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More new names coming “pretty soon” to the Sziget 2013 lineup

More Sziget 2013 lineup names will be coming pretty soon, according to an answer on the Sziget Festival Official Facebook page.

sziget 2013 soon

A Sziget fan said that he thought more acts should be announced, and the administrator answered, as you can see in the screenshot, that new names would be coming “pretty soon.”

Exactly how soon is that, we don’t know, but it’s still good news.

52 thoughts on “More new names coming “pretty soon” to the Sziget 2013 lineup

  1. Paul Bradshaw
    When the next lot of acts being revealed
    Lubi? to! · · ?roda, 12:32 przez: telefon komórkowy:

    Sziget Festival Official In the next couple of weeks.
    ?roda, 13:01 · Lubi? to! · 3

    (Posted on Wednesday)

  2. Nicolas Jaar would be an incredible addition, and it seems there may be some room in his tour schedule? What do you guys think ?

    FRI 07.09 – Berlin Festival, Berlin – DE
    SAT 08.09 – Africa Express, London – UK
    SUN 09.09 – Superrave, Munich – DE
    THU 13.09 – Electronic Beats Festival, Budapest – HU
    FRI 14.09 – Lux, Lisbon – PT
    SAT 15.09 – Volkshaus, Zürich – CH
    SAT 16.09 – Sala Apolo, Barcelona – ES
    SUN 17.09 – Block, Tel Avis – ISTUE 25.09 – Space, Ibiza – ES

  3. Ah crap, copied the wrong dates!
    (Here are the ones I meant to copy 😛 )
    FRI 10.08 – No Oya Festival, Oslo – NO
    SAT 11.08 – Flow Festival, Helsinki – FI
    SUN 12.08 – Renate Open Air, Berlin – DE
    THU 16.08 – Pukkelpop Festival, Kiewit – BE

  4. Google translate of the link above:

    The island is a minus-first day of this year’s hits are heard is Hungarian, Hungarian celebrity performance. However, now is not the Hungarian songs celebrate, but this year died tragically young szerz?jükre, Shoe remember. The festival main stage of a well-known and popular – addressing generations – and quiet melodies and lyrics are by giving up a popular and legendary musicians from Hungary, which speak for themselves. The players are trying to pay their tribute and a worthy monument to the local pop-rock music is a key figure of the language of music.

    More Hundarian music?

  5. is there going to be a blues stage? and other small stages? haven’t heard much of them except the italian stage.

  6. @Johan: Day -1 is Hungarian blues day by the look of things.

  7. you got to be kidding me…. just one day of (hungarian) blues, and totally no rock-related stages :S dafuq sziget

  8. @ Johan

    I think you have misunderstood what I was trying to say. The translation would suggest that day-1 is a day of Hungarian bands remembering the sad premature death of someone famous; I don’t know who. I don’t know if it is Hungarian blues music, just remembrance music. Sorry for the confusion.

  9. @ Add me to the list of the disappointed

    The singer of the very popular hungarian band Republic, Cip?, died this year, and there is going to be a concert with the remaining members of the band and the new singer. Yeah, i mean is very sad, that he left early, but i dont understand why has to be this concert part of the Sziget festival. I saw them several times, but they werent “a Sziget band”, if you know what i mean. They were a very popular poprock band in the 90s and thats all, absolutely not a blues band. This -1 day thing is starting to be a joke..the Csík band stuff was a disaster last year on that day, and the performance of Geszti Peter in 2011.. i´d rather not comment.. and im a Hungarian..

  10. So day -1 and day 0 are both Hungarian music days.

    Day -1 has Hungarian bands remembering the passing of a 90’s rock pop singer.

    Day 0 has Hungarian bands playing with a student disco “Alice in Wonderland theme.

    I bought a 7 day early bird tickets at a cost of 200 euro. The first 2 days are truly the worst 2 days in the history of any festival I have either been to or even heard about. The next 5 are excellent for dance music fans, bellow average for Indie fans and complete shite for rock/ metal fans.

    Thank god for the f*****g “Sziget Vibe” as there is little else on offer.

    Sziget official: You have basically F****d me out of an enjoyable holiday this year. You won’t let me cash in my ticket so I have flights and hotels booked for a 7 day festival that is the worst in europe.

