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Lord Sassafras, Amadou & Mariam and Woven Hand @ Sziget 2009

The French Sziget site and their Facebook lists another interesting act listed to play Sziget Festival this year – Lord Sassafras. He will play the Roma Tent and is an emblematic character that plays a mix of world music, rock and ethno-techno influences, that he calls “Global Style”. More details on his MySpace.

UPDATE: also listed on the French site are Amadou et Mariam, a very interesting duo from Mali, that have been around for more than thirty years. Well worth checking out, this is their website.

Another announced act (on the French site as well), are Woven Hand, a band that features ex-16 Horsepower man David Eugene Edwards. Their official website can be found here.

That’s not all. Hungarian act Muzsikas, “Hungary’s finest folk band”, will also play this year’s Sziget, and so will Muchachito. Even if there is no information for Muchachito, we think they’re talking about Muchachito Bombo Infierno, a band that seems to fit the profile of the festival.

(thanks a lot to Szigetist and Xavier)


18 thoughts on “Lord Sassafras, Amadou & Mariam and Woven Hand @ Sziget 2009

  1. Interesting style of music, actually not my kind of. Crazy stuff, but worth to listen to it; just depends on how drunk you are it’s pretty “danceable” 🙂

  2. It’s also very interesting on which stage the bands will play (listed on the french sziget page). There it says that only Fatboy Slim, Bloc Party, Klaxons, The Prodigy, The Ting Tings, Snow Patrol, The Kills and The Offspring will play at mainstage. That means that there are 15 more bands to be confirmed at mainstage, they forgot placebo in the lineup. Ska-P on the Worldstage and Toten Hosen on Autres (Wan2?), i think it’s a little bit to small for them, but would be great.
    Radiohead are not likely to headline, because the booker of the frequency festival said that there are no more european festival shows than announced.

  3. and does anyone know the exact date of the press conference when the rest of the lineup will be announced? It’s in May I’ve read on this page (Thanks to you!)

  4. they should really hurry up and get it done before the end of may as that is when the cheaper ticket deal expires on the website.
    Come on with the big names already! Or at least names I recognise.

  5. @ aerson:
    How could you contact frequencys organisers?

    I still hope for radiohead and arctic monkeys!

  6. In the press news on the official frequency website:

    “RADIOHEAD werden Headliner am FQ 2009 sein. Mit lediglich 5 Terminen auf dieser Tour (Leeds, Reading, Polen, Tschechien und Österreich) kann man von mehr als einem exklusiven Auftritt sprechen – noch dazu wird es der einzige im deutschsprachigen Raum sein.”

    -> only 5 tour dates

    I also hope for radiohead but unfortunately it’s not very likely

  7. I don’t think the Wan2/Converse Stage would be too small for Toten Hosen. They’re not that international superhit. At least Die Ärzte is better known, even abroad. Radiohead would be nice (or would have been?^^), but if that announcement above is true it won’t happen. Still these proclamations don’t have to be taken that seriously, there’s always the possibility of change, also as press announcements are often overhastied (therefor SzigetNews is another example 🙂 e.g. the 50% discount).

  8. As for Poland, almost everybody know Toten Hosen, and only a few know Die Artze. ;] They should be on the main stage.

  9. Amadou & Mariam is a nice addition for the world scene. I never heard Woven Hand before, but after two songs I’m really happy they will play at Sziget. It’s a great band.

  10. Hey guys, just a totally offtopic question. This will be my first Sziget festival and I was wondering, is everything being paid in forints? Or is it so ‘international’ that you can pay with euros everywhere.

    Thanks in advance!

  11. Easiset way would be if both bands would perform! 😉

    I guess they will not tour non-stop and leave gaps for festival apearances of their other bands (at least for The Kills).

  12. @Griekimon:

    On the festival site you can easily find a cash maschine and in case of flying to Budapest you will find people working for the festival in the arrival area who assist with taxis and things (at least in the years I have been there I always found people there to share taxis with and was able to pay the taxi in Euros)

  13. Woven Hand is the best band I have ever heard. There music is so haunting and powerful. DEE rules and their concert is the best music experience I have ever had. Come to Croatia again, please.

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