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New metal stage names announced

The official Sziget website lists a few new names for the Rock & Metal Stage.

We’re talking about a few Hungarian bands, completing the lineup, but also two bands a band coming from other countries.

The foreign band is Swedish/Danish Progressive band The Haunted – pictured below.

The Hungarian bands are Road, Dalriada, Depresszio, Nevergreen, Omen, Subscribe and Superbutt. The Lord band listed is also a Hungarian one, and they are listing the Sziget date on their website (thanks, dakota).

Of course, these bands will be in our Sziget 2011 line up page very soon.


10 thoughts on “New metal stage names announced

  1. So if i look at the line up, There is only one name left to complete the metal stage line up. At by the looks of it it seems to be the last headliner slot. So one major name left for metal stage!!

  2. Tankscapda were confirmed together with The Sorrow earlier this month. They are not listed on the official hungarian Sziget site anymore, but they still may perform on the 14th.

    The other availble slot is for a hungarian band on the 13th.

  3. Well, szigetfestival on FB is not as official as … hopefully they won´t put them on the main stage :/

  4. So there will be 1 more headliner on Friday 12 August?
    And there will also be 2 more normal acts on the Saturday 13 August?

  5. Yes, hopefully it will be a headliner… and 2 more acts for Saturday. And a headliner for day 0.

  6. The szigetfestival page on FB said “This week we have some new names for Main Stage for you…”

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