  11. You shouldn’t have bought an early bird ticket if you will rage about a ‘bad’ line-up.

  12. The B52’s, could it be? I’ve been entering them into the wish machine every year..

    Jul 20 Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino Coarsegold, CA
    Aug 09 Paradios, Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Aug 11 Lokerse Feesten, Lokeren, Belgium
    Aug 12 ABC, Glasgow, United Kingdom
    Aug 13 Manchester Academy, Manchester, United Kingdom
    Aug 15 Birmingham 02 Academy

  13. you must admit tho sziget . it is a poorer lineup of metal and indie from previous years . last year was my 1st year at sziget although i really enjoyed it and am coming back again this year i chose it cause of the bands that had been on the years before . not a big fan of dance n djs but will watch a couple of the more well known ones. like to see the metal stage back tho it was,nt on last year i,m not even a metal fan but for more diverse sounds like you keep banging on about . like indie music mainly. maybe a shared stage of sorts . the vibe that keeps gettin mentioned only takes you so far . people pay good money to go to a festival to listen to there chosen musical taste

  14. Arctic Monkeys certainly have a gap in their schedule, but it is a month long gap and may well be when they’re recording the next album? They’re certainly a big indie band who would please a lot of fans

    I wouldn’t be that bothered personally because I’ve seen them a lot before but I wouldn’t mind seeing them. They’d definitely be preferable to the B-52s (for me), Kasabian or Iron Maiden who have all been rumoured

  15. I would be the happiest person in the world, if the Artic Monkeys was the last headliner, but i think it is nearly impossible.. Every year im hoping, that this will be the year, when the Sziget will finally book them. I think it would be a smart move, because they have many fans here, but they never played before here.. it would be finally something new and fresh..

  16. Holy shit there is so much anger on this forum…there is so much whining! Vale I had no Idea that there are people out there that judge a ‘holiday’ before having even been on it! Congrats on having the worst outlook on festivals I have ever seen/heard/read.

    Cant wait to go! I’m not too fussed about the bands, there is a lot more on offer than just bands and considering the cost of a ticket compared to other festivals that get the big names, its not too shabby at all.

  17. @Nick: it is nice to be special, thanks for noticing. I am looking forward to Budapest, just not Sziget hence my anger. If Sziget let me have the money back for 4 early bird tickets for me and the family I would be much happier. I would have been even happier if they had let everyone know that they would become a Hungarian music and dance festival so i could have taken my family somewhere else.

    My flights are over 900 euro for the 4 of us and with hotel and spends you can add at least another 1000. Add another 800 euro for early bird tickets and finally add 2 very dissapointed rock fan teen daughters and then tell me you wouldn’t be pissed off.

    We could have gone anywhere but chose Sziget as the 7 day passes seemed good value based on previous year line-ups.

    You are being wonderfully catered for by Sziget this year as you are “not fussed about the bands” neither it would seem are they.

    Enjoy the Vibe and stop being so angry and judgemental.

  18. i think indeed its not that negative as lots here are complaining. still needs two headliners. last year was also hungarian music with akos and other bands. if you like to see bruce springsteen, u2, may not hope for sziget, it never was. prince was rather an exception. im looking forward to sziget again, will be amazing like every year and not to compare with werchter or other big ones. one month to go!

  19. Vale is perfectly entitled to his opinion, the rock/metal lineups shockingly poor, im just glad I couldn’t buy my ticket when I wanted to early on because I was out traveling south east asia, decided to spend the money on another holiday to south east asia, was looking forward to going this year, the dance lineup is amazing! was looking forward to seeing blur, and although id quite happily watch most of the main stage acts, ive seen them all before and so therefore theres nothing exciting about it, ive seen a lot of the dance acts before too tbh
    maybe next year…

  20. Vale: Granted thats a pretty expensive ‘disappointment’, but you generally need to have something before you are disappointed with it. I’m not being angry or judgmental, if anything by saying things like “worst Sziget line up ever”, “you have F****d me out of a holiday” and “F*****g Sziget vibe” would suggest you are. Im not fussed about the rest of the bands because there are enough names that I look forward to on there already to be too bothered about the rest of the bands, that’s all I meant. But of course, I can only speak for myself.

    I can understand your frustration, but I just don’t think you have a right to be considering you have never been and you don’t even know what the “f*****g sziget vibe” is. You are basing an entire holiday on a line up mate. Fair enough if it was a line up of steps and the tweeny’s, but its not. There is plenty of talent this year. Being a ‘rock fan’ myself, I think you can always find something interesting and inspirational in most forms of live music. You just need an open mind and realise that ‘rock’ isnt the be all and end all of entertainment, in fact much of the time…it isnt!

    You will enjoy it mate, just get there and see for yourself! If not than you can slag off sziget and myself as much as you like. Until then, be frustrated, feel like you’ve wasted all your money, swear away, get annoyed and be pissed of with other people here. I’m sure it will get you your money back 😉

  21. Vale is entitled to an opinion, but he should bring it to us in a mature way. He’s cussing, raging and shitting all over Szigets reputation. He made the mistake of buying an early bird ticket, it’s a risk buying early birds and he took it.

