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New names coming “very-very soon”

UPDATE: a comment by the page administrator says in a comment that the announcement will not be about headliners, but rather A38, Arena and some afternoon slots Main Stage acts.

UPDATE: New names are coming next week, says a post on the same Facebook page.

Also, the cover image of the page has been updated and says the same thing.

new names

One of the fans of the Sziget Festival Official Facebook has asked when some new names would be posted.

The reply was an encouraging one: “very-very soon”, as you can see in the screenshot.

Hopefully, that means days Smile.

(thanks, chudo_pahan)

very very soon

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33 Responses so far.

  1. MrCrash says:

    I think : Nine Inch Nails or System Of A Down

  2. Gerike7 says:

    we need nine fuckinginch nails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Joep says:

    I hope it wil be today..

  4. chudo_pahan says:

    System of a Down is impossible, I think.

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    …no time for Sziget 🙁

  5. Joep says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Eminem is in the announcement..

  6. chudo_pahan says:

    I think that Florence + the Machine will be announced.

  7. rossen says:

    I just wrote on their FB page about NIN and they liked the post… this should be it!

  8. Carlo_VLD says:

    Eminem has to be in the announcement 😀

  9. pepperrabbit says:

    I hope Nick Cave will be on the list.

  10. Nick says:

    I really really hope NIN are on the bill…That would be EPIC!

  11. tool06 says:

    I guess it will be Florence & NIN.
    System could play day0, but it’s unlikely

  12. Joep says:

    Names are coming next week, according to the official facebook page

  13. tool06 says:

    No headliners in the announcement 🙁 (according to sziget facebook)

  14. Yrrtin says:

    according to to one of their comments on the official fb, the announcement NOT gonna focus on the main acts, rather A38, Party Arena, and some Main Stage acts from the afternoon slots

  15. diseasefire says:

    weird.. it’s march already and they make another round with no headliners.. guess they’re having problems with the booking..

  16. Crazyfrog says:

    Maybe they are waiting for last time opportunities.

    And early birds tickets are available until may, so they do not need to be in a hurry to sell tickets!

    I think this is a good strategy. It was like that before ( main announcement was around march/april) and i think this is better.

    I prefer having a massive annoucement later rather than a lot of small annoucements soon.

  17. John says:

    I don’t see how it can be a good business idea releasing big names so late.
    Surely the idea is release big names -> tickets get bought -> revenue raised -> more money to buy big acts -> more tickets bought etc etc
    Furthermore, if so few names are released until so late, many people will pannick and consider other festivals, fearing no plans for the summer. It also means plane prices rise for people travelling from abroad the later they decide on going to the festival (according to the lineup).

  18. Bender says:

    If they really announce no headliners again they are really stupid. Werchter has a lot of names as well as Hurricane/Southside, Rocm Am Ring(already sold out)/Im Park, Frequency, Kubana, Oya, Benicassim, Reading/Leeds…Even Pukkelpop is announcing the lineup in march! What are they waiting for?!

  19. diseasefire says:

    i agree with bender sziget is getting late compared to almost every other festival

  20. theshipscat says:

    Yeah, I would agree that it seems stupid to keep people hanging on for an announcement that is yet more undercard. It gives me the bad feeling that they are struggling to find headliners within their budget ……

    On the other hand, it could be that they’re just being tactical and that they have names but they don’t want to release them just yet – maybe they’re keeping them until the ticket price goes up?

    My feeling is that they probably have Kings of Leon and that they may have Eminem – but they some to want to hold onto them for the time being. And another thing, what about Motorhead? If they really did briefly self confirm themselves, does that mean they’re playing Main Stage afternoon, or A38?

  21. Frank says:

    I really hope Eminem and Kings of Leon are NOT coming, both would be a total waste of money!

  22. theshipscat says:

    @ Frank

    I agree – total waste of money, but KoL are at V & last year Sziget shared both V’s headliners (let’s just hope we don’t get Beyonce too :[ ). Eminem would be the headliner shared with Reading (seeing as SOAD can most probably be ruled out now …) – plus I hear he’s being rumoured on Facebook …

  23. Memory says:

    they said on the Sziget facebook page that there aren’t going to be headliners in this next announcement..

  24. Mezzezo says:

    I think sziget is making a huge mistake by announcing the headliners so late. Most people need to plan a long trip to get to sziget. so people are going to look to other festivals with already so good (headliners) announced.

  25. rolo says:

    After Orban had sent home the azerian killer who cut the head of an armenian soldier in Hungary I believe there is no hope for SYSTEM

  26. Rmac says:

    We went to sziget last year and had a great time. We plan to go again this year. We were hoping to get a big crowd of us across, however most of our friends have now booked up TITP as they have announced their headliners and Sziget have not 🙁
    This has to be the number 1 reason why Sziget does not attract as many people from the UK. Surely a flawed marketing strategy???

  27. John says:

    Any chance of Wu tang?

  28. John says:

    @Rmac – exactly what i’m saying and the exact same situation is happening with me and my friends at the moment. however, as festivals go, sziget is not strictly all about the line-up. whoever plays, you know you’re going to have the best time of your life surrounded by great people. i’m going regardless of the lineup, although for ours and their sake, it’d be much better if they threw a few headliners out early so people know what they’re doing and they will get some ticket sales.

  29. madmen13 says:

    So many great bands and artists out there touring this summer and it looks like sziget is gonna miss out on them all. I really hate to say it but I may have to consider other festivals this summer if the organisers don’t fix this soon 🙁

  30. chudo_pahan says:

    Sziget Official on Facebook just posted, that new names in all styles and various stages will come on Wednesday.

  31. Richard says:

    Regardless of what the headliners are, I always buy my tickets before anything is announced. Headliners are nice to have, but the atmosphere is way more important and is always good at Sziget. Can’t wait until the 3rd of august! 🙂

  32. Memory says:

    I’m going to Sziget, no matter what!

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