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Korn to play Sziget 2012 Main Stage

There were quite a few discussions on Sziget News about this topic – whether Korn would headline the Metal Stage or play the Main Stage.

There were opinions on both fronts, but now it’s clear.

A user has asked the organizers which stage they would play on the Sziget Festival Official Facebook account, and the answer (in Hungarian) was Main Stage, just as you can see below.

korn main stage

That answers a question for many people.

(thanks, dakota!)

20 thoughts on “Korn to play Sziget 2012 Main Stage

  1. v festival line up is out some interesting names on there 🙂 The killers, noel Gallagher, maverick sabre! 🙂

  2. On a request if Korn will be a Mainstage headliner Sziget Italy replied on Facebook: “Quasi sicuramente.” (Almost certainly.)…

    It’s funny that Sziget announced another headliner and no one noticed it… (me included!)

    As we discussed before: Sziget has very unorthodox billings! 😉

  3. no chance of korn being a main stage headliner…. they would have been announced as one during the announcement last week

  4. Last Year White Lies were not annouced as a headliner but they were. So Korn will be headlining the main stage…poor sziget this year 🙁

  5. Won’t believe it til I see it. Had a bet with my mate today for a pizza that Korn will be headlining but I hope they’re not. Not headline worthy.

  6. Would be kinda weird for them to headline mainstage indeed. If it’s true there are already three headliners announced. I think Szigetfestival is trolling us.

  7. Korn are a solid live band and with the “dubstep”-playbacks on some songs they become more accessible to mainstream audiences. I think they would be perfect headliners for the Metalstage, but on mainstage they shouldn’t play bigger than co-head….

  8. @Andy They are mentioned as local partners on the Hungarian website, while their Facebook pages are mentioned as local pages in the info tab of the Sziget Festival Official page. I think that makes them official too.
    Also I have seen they have a lot of (jnside) knowledge about Sziget and in my opinion they are also often more customer friendly than the Hungarian division (but it has been a few years ago that I contacted them, maybe things became better now).

  9. @Andy:

    As far as I know only and the Facebook account of Sziget Festival Offical are done by the Sziget officials in Budapest.

    The other accounts (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and websites) are done by international promotion partner who are officially booked by Sziget (e.g. Sziget Festival, Sziget Italia, Sziget France, Sziget UK). These promoters do get their information directly from the Sziget office and also have meetings in Budapest where general strategies and information are coordinated.

    Because they do get the information from the Budapest office and depend on what information will be given to them at particular times they sometimes don’t know (much) more than the fansites (Szigetnews, Bestdayz)know.

    I can speak for the german Sziget board (Bestdayz) – and am sure that it’s the same for Sziget News, and can say that we sometimes get leaks directly from insiders, way before the international promoters know about it (or are allowed to speak about it).

  10. When asked on Facebook whether Korn were headlining the Sziget Festival Official page answer:
    Next announcement is expected in a few weeks time.
    Organization is in progress so it may take a while to finalize the program of Main Stage but we’ll publish the detailed program as soon as it’s ready.

  11. The Horrors,hurts,the vaccines each one won an NME award last night!
    Florence and the machine won 2 of them. please give us florence and the machine for Sziget 2012 and Radiohead as well.Then the ticket’s price will be justified!

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