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Linkin Park hinted, Go Back to the Zoo confirmed

UPDATE: in the meantime, Linkin Park has disappeared, so who knows…

Here’s another confirmation on what was quite a busy day. Dutch band Go Back To The Zoo is confirmed on the official Dutch page for the Europe Stage.

On the other hand, in the good tradition of the Sziget team leaving hints, just like they did with Amy Winehouse, the Sziget France page leaves another interesting one. All of the bands’ favourite pages on the Sziget France Facebook page are from bands already confirmed. Except for one – Linkin Park. Might this mean that they are the next important confirmation? Could be…

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25 thoughts on “Linkin Park hinted, Go Back to the Zoo confirmed

  1. I’m pretty happy with the line up so far! Hopefully Linkin Park will stick to playing there older stuff, not a fan of the new album

  2. But Radiohead is still on the italian list! New album and no livedates yet, but already performed at Sziget…

    (It’s just a dream!)

  3. I just read something about blink-182 being confirmed for sziget. It stood on a speculation page for lowlands.
    But I couldn’t find any conformation for this.
    But it could be possible because he is touring through Europe, this summer, and after 20 July there isn’t any information where he will play.

  4. That was speculated last year too, and nothing happened after all. Still, everything seems possible. Can you give a link?

  5. My apologies. I read the site again, and I found out that this page was for lowlands 2010 not 2011.

  6. I asked Sziget Italy about Radiohead. They said they have no information about that but they said that I should follow them and I will know about news as soon as they are official. They used this smiley: “;)” could it be a hint? :D:D
    Here is their answer to my question:

    Ciao Mirex,
    purtroppo non abbiamo notizie di questa notizia.. Seguici e potrai
    leggere gli aggiornamenti appena li avremo. 😉

    A presto

  7. Have you seen Sziget Italia’s post? They asked if people were happy if Linik Park really came! Thank god that the most of the people say no and they write about Radiohead 😀 I hope Radiohead will come!

  8. @Festivalfreak: Whilst Linkin Park might not be to your tastes you have to bear in mind that this is a festival embracing a enormous variety of genres.

    If the majority of the people going object to their presence then fine but at least offer a better alternative than Radiohead who I would estimate are about as likely to play as the also mentioned Jimi Hendrix.

  9. @Non: why do you think so? why do you think Radiohead’s presence at sziget is as unreal as Jimi’s? They have just released their new album + they are about to start a tour.
    PS: Everyone is free to say their opinion and so do I. If I hurt your feelings towards Linkin Park, I am sorry.
    Some people say they dont like the fact that Amy is coming. And what… ?

  10. I apologise, my comments shouldn’t have been specifically directed towards you and of course I did not mean to say you are not entitled to your own opinion.

    I just get very annoyed by the amount of people who look at festival lineups or rumours and complain that bands they don’t like are among the bands announced. No festival will ever have a perfect line-up that everyone likes so I don’t see the point in people advocating for or against bands since it will inevitably be at someone else’s expense.

    I have no particular affinity for Linkin Park in fact I would also prefer Radiohead but I doubt that they would come since they don’t appear to be doing any other festivals this year and Sziget couldn’t get them two years ago when they were doing festivals around the same time.

  11. @Non: I am completely enchanted by the line-up. dont get me wrong. there are already approx. 50 band confirmed and I truly love almost 30 of them. I did not mean it in that way. I am amazed by what Sziget does every year and I really dont belong to those people who say “its shitty” and stuff… like on facebook.

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