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Metal Day guessing game

Our friend john doe, the guy that’s always right, has posted yet another clue, so you’re al free to start guessing.

This is most certainly about the Metal Day, and what he says is H-U-P-S-I-N.

What do you guys think that could mean?

While we wait for the announcement, let’s have another guessing game!

On the other hand, Superbutt have also self-confirmed on their official website.

64 thoughts on “Metal Day guessing game

  1. S – Scorpions or Sepultura
    I – In Flames!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and… Machine Head??? :((((

  2. Maybe…

    Hungary –
    USA – Sick of it All
    Portugal – Moonspell
    Sweden – In Flames
    Italy – Lacuna Coil
    Norway – Dimmu Borgir

  3. hupsin is an anagram of punish – bands with tunes that have punish in them? or maybe bands called punish or something. not a metal fan so wouldn’t know any lol

  4. (H) Hungary Depresszio
    (U) UK Bring Me the Horizon
    (P) Poland Decapitated
    (S) Sweden In Flames
    (I) Italy Lacuna Coil
    (N) Norway Dimmu Borgir

  5. Hungary: TANKCSAPDA

    For sure

    they come every year and are a really popular metal band in Hungary!

  6. Hmmm – no “L” for Lacuna Coil?

    h : Hatebreed or Heathen
    i : Ignite or In Flames
    n : Napalm Death or Nile
    p : Pain
    s : Scorpions, Saxon, Sodom, Sabaton
    u : Unearth

  7. If it’s by country it would make sense to have Lacuna Coil as I(taly) and the selfconfirmed Superbutt as h(ungary).

  8. Or

    (Hungaria) Lord
    (Usa) Kamelot (they play on 3 august @wacken Germany)
    (Sweden) Hanmerfall (they play @wacken Germany)
    (Norway) Nighwish, Sonata arctica

  9. Nah, H-U-P-S-I-N are the first letters of the bands, That’s my thought.
    H could be Hammerfall, they play at Wacken, so it is a possibility.
    U could be ?

    P could be Paradise Lost, they play at Wacken and Metal Camp

    S being Scorpions. With previous clues, “I just read” or something in that direction, than the sentence loosely translated in German, I think that the S is indeed Scorpions. Their logo is their name in red, so just re(a)d.
    But the S could also mean Sabaton, as they have a gap between the 4th and the 9th
    My last suggestion for the S is Sepultura, also a gap between the 4th and the 10th and they’re performing in Hungary the 4th.

    I could be In Extremo, they have a gap between the 4th and the 10th and I thought someone here suggested them already.

    N, Napalm Death maybe?

    But then again, I’m guessing about bigger international names, if the bands will be smaller, there are much more possibilities.

  10. uhm…. well….

    I – Lacuna Coil (Italy)
    H – Superbutt (Hungary)
    S – In Flames (Sweden)
    U – Machine Head (USA)

  11. Oh very clearly we’re going to see:

    H-ammerFall (lol)
    P-rimal Fear
    I-n Flames
    N-apalm Death 😉

    not: Paradise Lost (in slovenia on 7.)

  12. The German clue that John Doe gave strongly suggests we’ll get some German metal. That doesn’t make sense if you think the letters stand for country names.

  13. Every time John Doe gives us a new clue, he spends the next days laughing his ass of 😛

  14. Hungary : Superbutt / Tankcsapda
    UK /USA : Saxon / Napalm Death / Unearth
    Portugal : Moonspell
    Sweden : Opeth / In Flames /
    Italy : Lacuna Coil
    Norway : Dimmu Borgir / Immortal

  15. @John Doe: A few days ago you gave a comment “I just read” or something in that general direction, then you translated the sentence in German. That means something or am I getting crazier by the day? 😛

  16. machine head, hatebreed, enter shikari, sonata arctica will play on another festivals in this summer in hungary….
    i don’t think so.

  17. Hatebreed
    Pro pain
    Sick of it all
    All for nothing

    That would be sick!!

