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Netsky @ Sziget 2012

Another name has been confirmed on a few of the Sziget Facebook sites, including the Sziget Festival Vlanderen one.

Netsky will be playing Sziget Festival 2012, and the news is also confirmed in this press release by the Sziget organizers.

27 thoughts on “Netsky @ Sziget 2012

  1. Awesome! Line up is pretty shitty, but damn the drum&bass dubstep names are fingerlickin’ good this year!

    Now all i want is Limp Bizkit and I’m a happy man!

  2. Never heard of him, but this is the kind of music I’ll never miss or listen without forcing:) But anyhow I have problem with my time schedule – so much too see! 🙂

  3. I echo diseasefire’s statements. It had better be an electronic artist that is on the same level as Modeselektor, like Scuba, Four Tet, Aphex Twin or something

  4. agreed, ISAM looks absolutely insane, I would love to see that. Does anyone have any idea who it’s actually likely to be? I’d like some kind of Berlin techno like Scuba/Ben Klock to go along with all the minimal Swedish stuff. Digitalism would be pretty good too, yeah

  5. I am really excited about the line-up so far.

    I’m still hoping for a name like the Naked and Famous, they would fit perfectly at sziget.

    And i like to see a bit more techno. Extrawelt, Pan Pot, Max Cooper or EgbertLIVE. Egbert has blown away Budapest earlier @ Hyperspace 2011.

  6. At the end one of usual important techno name would make us happy at all as villalobos or carl cox 😉 at least this is my thought

  7. A little off topic question ..
    Does anybody know what the daily capacity/visitors of people on the island is ?
    I can only find the total visitor amount per year.

  8. I don’t know most of these bands, but Kyteman Orchestra and Anounk are great additions to the line-up!

    Can someone from the Netherlands tell us something about the other acts?

  9. Okay, I think these bands are not performing on Sziget, but musicians from these bands will be jamming together.!?

  10. Yes i misread it, there will be dutch and hungary bandmembers jamming together.also there will be djs playing till5am

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