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Mando Diao on August 12

More interesting schedule news.

Mando Diao will play Sziget 2012 on August 12, according to their official site (thanks, mellowmaniac)

As always, all of the schedule info is posted in our Sziget 2012 line up page.



7 thoughts on “Mando Diao on August 12

  1. @SzigetNews

    That’s what I think too!
    I guess the 2nd slot.
    So now there are at least 4 of the 25 Main Stage artists announced, namely

    Stone Roses
    Mando Diao

    And what do you think of the other artists?

    Noah and the Whale – I think Main stage opener
    Friendly Fires – I don’t think Main Stage, A38 or Party
    Horrors and Subways – don’t know.
    Crystal Fighters – could be Main Stage too.

  2. BTW

    I know there is a lot more than the Main Stage, but I consider the Main Stage as a good measure for the rest of the line up.

  3. The Horrors could also be Main Stage openers, The Subways – probably A38, same for Crystal Fighters. Bu you never know. 🙂

  4. The Subways last time played on the Main Stage. I think Friendly Fires, The Horrors and Noah and the Whale also play on the Main Stage, Crystal Fighters probably A38.

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