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Last Sziget 2013 announcement “very soon”

Sziget 2013 is close to its beginning, but we still have some “holes” left in the program.

Well, the organizers promise to fill them in an announcement, which is imminent. According to an answer on the Sziget Festival Official Facebook page, the announcement will come “very soon”.

The same answer also mentions that only one of the two names to be announced will be a “bigger” one.

We’re just as curious as you are! Who do you think Sziget will announce?

23 thoughts on “Last Sziget 2013 announcement “very soon”

  1. Probably Slayer or NiN, but I hope not, as they already play Lowlands.

    Ok Go would be awesome on the condition they record a new video on the island. 😉

  2. go to sziget official’s fb page, look up Orsi Bedecs’s (mona lisa picture) post on their wall and check their replies 🙂

  3. Thnx, well, there’s nothing wrong with ska or hip-hop, but that’s not what the Main Stage would have needed (some Manics, Maximo Park or Die Toten Hosen would have been nice), so I have to agree, they fucked up this year with the line up, pretty poor. Oh, well, there’s still at least 20+ bands well worth seeing, so can’t wait for Sziget 🙂 pity thought that we waited so long for these TBAs, and in the end they didn’t live up to any expectations.

  4. These good hip hop names are availabe:
    – Kid Cudi => unlikely (available but no concert in Europ)
    – Kendrick Lamar => why not! he is in Finland on August 9th but no concert during Sziget week (available on August 10th & 11th)
    – Wu Tang Clan => my guess they are in Poland in the period and no gigs planned

  5. Wu Tang is the only worthwile hip-hop artist out of those three.

    If they wanted to surpise me (and please me as well), they’d bring Immortal Technique. He’s not as well-known as Snoop, Dre or 2pac, but he was one of the best rappers in the 90s, naughties, who never went mainstream, and I still think he’s very good. Not sure he tours though, and he probaly wouldn’t do a festival as big as Sziget (at least not on the Main Stage)

  6. Probably Motorhead… their doing wacken and since lemmy’s illness it was pretty much quiet from sziget and a couple of days after the restart of motorheads tour they’re saying one ‘bigger’ name

  7. This year’s line-up has an enourmous lack of (hard)rock so don’t give us hiphop and skamusic. At least one big rockname, come on.

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