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New names, including Triggerfinger, now official

UPDATE: According to their official sites, here are the performance dates for some artists in the announcement:

Triggerfinger  – 8 Aug.

Seeed – 9 Aug.

Die Ärzte – 7 Aug.

Deichkind – 7 or 8 Aug

(thanks, Bender!)

UPDATE: the official announcement on the Sziget website also mentions stages where some of the acts announced today will play. We’ve already added this info to our line up page.

According to it, Seeed, Azealia Banks and Die Arzte will play the Main Stage. The Bots, Hadouken! and Triggerfinger are set for the A38, while Boys Noize will play the Arena.

The official announcement we’ve been talking about is finally here.

It mainly confirms what we’ve been telling you about for a while, but also includes some more names, including Triggerfinger, a band that has been at Sziget before.

The announcement has been made on the Sziget Festival Official page and it also has a video to it. You can view it below.

The announcement includes Boys Noize, Nicky Romero, Deichkind, Hadouken!, Die Arzte, Seeed, Azealia Banks – all known since yesterday and Parov Stelar – known for a while.

The new names are Triggerfinger, The Bots and Oscar Mulero.

Now, here’s the video.

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10 Responses so far.

  1. Bender says:

    I love Triggerfinger but we need a second headliner!

  2. I’ve heard that The Bots are pretty good. 🙂

  3. Rock News says:

    Die Arzte are goooood!

  4. Mezzezo says:

    Triggerfinger is awesome! they were amazing in 2011!
    I’ve made a playlist with 3/4 songs of all the artist so far announced. I’m going to keep it up to date.

  5. Stan says:

    Does it mean that there will be more announcements very soon then if these were not supposed to be the new names?

  6. Bender says:

    According to their fb pages or web sites:
    Triggerfinger 8 Aug
    Seeed 9 Aug
    Die Ärzte 7 Aug
    Deichkind 7 or 8 Aug

  7. Hungry says:

    The szigetfestival Facebook page posted the list was wrong, because it was not complete and because there was a spelling mistake.

  8. Marco says:

    We want Chinese man!
    and wu tang clan
    and big boi :p

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