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Pre-Announcement Leak: The New Names of Tomorrow?

Sure looks official, but could it be true? What Szigetnews user @Sziget posted looks like a leak, or an email newsletter sent out to German-speaking users a bit early:

sziget announcement leak march

The names in the leak are:

  • Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds
  • SIA
  • Crystal Castles
  • Aurora
  • Jake Bugg
  • Oscar and the Wolf
  • Molotov
  • Unkle Live
  • Travis Scott
  • JAIN
  • Wilkinson live
  • Excision
  • Dyro
  • Tourist
  • Die Nerven (D)
  • Isolation Berlin (D)
  • Fatoni (D)
  • Gastarbeiter DJ Set (D)
  • Abu(CH)
  • Palace Winter (DK)

I guess some of the names are on many of your wish lists, right? But can it be true?

Well, I guess we’ll see about that when the official announcement is made tomorrow.

Thanks @Sziget for the big hint.

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39 thoughts on “Pre-Announcement Leak: The New Names of Tomorrow?

  1. As tmolvik said on the last comment, nothing “special”, but decent names. I’m personally extatic for Noel Gallagher, and I would see Crystal Castles, Oscar and the Wolf and Unkle (if I have the time, and providing this is legitimate info!!!).

  2. I hope it’s a fake or incomplete….. 🙁
    Not very intersting acts….

    Any informations ty_pe777 ?????

  3. You’re welcome! The post was deleted from the private group, so it looks like a leak, indeed. 😀

  4. As I said on the last announcement post, last year they did the same: they didn’t tell any headliners in March, but they did in April. I don’t think that Noel Gallagher will headline, so we will still have to wait for the next announcement. 😉

  5. I really hope that Noel will headline… or you know what the sub also gets 90min so if he subs it’ll be fine too! The longer he plays, the more Oasis stuff we’ll hear 😉

  6. This was the last year’s announcement: Alesso // Beatsteaks // Dotan // Dropkick Murphys // Foals // Foxes // Future Islands // Gentleman & The Evolution // Halestorm // Interpol // Knife Party // Marina and the Diamonds // MO // Nervo // Paloma Faith // SBTRKT // Selah Sue // The Maccabees // Typhoon // Vitalic Live // William Fitzsimmons // Yellow Claw.

    If the screenshot is true, I think that Noel Gallagher will get the last year’s Foals spot. I wouldn’t mind either if he’ll headline, though. 🙂

  7. Not many djs in the post, I think there will be no party arena this year.
    Last year in the same period, many DJs already confirmed (WW, Sydney Samson, bassjackers, blasterjaxx, julian jordan)

  8. I hope that the Collosseum will still be there this year. But no artist who could play there announced so far…

  9. -Noel is very good, Oasis material is always great for festivals and his NGHFB work has some good tunes too. In my opinion he’s good Headliner that can both close the stage or play before a dance act I suppose. –
    -Sia: totally no for me. 1) I don’t even know if she ever did a proper tour, 2) she is terrible live, definitely terrible than all the pop women we were hoping not to headline. Hope she has a low spot on the schedule.
    -Crystal Castles, Oscar & the wolf: good, I think everybody is happy with them, even if not impressed by the name.
    -the others: just to fill the lineup. We all know sziget needs these acts. Anyway sometimes I discovered some good ones thanks to sziget. I only know Wilkinson and Unkle and Dyro at the moment, and they are not bad to have some fun at night.

  10. oh sorry didn’t read all the list. I’m quite happy for Molotov, they smash. I’ll use Bugg to be able to sleep one hour. Don’t know how Travis Scott is live, but I suppose he will play at some time like Tyler last year

  11. Suely they won’t ditch the Collosseum and the Party Arena. Maybe they’ll have separate announcement for these, like they do with the World Music Stage.
    Maybe Nicky Romero will play on the party arena too!

  12. Mh. I’ve hear some minutes from any of the singers in the list, just to have an idea.
    Sia is the only thing I find to be really good, she’s a really good performer, more than Rihanna (if this get us rid of her), just accept the obvious.
    Noel Gallagher, good performer, horrible man, but a show I wont miss.
    The rest of it is a big meh, ‘cept for Excision and Wilkinson (if you like the genre) and Tourist.
    Maybe I will attend Crystal Castles show, because that music seems freaky sick and I like that kind of crowd, but I dont like them. Way better the Die Antwoord IMHO.

    The names with the nationality written are people who will probably play in Europe stage, since they don’t have neither a wikipedia page.

    I feel sad. Hope they won’t f**k up like the latest year, because this time there are lot of bands out there and there wont be excuses. People like RHCP, Rammstein, Massive Attack, Disclosure, The Offspring, At the Drive-In, Daughter, Editors (and the list goes on and on) have to be called to perform, you just cant come out and say “there are no funds”, because funds are always improving, year by year.

    I really hope it’s just a fake

  13. This is official.

    I wonder if this is the band unkle from The 90s?

    I really hope for 2 killer names that are still missing.

  14. Quimby are playing the 12th, same day of Bastille. Quimby at Sziget never played before 19:30 cos they’re pretty big in hungary (they even headlined day 0 in 2013), this means Bastille can headline. Actually Quimby in 2012 headlined the World Music Stage. Really hope they do the same this year

  15. And both Noel and Sia are playing the 15th. This will be the set of co-headlining for that day.

  16. Ok … Leak was true …
    I like some names but I’m disappointed. Sia seriously … Sadly, she might be a headliner. Hope it don’t cost a lot when they’re too much big names touring in Europe this summer !

    However I don’t take my ticket yet ! And I’m happy to be careful with the line-up this year … 🙂

    Hope they’ll book Radiohead, RHCP or LCD Soundsystem at least …

  17. 10th August: —

    11th August: Datsik, MØ, Naughty Boy, Parov Stelar, Rico & Sticks, Jake Bugg, Quimby, Travis Scott

    12th August: Bastille, John Newman, K.I.Z., Kovacs, Jain, UNKLE

    13th August: Bring Me The Horizon, Kodaline, Muse, Róisín Murphy, Sigur Rós, Dyro, Excision, Molotov

    14th August: Bloc Party, David Guetta, Sum 41, Oscar and the Wolf, Wilkinson

    15th August: CHVRCHES, M83, Nicky Romero, The Neighbourhood, Years & Years, Brains, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, Sia, Tourist

    16th August: Bullet For My Valentine, The Last Shadow Puppets, The Lumineers, Jess Glynne, Aurora, Crystal Castles

  18. All the dates are on the official website; just click on the artist in programs.
    M83 and Noel Gallagher the same day, I can’t believe it! Best day so far 😀 (even if Sia headlines, I wouldn’t say no to Noel at sunset).

  19. Actually with Sia headlining is not a problem if they put M83 or Chvrches at 22:00 in A38. I really hope they do put M83 at this point, with all the screaming teenagers watching Sia.

  20. Oh silly me! Im dealibg with a verly slow wifi so I just refresh this page and facebook ahah
    Thanks for the info!

    So, for sure we have the third headliner. Im surprised but disappointed again.

    Anyway I guess that Jake bugg, Quimby (sub headliner), Gallagher, Sia (sub and headliner) and maybe Oscar and the Wolf and Crystal Castles are MS stuff.
    Dyro + Excision is a good combo if you like dubstep; Wilkinson and Tourist are A38 night time stuff for sure.
    Its ok, but, man, they should kill at the lineup this year and they seem to be missing any good shot (cept for Muse and some other ones)

  21. @JumboJack Quimby are playing the 12th, not the 11th. This may mean Bastille will headline.

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