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Less than a month for early bird Sziget 2013 tickets

Don’t forget that early bird tickets for Sziget Festival 2013 are only available until May 5th, so make sure you get yours until then.

That way, you can be sure that you get the lower prices, which are as follows:

Sziget Weekly Pass (with camping) – 199 EUR (229 EUR after May 5th)

Sziget 5 Days Pass (non-camping) – 169 EUR (199 EUR after May 5th)

Sziget Day Ticket (regular day) – 45 EUR (49 after April 5th)

Sziget Caravan Camping Ticket – 130EUR/vehicle

VIP Camping Upgrade Ticket – 130 EUR

Alternativa Camping Upgrade Ticket – 45 EUR

Check out all of the ticket details here and don’t forget to check out our Sziget 2013 line up page, always updated with dates and stages.

7 thoughts on “Less than a month for early bird Sziget 2013 tickets

  1. Hi, I’ve been to sziget last year for only one day pass.
    This year i’m gonna go Weekly Pass with my friend, and i have two questions plz.
    1. Is it ok to come on august 6th at night and skip the first two days, and also do we have room to crash our tent?
    2. Should i go for the regular included camping? is it orgenized and not far from all the action? and so, is the alternative camping is necessary?


  2. With weekly pass you can come at anytime. The later you come the worse will be the place where you will place your tent, obviously.
    There is no specific areas for camping like other festivals (except for Alternativa Camping, Vip Camping & French Camping which offer you more services). At Sziget you can camp wherever you want 😉

  3. Bad Religion has confirmed on their facebook page that they will plan on 08th of August on Sziget.

    “true north european tour – 2013 see you out there…

    08/08/2013 Budapest Hungary – Sziget Festival

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