling with some fast drums music while dismissing Rudimental as being shitty music. It doesn’t add up. Art needs to understand that tastes exist, opinions differ, and going around insulting other people’s tastes is ignorant. That’s what I’m trying to get at.

  18. Just to clarify some points:
    I’m really not interested to rally to the defense of someone so I just say some things that I think are objective. Rudimental are a Drum&Bass collective, which plays live (a proper band). Like all the “modern” genres Drum&Bass has a lot of influences, and pop could be one of them, but certainly not the only one. I have to admit that someone who says that he has high standards in music can’t really judge them as garbage by listening one song. I think the problem is that Art just wants more rock and metal, and he doesn’t respect all that sounds “commercial” and radio friendly, and he’s not the only one.

    I was born in Romania, and a lot of people from east europe listening mainly to rock/metal hate everything is related to electronic and dance, apart from Prodigy and Chemicals and few others (in fact prodigy played sziget like 200 times). In britain for example, were drum and bass was born, there is a background and a culture of this genre.. so there’s a better coexistence between rock and this dance derives.

    So.. Personally I think that having high standards has to include all genres, from metal to techno, because it increases your culture. Why close your mind?
    On the other hand, @thetrootroo : I think it’s very embarrassing using “Hungarian” as an insult.. very sad, and totally not in sziget spirit man

  19. @bobo: you’re right about everything, including me being an asshole. embarrassing that some moron like Art on a festival forum can make me angry enough to blame his nationality for his stupidity, even if it does contribute towards his musical ignorance.

    I apologize

  20. what? never said i like nofx (they are still lightyears better than rudimental). i like punk and hardcore, and that’s the scene where brand new comes from. and that honesty passion is what mainstream made up bands never could recreate…

  21. I repeat..I like Rudimental but too much enthusiasm imo…the program rimain lamentable

  22. lamentable because of ellie headlining the main, and because of the lack of 3-4 good undercard like tame impala / the war on drugs / refused / mastodon…! With some of these bands it would have been more various and perfect i think. The rest of the lineup is good imo.

  23. @Art: that’s right, it’s because I hate everything you stand for in the world of music.

    prime example: NOFX is better musically than Rudimental. do you read music? play an instrument? do you know how to arrange or compose a song? I can appreciate NOFX for what they are, but you’re allowing your personal tastes to influence your perception of the facts at hand, which is how bigotry begins.

    Rudimental = solid musicians. NOFX = fun music to jump around and party to (Rudimental is also quite fun to be in a crowd for, though). open your mind. bobo articulated my point better than I did… you cannot possible consider your musical standards high if you refuse to appreciate what good musicians are trying to do, whether it’s something that tickles your personal fancy or not.

  24. that Rudimental video actually showed talent, i have to admit that, still not my music. So I might made my decision too early, sorry for that.

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