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More new & interesting acts in the Sziget 2010 lineup!

Our friend chudo_pahan has told us about a whole bunch of interesting acts that have either confirmed themselves or are confirmed on the Dutch site.

First of all, Chapelier Fou is set to play on August 12 at the Amiftheater stage, according to the MySpace page.

Then, Flat Earth Society will play the same stage on August 11. This news is confirmed on their official website. They will play the BJC-Amfitheater, according to the official Dutch site.

Wildbirds & Peacedrums will play on August 14. The dutch site says that they will play on A38-WAN2, while Andy Moor will play on August 12 according to the official MySpace.

The Dutch official site also confirms some names for the BJC-Amfitheater:

  • Renata Rosa
  • La Mal Cioffée
  • Hjaltalin
  • An Pierlé & White Velvet
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26 thoughts on “More new & interesting acts in the Sziget 2010 lineup!

    on this site wrote that “Rada” and “DVS” (Death Valley Screamers) will be represent Ukraine on Main Stage on August 15.

    it is a site of organisation “MUSIC BIKE UKRAINE”, that are the official representative of the festival «SZIGET» in Ukraine.

    It means that now we have 6 bands on Main Stage on August 15…

  2. That might be a good thing chadu pahan!
    I guess that there will be 6 bands on Main stage each day? 😀
    So there are still some international acts to be confirmed.

  3. i don’t think that it will be 6 bands each day… maybe only on August 15. Or these bands (Rada and DVS) will have a short gig…

    there is no telling…

  4. I am soooo disappointed… all, and I mean all this year´s summer festival have fantastic line ups… what happened to sziget this year (with the artists, I mean)? what are they doing with all their money? :/ I wonder what did they spend it on…

  5. mirex, ofcourse you have a different taste of music then i do, still, i dont think you have to be disappointed about this line-up. There are some really nice reggae names like UB40, Gentleman and easy star all stars. Then there are the headliners like muse, kasabian, madness faithless and the hives (and, not my favourite, iron maiden). And in my oppinion there are a lot of nice smaller names, and i dont even know half of them, like skindred, yeasayer, zZz, gotan project, infected mushrooms, boys noize, children of bodom and ska-p. + you will discover new names with great potential. And more important, have fun at sziget!

  6. Ska-P will play August 11… it means that we have already 6 bands on August 11 on Main Stage: The Toy Dolls, GWAR, The Hives, Madness, Ska-p, Faithless)
    hmm… maybe we will have 6 bands on Main Stage every day?

  7. That’s great news and fits the rada and dvs news..! This way we’ll get even more mainstage acts as supposed!

  8. 12:30h is definitely not their stage time… perhaps 00:30h! However it’s great to see that we have more international bands on several stages as even last year..!

  9. so what we have – probably 6 bands on MS in one day…lets think – it may means that the opening band will play 13:00 or 14:00 or headliner will play in 23:00

  10. that’s cool if 6 bands will play each day on the mainstage but it was already difficult to moove at 15:00 so at 14:00 ^^ zzz 😀

  11. My personal guess is that the first band will still play at 15:00 and the first bands will play shorter sets! (like: 15:00 / 16:00 / 17:00 / 18:20 / 19:45 / 21:30)

    This would make sense, because the settimes at Sziget are longer than the ones on all other festivals and several bands didn’t even play the scheduled times completely in the last years!

  12. I’m wondering what the running order of the bands on the 15 will be. In the forums someone wrote that billy talent will play before danko jones, i hope that its not true.

  13. No guarantees, because I have no idea how popular Billy Talent are in Hungary, but I guess it will be something like this (times will vary):

    15:00 – Rada
    16:00 – Death Valley Screamers
    17:00 – Danko Jones
    18:20 – Billy Talent
    19:45 – Kasabian
    21:30 – Muse

  14. Found on Sziget official website :

    The program of the Main Stage is 90 percent ready – Károly Gerendai has announced at the press conference, and added some new names to the previously announced list of Muse, Iron Maiden, Faithless, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Kasabian: Madness and Johhny Rotten’s band (after Sex Pistols) Public Enemy are coming to Sziget, too.

  15. There are two possibilities:

    1.) They move Faithless to the 12th or 13th (Faithless themselves never confirmed their appearance on the 11th), make Madness headliner on the 11th and we will have 5 bands each day – except on the 15th where DVS and Rada will share the opening slot

    2.) Faithless stay on the 11th and we will have 6 bands each day

    I have the feeling that we will know more next week! 😉

  16. hmm… what is the source that telling that Faithless will play on August 11?
    I think that it possible that Madness will be a headliner of August 11 and Faithless on August 12.

  17. thanks Mellowmaniac!
    as for me i do not trust for 100% this source. Because there information is older than other sources. And there we can see that Skindred on A38-Wan2, but on hungarrian site they are on rock-stage and i think it is true.

  18. All we can do is wait and hope…! I’d apperciate additional bands on the mainstage! 😉

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