  18. dont care about any of the others…. just hope that the s stands for sweden and the band is refused 🙂

  19. What is this means?
    Plus que quelques minutes avant l’annonce du Day metal …une idée peut etre ? un indice , ils viennent du Nord du vieux continent

  20. H – Hungrey
    U – UK/US – but could be Ukraine – haha
    P – Portugal/Poland
    S – Spain/Sweden
    I – Italy – Lacuna Coil
    N – could be Norway, could be New York, could even stand for Nowhere or No Country or Not included – so could, unfortunately, still be the Scorpions

  21. As far as I get the twitter post from Sziget France the announcement will be made in a few minutes and the headliner will be from Scandinavia. Let’s hope it’s Refused!

  22. U perhaps stands for United Kingdom that would give us maiden or paradise lost or whatever
    Also, P i don’t think is Portugal for Moonspell even though i would love to see them live. P is Poland for Behemoth check their tour days it’s quite possible.
    If we keep in mind that this is about countries S is definitely Sweden and N is Norway with something in black/death/doom i guess.

  23. according to google translate it means that the announcement will be in a few miniutes. sziget france has just posted it

  24. @Balint : Few minutes left before the metal day announcement… an idea maybe ? A clue : the come from the north of the old continent.

  25. @Diseasefire: If the letters are for the country of origin Lacuna Coil are covered by the “I” for Italy.

  26. Czech’s Brutal Assult and Slovenia’s Metalcamp festival are close…
    So from this point of view:

    Superbutt (HUNGARY)

    Napalm Death (!) (UK)
    C.O.C., Nile (!), Sanctuary (!), Black Dahlia, Madball, Deicide (USA)

    Moonspell, Ava Inferi (!) (Portugal)
    Riverside (Poland)

    At The Gates (!), Pain, Grand Magus, Dark Funeral (!) (Sweden)
    Samael (Switzerland)

    Lacuna Coil (Italy)

    Dimmu Borgir, Immortal, Kataklysm, Arcturus (Norway)
    Heidevolk (Netherlands)

    Depresszió won’t play on Sziget.
    Paradise Lost will be in Slovenia on 7th.
    Sick Of It All will be on the other part of Europe.
    Epica will in Italy on 7th.

  27. Tuesday 7th of August will be Metal Day! From 2PM to 11PM you’ll have the chance to see Dimmu Borgir, Lacuna Coil, Hammerfall, Moonspellofficialband, Ignite and Superbutt at Sziget. See you in the mosh pit! \m/

  28. Sziget facebook:
    Tuesday 7th of August will be Metal Day! From 2PM to 11PM you’ll have the chance to see Dimmu Borgir, Lacuna Coil, Hammerfall, Moonspellofficialband, Ignite and Superbutt at Sziget. See you in the mosh pit! \m/

  29. I don’t have any idea if these bands are great.

    can a metal fan give us some highlights on these bands?

  30. dimmu borgir are a great band they usually do apocalyptic lives with demonic costumes and scenography! one of the best in symphonic metal.. but i’m afraid i don’t know any of the others

  31. just youtube’d them all, think i’ll be making the bars a lot of money on ‘metal’ day! ffs

  32. Will check em out online, but I gotta say it’s not looking promising – I’ve only heard of a couple of these bands and I’m really not a fan of cheesy ‘we are vikings’ type metal either 🙁 Looks like another full day free to explore the city! 😀

  33. the only band im botherd about there are lacuna coil, never listened to any of the otheres! tbh id of rather had scorpions than dimmu borgir -_-

  34. @lambo…. have you listened to Dimmu Borgir yet? they are actually quite good (plus apparently the stage show is epic!)… you need to check out ignite and hammerfall as well

  35. @mr_monkey yeah checked them all out theyre not really my thing i prefer Nu-Metal/Industrial metal/alternative metal/deathcore/metalcore.. them bands are abit to gothy for me superbutt are good tho from what ive listened too, and i do like lacuna coil and they are good live too 🙂 would have prefered more bands that i like but KoRn are on main stage who are the main pull for me as they are my fave band 🙂

  36. Ive got it H U P S I N means Hungary Utterly Paralysing Sziget Inciting Nausea!!

  37. let’s say it… day 0 this year is disappointing… i like the 5 days lineup.. but this metal day is really nothing special (dimmu borgir are good but not headliner).. and i hate akos 😀 lol

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