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New Artists Added to Europe Stage Lineup

According to the latest announcement, the Europe Stage lineup for this year’s anniversary Sziget Festival is almost complete. Today, 13 new names have been added to the list from all over the world (not only from Europe, mind you). Which is not an issue, since the appearance of fresh artists and bands on Sziget’s stages is always welcome – who knows, some of them might even become the global stars of tomorrow.

Europe Stage Lineup additions announced today

  • Mother’s Cake (A)
  • The Bombay Royale (AUS)
  • Puggy (B)
  • Naâman (F)
  • Lola Marsh (IL)
  • The Charm The Fury (NL)
  • Motorpsycho (NO)
  • Kinsfolk (SK)
  • Rein (S)
  • Cosmo (IT)
  • Tre allegri ragazzi morti (IT)

The Europe Stage is a popular venue close to the Main Stage (apparently still bearing the late Dan Panaitescu’s name) and the A38 stage. It is always filled with emerging talent from all over the old world. Who knows, maybe this year’s performers will grow to become tomorrow’s headliners at major international festivals…

Have you had the occasion to see any of the above Europe Stage bands live?

Tell us what their performance was like!

89 thoughts on “New Artists Added to Europe Stage Lineup

  1. Naaman is the best!
    French reggae singer (sings in jamaican though); young, energetic, he gets the crowd moving! I saw him 2-3 times in Lebanon, but it was small sets, and I’m sure it’s gonna be better with the french crowd!
    Really nice and chill guy 🙂

  2. I’ve listened to all of the bands announced on the Europe Stage so far.
    I think the quality is pretty low, but it’s normal, since I dont know the weight that most of the bands have in their native country, it must be a bias.
    Italian bands are meh: they are history in Italy, but I think that nobody from outside will enjoy them (tbh I hardly appreciate them as italian as well, in 4 years of italians’ band on the Europe Stage I find this one lineup the weakest by an international pov), but, again, they are history and somehow heavy names to announce.
    Among the unknowns to me, I think I will give a shot to
    – Bazzookas (SKA IS ALWAYS GREAT)
    – Oligarkh (IDM IS ALWAYS GREAT)
    – Leyya (Pretty cool voice, tho)
    – Rein (is… is that Aggrotech? I mean, like Aestethic Perfection but a little bit more vanilla? Jesus F- Christ)
    Also interesting are Clement Bazin, Puggy, Naaman (not a fan of Reggae, sorry Noe ahah), The Charm The Fury (ffsf, what do you think about it?), Le Luci della Centrale Elettrica (’cause I’ve never seen them in a proper live and I wont ever pay to see them live).

  3. Two Europe stage announcements in a row. I’ll never understand szigets communication policy

  4. Eminem for Glasgow summer sessions august 24. All his dates at the moment are kind of distant from sziget, but now we know for sure he’s not an exclusive

  5. Glasgow Summer Sessions is not regarded as a festival, so Eminem still could be a festival exclusive, but I hope he’s not!

    However, I still hope for something else, for example Gorillaz or U2 instead of Eminem, for that special “Day -1 / 0”. Eminem is huge, but not for my tastes. I would attend his gig, but if he’s booked then I would like at least 2 of The Killers, Mumford and Sons & RHCP, as the other headliners, if Gorillaz or U2 are not possible. Sziget, please? 😀

  6. “Glasgow Summer Sessions is an annual festival that takes place in Bellahouston Park.” from their official page.

    Anyway, U2 are playing Bonaroo as only festival in years, and they played festivals very rarely in the last 15 (?) years. But no exclusive mentions at Bonaroo. I think they cost too much for sziget, as sziget always says lineup isn’t that important, they won’t pay a mountain of money for U2.
    But dreaming is free.

    Gorillaz has just no dates for august and no proper tour, so it’s more unlikely.

  7. Exactly! Motorpsycho on a little stage means that A38 and Main Stage are already full of acts! Can’ t wait foto next announcement!

  8. So basically Eminem is ruled out because he is supposed to be in Europe for two shows only (Reading Leeds, Glasgow)
    I dont see as a probable that he will have his show on 10th august and then wait 2 weeks for the rest.

  9. What’s everyone’s predictions for the last 4 headliners? I’m going to Say Eminem (I don’t believe the info about him only doing 2 shows), Mumford & Sons, The XX and Lana Del Rey, I’d love RHCP or Biffy Clyro though.

  10. Pink, The Chainsmokers, Lana Del Rey and Placebo/Biffy Clyro.

    I really hope I’m wrong…

  11. Booking manager for Frequency told that Eminem is booked only for two festivals in Europe.
    Readings x Leeds is counted as one.
    Glasgow as second.
    I would be super happy to have him, but I dont think its probable.
    I would expect 3 of these names:
    Chainsmokers, Prodigy, Placebo, XX, Mumfords,Pink, JayZ

  12. Paléo Festival in Nyon will release its full line-up on March 28. The Festival takes place in the second half of July and usually share at least two big headliners with sziget.

