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New Main Stage names this week!

UPDATE: the Sziget France Facebook says that if they get to 17000 fans by tomorrow morning, we’re going to get some new names! So get sharing the page! They’re already at 16762 as we write this, so it’s quite doable!

Some really cool news coming from the official Sziget Facebook page. And we quote:

This week we have some new names for Main Stage for you…

We can’t wait to hear what great band they’re talking about. Who do you guys hope for?

40 thoughts on “New Main Stage names this week!

  1. I hope Wolfmother, Foo fighters, coldplay, Band of horses and Jet was awesome 2 years ago! So I hope Jet:)

  2. Awesome! I hope Radiohead will come, but that might be a little optimistic.. I’ll keep hoping though.. Incubus is one great band, as well as foals.. There are so many band I’d like to see!

  3. Of course I hope for the FooFighters! Especially because they still have nothing on their tourdates from 10 till 18 aug. Fingers crossed guys!
    Then Weezer would be nice, Radiohead, Vollbeat, Eels, Moby, Snoop Dogg or Eminem. Now I will shut up and let other people speak! 😉

    See ya’ll in august!

  4. I want Vampire Weekend, Fleet Foxes, dEUS, Arctic Monkeys, Foo Fighters, Elbow, Gorillaz, Editors, System of a Down, … 🙂

  5. I hope that the offspring will take a visit, and ofcourse the FF would be great! Also Mika was great last year so he is welcome!

  6. At this point i would give anything for Kings of Leon and Incubus!!! FFwould be nice as well!

  7. kings of leon and killers!!! but lets be realistic because the names announced might dissapoint us..

  8. Does anyone know how many acts there will be on mainstage per day? and how much we need to complete this line-up?

  9. @Thomas: five bands each day on the mainstage. We still need a headliner for the 12th and a co-headliner and a co-co-headliner for the 13th. PLUS Day Zero!

    I hope they will announce the program of Day Zero tomorrow, too.

    I’m sorry to repeat what was discussed here several times, but many of the request so far are to be ruled out:
    – Kings of Leon
    – Foo Fighters
    – Suede
    – Arctic Monkeys
    – Beady Eye
    – Fleet Foxes

    These bands are possible:
    – Editors
    – Maximo Park
    – The Kooks
    – Empire of the Sun

  10. I hope for the Foo Fighters and System of a Down. Volbeat would be nice, but they play in the USA that week.

    Why are the Foo Fighters ruled out? They have no shows between august 10 and 18

  11. @Adez:

    The promoter of the Sziget festival announced several months ago that Foo Fighters and Kings of Leon will NOT perform on the Sziget festival, after LOTS of people kept asking for them.

    But even without this often repeated announcement it wouldn’t be very realistic, because The Foos perform in Canada till 10.08. and their first european show is on the 18th (so that they would have VERY unusual much offdays in Europe after a possible Sziget show on the 12th.)

  12. Artic monekeys isbn’t realistic.. because they play in america at the 14th.. I believe.. the offspring could be, they are in europe for lowlands just a week later..

  13. Their last show in America is on the 11th and their next is on the 19th at lowlands, so it is possible..

  14. Foo Fighters, Linkin Park and Volbeat would be just perfect!!!! Fingers crossed!
    Green Day or The Offspring would be cool, too

  15. Such unrealistic posts here above! I think the “biggest’ name we can expect is The Offspring or Editors or Ting Tings or The Kooks. Also dEUS or Prodigy are very possible.

  16. The offspring!!! their in europe this summer anyway. Also heard radiohead might be touring this year. which would obviously be unreal…

  17. The Wombats? They have shows in Germany on the 12th, Slovakia on the 13th, Romania on the 14th and at Pukkelpop on the 18th… (there’s a couple of little holes in there!)

  18. Hmm, we failed the 17000 fans thingie. I hope for system of à down, THE Offspring, eminem and THE foo fighters.

  19. Indeed, Dr W, in Belgium, 2ManyDJs always play at mainstage. I also think that the (even renewed) PartyArena is too small for them.

  20. Linkin Park would be nice! But if they don’t come, i would like to see all the above 🙂

  21. buuu, and that completes the main stage?! let’s hope that we get something good for day 0…

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