  22. if you see the new app: we still need headliner on wednesday and saturday. no need for complaining anyway

  23. my god, this vale is fucking annoying
    szigetnews became place for stupid moaners with bad taste in music

  24. @Ambassadeur I hope you see the irony in moaning about the moaners on this site.

    Vale has a point let him make it and those of you who disagree ignore it and get on with organising your fun week on the island. And just because he doesn’t like the same music as you doesn’t mean he has a bad taste in music.

    Can anyone explain to me the “Sziget vibe” as I don’t get it. It seems to me that its no different than many other festivals that I have attended and I would even go as far as saying there are a lot of smaller festivals that have a much better vibe than Sziget.

  25. My opinion on why Sziget is the best festival experience you can have:
    – sun everytime (almost)
    – diverse lineup (I am a huge music fan and few festivals are offering so many different music styles: rock, indie, ska, gypsy, dance,…
    – huge and lovely space: you can find whatever you want on the island
    – people from all over the world, really relax and able to discuss
    – party at every time: which is totally different that other festivals where party stops at 2 AM and then you have no other choice that partying in the camping

    and now that they added sziget beach…! I can’t wait to be there!

  26. Less bands but a lot of diversity – Pop, Rock, Dance,Techno, World Music,Reggae, Ska, Gipsy music, Minimal, Puglia music,…

    For the rest it is a matter of tastes!!

    The only music style that is swipped is metal, that true

  27. but come on… how much would a fun metal line up cost… it hasn’t have to be the biggest names but just put some bands on a small stage, band like :
    3 Feet Smaller (we’re really fun in 2009)
    Black Spiders
    Nations Afire
    The Treatment
    John Coffey

    Those aren’t the biggest and expensive names, but they could really make a show on a small stage in front of some metalheads in my opinion

  28. The metal stage can also be a place of discovery instead of a place with big spectacular metal names

  29. Where to start

    @ Nick: Firstly I have been to Sziget before and the vibe is the same as other festivals i.e fantastic. You have a point about the swearing so I will not do that again. I was venting my frustration and the frustration of my Daughters in that we expected either a metal day or Metal stage as has been the case for at least the last 5 years. Yes I presumed they would cater for Metal fans again, Yes I was wrong, yes I will have a good time regardless. Sorry if I have offended but when I found no metal stage and no metal day (simply another Hungarian music day) I was seriously pissed off as I had showed them previous year line-ups and every one suited their tastes. Their disappointment is mine. Just so you know, I don’t even like metal, although I do rate Guns N Roses Appetite for destruction as in my top 10 albums. The rest of their albums are poor

    @ Ambassadeur: Your mama…

    As said by Castor in an earlier post, the urban voodoo machine have self confirmed the Tuesday 6th Aug

    I don’t think this is a Sziget worship site and I reserve the right to be critical. Saying that I agree I was too angry and it won’t happen again

    @ Ambassadeur: …smells funny

  30. @ Crazyfrog: i think this is completely true, there is a lot of diversity still on this years sziget. Im happy
    @ Vale: There is no metal music indeed. But the program isnt finished yet, so who says there will be no metal acts at Sziget this year. Last year there was also Akos and metal acts. So maybe for metal fans there will be good news to come.

  31. Vale: Granted! And I apologise too for my ‘might get your money back’ comment that was a little childish, sorry pal! Lets be friends!

    I dunno, sziget definatly has something that other festivals I’ve been to don’t…could be number of things, like every time you buy a drink youre surprised by the price, it could even be all the pretty girls, but lets just say its a special ‘sziget vibe’ anyway!

    To be honest i’d be surprised if there was a metal stage. Its unfortunate because I feel a festival should cater for all people even if they just have a small metal stage with some cheap names it would be appreciated by a lot of especially veteran sziget fans, as Johan says. Plus I wouldnt mind a bit of metal myself to let off some steam if I keep dropping my flippin kebabs like I did last year! But I’m a bit doubtful.

    I know its not really classed as metal but no doubt that Skunk and Biffy might belt out some of the old classics though and that should get hard rock juices flowing nicely! Also I know its classed as ‘dance music’ but Chase and Status live will definitely be one for the Metal and hard rock fans! They are seriously heavy in places as live drum and bass usually is. Cant wait for that one! it is quite a diverse line up this year and I’m sure people wont be dissapointed once the festival is over…even if Guetta does close it!

