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La Troba Kung Fu @ Sziget 2009

La Troba Kung Fu, a very interesting Spanish band, will play Sziget Festival this year, on August 14, according to their MySpace page. You can check out some of their music there, too.

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10 thoughts on “La Troba Kung Fu @ Sziget 2009

  1. when are we going to get the full lineup??? its normally up by now! im getting stressed out. ha

  2. I suppose so. But this waiting is very annoying…. At least 10 days before SZIGET you’ll know what bands are going to give their concerts. 😛

  3. Wow, the dance area turns out to be even more shitty than I first assumed. All great dance acts (The Crystal Method, Birdy Nam Nam, Coldcut) early in the evening and all the trance and cheap house dj’s at prime time… No partying hard in the dance area then like I did last year with Justice, Vitalic and Noisia…

  4. this year the line up is shite, its official i’d say! its probably a money thing. but maybe not? BUT ITS STILL GOING TO BE A BLINDING WEEK! sziget is about the people and the drinking more than anything, this is my 7 year so i should know by now.

  5. Oh come on! We had that already!

    It’s certainly NOT official, that the line-up is bad. It may be bad for you, but not for everyone. For god’s sake! Why aren’t you able to understand that you’re not the only one on this planet?

    IMHO the line-up is as good as last year. True, not that big names, but it’s still very enjoyable! My favourtie acts are DankoJones, Pendulum, N&SK, SKA-P, and many others…

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