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London Grammar cancelled, Clean Bandit the replacement

London Grammar has, unfortunately cancelled its appearance at Sziget 2014.

This is the bad news. There is some good news from the organizers as well.

Clean Bandit will be replacing London Grammar on the Sziget 2014 roster.

The news has been confirmed on the official Facebook page.

(thanks guinness!)

13 thoughts on “London Grammar cancelled, Clean Bandit the replacement

  1. Hey guys!! I’m selling my weekly pass!! i can’t assist to the Sziget due to my exams…
    But is it possible to sell it with my name on the ticket?? How can i change it?? Thanks!!
    And if somebody is interested, it’s the original price : 210 €!

  2. Does anybody know if there will be concerts shown live on stream vía Youtube, like in 2012?

  3. @Archer : Thanks man!
    I put it on this website, but the thing is, people will still be able to enter with my name on the ticket? THey don’t have to change the name on it?

  4. At Balaton Sound (same Sziget management) I was able to get the ticket of a friend of mine who couldn’t come with a delegation and a copy of his document. They didn’t even ask me anything, they just gave me the ticket.

  5. I really don’t know for sure ,ask on the facebook wall.
    people are selling tickets the whole time there
    but a ticket and a copy of your document should be more than enough

    sad for you that you miss it .. good luck on the exams ! 🙂

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