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Last day for early bird Sziget tickets!

You can only get your early bird tickets until 0:00 hours tonight, so we suggest you act fast if you haven’t done so already.

The prices are as follows:

Sziget Weekly Pass (with camping) is (till 30 April, 12PM CET) 195 EUR. The full price (after 1 May, 0AM CET) is 225 EUR.

Sziget 5 Days Pass (non-camping) is (till 30 April, 12PM) 165 EUR. The full price (after 1 May, 0AM) is 195 EUR.

The Sziget Day Ticket for a regular day is 40 EUR (till 30 April, 12PM). After that it’s 45 EUR.

The Day Zero Ticket is 28 EUR, the caravan camping ticket is 130 EUR, while the VIP Camping Upgrade ticket is 120 EUR.

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14 thoughts on “Last day for early bird Sziget tickets!

  1. Does anyone know the exact date the Foo Fighters are playing at Outside Lands Festival?
    Because they have a gig in Milan on 13th August, so maybe there’s a chance they’ll play at Sziget on 11th or 12th?

  2. @brusbrus: according to lastfm they’ll play on the 10th of august, there’s still a posibilaty for sziget! Let’s keep our fingers crossed!!!

  3. The chance for FF seems very very small to me, as The Killers are already headlining on the 12th.

  4. Lets hope we get some exciting new names, so far its ‘the pogues’ and ‘leningrad’ and thats about it for me. as has been said before, im going for the ‘sziget experience’ and its my 10th year so i know it’ll be good. but still…..20th anniversary, best line up EVER! still not seeing it unfortunately. but i bet we get some big announcements now the ticket price has gone up. cynical i know, but probably true!

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