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More Hungarian names

A lot of new Hungarian names have self-confirmed their presence at Sziget 2012.

Most of them are names that are known to the Sziget fans. Still, good to know.

We’re talking about Zagar – their presence is mentioned on their website. August 12 is the date.

Then, Jay Lumen’s MySpace mentions Sziget on August 9.

Chris Ronsson also mentions Sziget on August 9 on his Facebook, while Igor Do’urden will be at Sziget on August 10.

Last but not least, Sikztah will also play Sziget 2012 on August 10.

(thanks go to Rascal!)

17 thoughts on “More Hungarian names

  1. @John doe please give me a hint whether Noel Gallagher is likely to perform!PLEASE I’M BEGGING YOU

  2. @alex because there in no more room for a ‘big’ international name on the main stage and tbf (going on previous years) he would probably headline as well and all 5 headliners have been announced.

  3. true story…i think there’s still a slot after the vaccines and before the xx

  4. sorry mate…. there is no way in hell that noel would play that low on the main stage, if he was playing he would headline

  5. What bands except for Placebo, xx, Pogues, Leningrad should I not miss? How will the xx be live? Has anyone seen them?

  6. If you like Pogues and Leningrad, I reckon you’ll like Che Sudaka, Rotfront, Molotov and Dubioza Kolektiv too. Furthermore, I think Japanese act Gocoo is also quite special and certainly a must see for everyone who likes percussion (I think they will open Main Stage on Wednesday). But the most special act I found in the line up is Narasirato. They are pan pipers from Solomon Islands. Watch this:

  7. anges obel is a good find that riverside song she does is ace!
    my fave finds are SUBSCRIBE & DOPE D.O.D love em!! plus their’s loads more, i havent even got there yet and discovered so much! also night at the lake are worth a listen

  8. Thank you guys!

    I will check all of them out before the festival.

    @lambo: I listen to a lot of different music genres. Not really into r&b though.

    I’d especially like to see smaller acts that won’t be easy to see again.

    Bonaparte also looks like they might have a cool live show and I heard Goran Bregovic is a must see.

  9. @jackie

    i only discovered bonaparte and goran since they were announced and i am really looking forward to seeing them.

    i think that you would probably like anti-flag as well and if you like dance music then flying lotus and leftfield are musts as well.

  10. Tiga is a must for dance music Too he did great song as you are gonna want me, he has been around from 2001 he collaborate really much with soulwax and he is a great dj.

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