    I just wish QOTSA would have been booked for sziget instead of Balaton sound. I would weep with joy all over my keyboard if that had been announced!

    Does anyone know whats happening with the blues stage!? I really hope that stays because last year that was one of my favorite places! Last year a dude gave his guitar to an audience member and had a live shredding battle with him! BOOK WHOEVER HE WAS AGAIN!

    I Look forward to more news 🙂

  32. I would love to see metal stage with some good bands again… Like Judas Priest <3 and Motorhead <3 in 2011…

  33. I’m no metal fan, in fact quite the opposite, but it does seem to me as though Sziget are trying to copy Glastonbury on that front. Glastonbury doesn’t have metal, so Sziget has dropped it. In truth, I think if Glastonbury misses one thing it’s metal/punk music (they try to blag it with Strummerville, but most of the acts on there are acoustic) and Sziget has prevented itself from being the only true, complete cross-genre festival around

    The big German festivals (Rock AM, Hurricane) cover rock, metal, punk and some dance but not a lot else, the Belgian festivals are similar but with a bit more pop music, in England you can get really close (Glastonbury) or Reading/Leeds which used to be great but then tried to go to mainstream and now just looks confused and whilst the festivals in America have brilliant line ups covering most genres, you’re unlikely to find the world-wide diversity you get on the West Holts stage at Glastonbury

    Sziget has no chance of ever being Glastonbury, so it’s a fruitless chase. It doesn’t have the budget (it has less than half the visitors and Glastonbury is so well publicised that bands play for massively reduced fees) and it doesn’t have the history/significance that Glastonbury has. However, it could be better than Glastonbury. I’ve been to Glastonbury and it’s got the worst toilets I’ve come across at a festival, it’s FAR too big if you’re like me and want to watch 10+ bands a day and if it rains the entire site turns to mush (in contrast, I went the year it was sunny and the site got so dusty that three of my friends got conjunctivitis). Sziget has the weather on it’s side, which can’t be understated as I’ve been to festivals where the weather has completely killed the mood, it has the advantage of cheap alcohol and food, and according to many people on here it has a great atmosphere. All you need to do then is produce a consistently good line up. It doesn’t have to be a brilliant line up, but it does have to cater for the needs of the previous attendees. This is where Reading/Leeds went majorly wrong about seven years ago when there was a massive indie surge in the UK. It ditched the metal music in order to sell out for three years during the indie boom (created by Arctic Monkeys and backed up by Kings of Leon, The Killers, Bloc Party, Kaiser Chiefs, Kasabian, Razorlight etc) and it’s now backfired, because they can’t book Kings of Leon every year and no one wants to see Bloc Party any more. Metal fans are the most loyal, so if you have and lose their interest you’re in trouble in the long run

    I don’t think the Sziget issue is all down to this year, the decline started last time around, but it’s definitely narrowing down it’s boundaries. It is less diverse because there’s no more metal music and the main stage has got 20% smaller (from what was already a small number of bands per day, most festivals have 8-12 main stage acts each day) and is really uninspiring for me personally (Alex Clare and Dizzee Rascal are pop acts, Skunk Anansie aren’t relevant or legendary (you should be one of those if you’re on the main stage of a festival) and I don’t think Mystery Jets or !!! should be anywhere near a main stage that only has four bands on it per day). I only really want to watch Blur over the entire week, which is a pretty poor showing really (I don’t mind the likes of Editors and Biffy Clyro but I’m nowhere near a big fan of either). That’s where it falls down on the diversity front for me, right at the top, on the big stage, which sells you tickets and is where most festival goers spend the majority of their day (and probably less of the people commenting on this thread!)

    I’m not questioning the other stages: the Arena and A38 look strong and most of the minor stages haven’t been announced (the World Music stage is largely based around one part of the World so should be called something else in my eyes, but it’s got an OK line up)

  34. RE- My pop acts point- I don’t have anything against pop music, but they’ve only got twenty acts and they’ve booked Mika, and then almost tried to justify booking Alex Clare and Dizzee Rascal by selling them as something they’re not. Alex Clare is not a proper dub-step artist and Dizzee hasn’t been a grime artist in nearly ten years. To have both is lazy booking, as is booking Enter Shikari who are a staple early main stage band these days across Europe. Azealia Banks hasn’t lived up to her hype either, she’s a one-hit wonder at best (and it really wasn’t much of a hit). Franz Ferdinand haven’t released anything good in well over five years and are another act with one big hit. I won’t argue with Ska-P or Die Artze because I know they’re big in Europe

  35. I think that Sziget is really starting to suffer because of the lack of money, we all go on about what great value it is for a 7 day festival and it is GREAT value but it cant go on being able to compete with other European festivals charging what it does, especially when huge sponsors such as Vodafone pull out.

