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Lineup poll removed, for obvious reasons…

We have decided to take off the Sziget 2012 lineup poll, as its results were no longer accurate.

There was an unusually large amount of votes yesterday and the day before yesterday, and it would seem that most of them were in order to make the results go towards “very bad”

After analyzing this and the statistics of the poll plugin, we decided to take it down, as it was quite obvious that someone was not playing fair and that the results didn’t reflect the reality of your votes.

We’re thinking about using a different poll system, one that’s embedded in a post and it’s harder to be tampered with. What do you think? Is that a good idea?


16 thoughts on “Lineup poll removed, for obvious reasons…

  1. You should just change the line-up and make sure something decent comes up. I have so much regrets buying the tickets so far………

  2. I’m sorry then, but still the line up so far sucks. But still no reason to pull of such stupid actions as messing with the poll…

  3. The reason people voted very bad so often was to hopefully make a difference and get in some better artists… line up has got to get better… btw how many more acts will there be?

  4. @Jordan:

    If you don’t like the lineup so far you shouldn’t hope that the few remaining international acts will change it for you.

    There are three bands to be announced for the mainstage (headliner and probably co-headliner for the 11th and probably the co-co-headliner for the 10th).

    For A38 it isn’t sure because we don’t know yet if there will be six or seven slots a day. If there will be seven slots a day then there are six bands missing – but Ministri and Bud Spencer Blues Explosion might be put there.

    For the Arena only one live-act is to be announced and probably another 3-4 international DJs.

    That’s probably it for the “mainstages”!

  5. BTW: there will be LOTS of hungarian bands on different stages and most of them are REALLY worth to be checked out!

    @Tom: in the beginning there was a strong tendency towards “very bad” and “bad”, but later on the good ratings became stronger and stronger (especially after the last announcement). We shouldn’t forget that the poll didn’t properly work right from the beginning (you were able to vote each time you loaded the site and even had to vote to see the actual results) and that the “haters” are usually “louder” than the people who don’t care or are fine with the lineup – who definitely are the majority and probably don’t care to vote. 😉

  6. @Tom: yes, it did, but the last two days have been a total exaggeration. The most votes the poll got in a day was 434 , on May 5th, when we started it(and it never went over 220 in the next days). Yesterday it was 875 and the day before yesterday – 1056.

  7. Put up a poll that you can only vote in once – connected to your IP address maybe?

    And I agree about the line up: we were promised the best and most impressive line up so far since it’s a celebration, but it doesn’t look like the best ever at all (why did we pay extra again, then?)

    On the other hand: the fact that I’m really not impressed might also have to do with my taste – I like a lot of different music, but I guess it’s just my bad luck they’ve booked a large number of bands I’m just not into.

    THAT said – though I’m not sure if I’d be going if I hadn’t already booked tickets, accommodation and flight (next time I’ll just wait until more of the line up is known) – I’m sure I’ll have a great time at the festival, as I do every year!

  8. yeah in the end of the day it is all about personal taste, not everyone likes the same music, for me there is alot of bands i want to see, so im happy, plus the experiance of being at sziget, if you dont like the lineup to a festival just dont go and arrange to go to a different one, hense how i discovered sziget because most festivals in the uk lineup sucks!

  9. Ok the line up isn’t as good as promised. But I don’t care. Sziget is always a big party. The bands that’re coming are a nice to have. The party is because of the people, who are a MUST have!

    So don’t care, and make some party!!

  10. The Stone Roses and the Killers, The Vaccines and Noah and the whale for the indie kids. Lots of electronica for those that can dance, the only dissapointment is the lack of metal stage. a group of us booked early and fly in on the 7th so will miss the metal now on day 0. Expensive to change flights so a little pissed off but L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N my freinds. SMILE

  11. It’s not only about personal taste, I’m Italian and this year there are a lot of italian groups, and I like them quite all, but as said before this year should be a great celebration, and the line up doesn’t worth it… Lack of metal, only music, lack of big names, if you know what I mean, it’s not about tastes, last year we had Skunk Anansie at 5 pm, and I think they worth this year main event…

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