    2016: Muse, The Chemical Brothers (+ Bastille, The Lumineers, Boys Noize and others)
    2015: Robbie Williams, Kings of Leon (+ The Script, Passenger, …)
    2014: The Prodigy, Placebo (+ Stromae, Jake Bugg, …)
    2013: Blur, Nick Cave (+ Dizzee Rascal, Skip & Die, …)

    I guess the next Sziget announcement will be the same week. So I bet on March 29 🙂

  13. Am i misremembering, or were Placebo main stage sub in 2014.. is there really cause for them to have risen? I would understand if it was a massive set of headliners otherwise, but so far.. it’s not

    I know Kasabian and Major Lazer are looking to have risen from sub to headliner in two years – however with Kasabian it always felt we were lucky to have such a big act in a sub position (being from the UK my view may be skewed) and Major Lazer’s stock has definitely risen so that’s understandable.

    Placebo.. it felt like the right spot for them and I assumed if they returned it would be the same spot.

  14. The prodigy will be some kind of exclusive on Campus festival what take place in Debrecen . So i think they are ruled out

  15. Yes, Prodigy playing Hungarian festival in late July rule them out.

    Mumford, Pink, XX, Lana del Rey, Deadmau5 for me. With a coheadline somewhere.

    Honestly I’m only interested in Moderat in A38 and the Colosseum lineup, they can do what they want with the rest.

  16. We all want Moderat in A38 to happen! They can’t f*ck it up 🙂

    I’d be very happy with XX-Deadmau5 if those 5 are in.

  17. Oh well, they uploaded the picture first instead of adding the gif, so the picture was empty & without text! 😀 Haha! They deleted the post and now they added the gif too.

  18. Kak blyat mozno nazvat the xx skuchnymy, dolboeb. Kstati, segodnya men slili chto EMINEM priedet 😉

  19. met a guy yesterday who convinced me about kasabian and foals coming to Moscow at the end of July (official announcement on Wednesday), also said a couple of words on Sziget. If he is right on wed, then I’ll think he knows smth..
    Till then, consider it to be just a gossip.

  20. New names tomorrow guys !

    Mr Oizo, Cypress Hill and Paul Kalkbrenner in my wishlist and … GORILLAZ ! They can do it !

  21. The russian gossip was about The xx, Mumford, Deadmau5 and Eminem… tomorrow we’ll know

  22. If that so loudly announced annoucement reserved us just alt j and pj harvey, this one can have easily a lowcard headliner (The XX?)

  23. They need a few headliners to continue to sell tickets against the other festivals. The market is quite saturated now a days. They need to really sell sziget

  24. I’m not sure people are buying tickets for other festivals … it looks like there’s really a lack of big headliners in Europe in August.

    I just hope you’re right for Eminem ! It looks logical for The XX to come to Sziget, as we can also expect some names between Moderat, Pixies, Ellie Goulding (please no) and Lana Del Rey …

    And I’m sure that Gorillaz can meet the budget (maybe they are booked since a long time but they couldn’t say it before the announcement of their own festival) !

  25. Would love it if the pixies were announced.:). Even placebo would be great. However world music may be announced as a smaller announce,emt

  26. Too Close
    Not Oakenfold, Not Armin, Not Dumont
    The highest building in the world
    The Mediccines
    Albanian one

  27. I guess that one of the +3 is Dimension, and probably one is an headliner

    The albanian is Dua Lipa 99% (Anna Oxa 1%?)

    The DJ may be the last edm headliner. Those 3 are names from the Creamfield’s lineup, and as big as them they have Deadmau5, Paul Van Dyk and Axwell ^ Ingrosso. One of them?

    The Med = The Vaccinees

    Alex Clare? For Too Close? Who’s this?

  28. Not 45 minutes, I guess 4,5 hour

    NOT Paul Oakenfold, NOT Van Buuren, NOT Dyke Dumont 🙂

  29. MS: Wiz Khalifa, Rita Ora
    A38: Alex Clare, Dimension, The Courteeners e The Vaccines
    Arena: Paul Van Dyk, Bassjackers

  30. Someone told us they have to announce more names for selling tickets. Well, this names wont sell tickets…

  31. Just such a bizarre announcement.. not because it’s dire.. this actually has the highest proportion of people I’ll see, though nobody in it I’m wildly excited about – but because we are still four headliners down right? Surely nobody there is a headliner!

  32. I’m hoping all the time this is a prank…
    Where are the XX, Mumford, the huge rock act (like Muse – was hoping for killers, rhcp or depeche mode) and the huge pop/rap act (like rihanna – maybe jay-z, eminem or ed sheeran)?

  33. Honestly is a poor headliner, a poor announcement, 2 last poor announcements, a poor lineup and a poor sziget, so far…

  34. Why don’t you guys believe he couldn’t headline? 😀
    Sziget organizers are known for weird line up choices

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