    Look at the competition in England alone, Download is £195, Glastonbury £205, Leeds/reading £202 all have only 3 days of main acts and all are more or less the same price as a weekly ticket at Sziget so do the maths they just don’t bring in nearly enough to be able to afford the bigger bands.

    Its a downward spiral each year they put off a few more people which makes it less attractive to sponsors so the next years bands are of slightly less quality so less people want to see them and so on and so on.

    It would be interesting to see if people would pay an extra say £50 to see a better line-up? I would to see some form of metal stage return.

  36. Eddie is absolutely right – following the attention last year from Michael Eavis and the comparisons with Glastonbury, Sziget is trying to mold itself into the Glastonbury of Eastern Europe, and, for this reason, has dropped the heavier music.

    I’ve never been to Glastonbury, but, from what I’ve heard, heavy music was dropped some years ago there. This is only going by what I’ve heard, but, for example, a friend of mine swears he saw Rage Against The Machine there back in the 90s.

    And, yes, it’s an extremely risky move to make because it absolutely will alienate a significant number of people that, up to now, have been attending regularly.

    The thing that attracted us to the festival last year was the diversity of music – where else could you see Korn, Ministry, The Pogues and a variety of current pop, rock and European music in one place? The thing about having metal in an environment like this is that not only does it allow fans to experience their favourite music in a much more chilled environment than at, for example, Reading or, especially, Download, but it spices up and enhances the total festival experience.

    The festival, this year, gives the impression of being primarily a dance-fest with a few live acts thrown in to provide a bit of variety and attract a few additional paying punters. And, while I can see that this policy is likely to save the organisers a heck of a lot of money (and also possibly avoid certain security issues – I’m guessing that loved-up ‘ravers’ will be much easier to keep under control than a mosh pit full of ,’metalheads’?), surely this then places Sziget in direct competition with a number of similar type festivals across Europe, for example, Exit, or even their own Balaton Sound, most of which charge a lot less for tickets! In this respect, it sounds to me like they might be shooting themselves in the foot!

    If the current trend continues, I gotta say that we are unlikely ever to return to Sziget festival, although we will return to explore Budapest – and that makes me very sad!

  37. ^^ agree, the reason I chose sziget over a lot of other euro fests I had my eyes on last year was the diversity, KoRn being my fave band is what caught my attention then the addition of other bands and djs, I have a wide taste in music and theres not really a festival in the uk that has it all, hense why I have to normally do 3 big festivals a year and a couple of smaller ones, over the past couple of years ive done Download x3/Sonisphere/Creamfields x2/T in the park and also doing Leeds Festival this year, plus all the smaller ones, Sziget had a mixture of them all Metal/Rock/Indie/HipHop/Pop/Reggae/Punk/Ska/Electro/Techno/Drum&bass/Dubstep, the diversity of last years lineup suited my tastes perfectly, and really made the experience so much more special, for someone who goes to a lot of festivals, it was different,
    people saying the value for money is good, but sziget doesn’t have a full lineup each day the same as other fests, they’ve taken a 3-4 day festival and spread it out over 7 days, FOUR main stage acts a day?! ive just got back from Download festival where they have a good NINE acts on each day, same goes for the 2nd stage, and even more in the 3 tents that they have, not only that the quality of the acts they had on the main stage as well, they had last years headliners KoRm 3rd down on the bill, plus bands like slipknot, maiden, rammstein, headlineing, and bands like 30seconds to mars, gaslight anthem, queens of the stone age, motorhead who people have been saying as possible headliners were all 2nd/3rd down the bill,
    .so value for money it is not.
    id rather watch all my favourite big bands over 4days than aload of mediocre bands over the space of 7, this years lineup is poor,

  38. @theshipscat my experience of ravers is not loved up but more like out of their heads on coke and ecstasy I’m not daft enough to think metalheads don’t do drugs but I do think its more likely that the drugs they use are more cannabis like and end up with them chilling out. I have seen/heard of far more trouble at V fest, global gathering or creamfields than have ever seen at download or sonisphere. In general metal fans would be the easier to control overall (even if the mosh pits do get a little lively)

  39. Dance music attracts more drug takers than metal music in my experience, and since taking such drugs (rightly or wrongly) is illegal, it clearly has more potential problems for security

  40. @ Aladi & Eddie Yeah you’re probably right in terms of drugs. I was thinking more of stage security, i.e., not having to pick people out of the pit when they go stage diving, etc. …..

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