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New names just in: Nick Cave, Franz Ferdinand and more!

As promised yesterday, new names are in.

The list starts with Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, a name many of you guys mentioned in your wishlists.

Then, it’s Franz Ferdinand, also mentioned quite a bit, followed by !!!, Noisia and Timbuktu.

No Iron Maiden, as rumored though, but who knows, maybe in the next announcement.

What do you think of the announcement? Does it make you happy?

98 thoughts on “New names just in: Nick Cave, Franz Ferdinand and more!

  1. Meh…. not a great announcement, Franz ferdinand is fun and Noisia but nothing spectacular

  2. Nick Cave.. I think I may as well kill myself during the concert!


  3. Not happy. All these “meh” bands. Iron Maiden would be a massive game changer right now.

  4. I am perfectly fine with this announcement

    Guys, you should check !!! on stage, one of the best performing band ever…

  5. What in the fuck is going on here? Why make us wait so long to announce such mediocre artists?? If Franz Ferdinand are headlining i will be fucking pissed. Bring on Maiden.

  6. Stop whining and complaining and go to another festival.. Even if Iron Maiden had been in this announcement, there still would be people complaining about te bad lineup..

  7. The names are amazing, but as other people said; I don’t hope these are headliners. You should look more towards something like your 2011 headliners (PRINCE!!), in my honest opinion.

  8. @Rhinan: I hope not to see bands like 30 Seconds To Mars or White Lies headlining. Nick Cave is much much much better, about the same level as Prince for me.

  9. I think the hypothesis of having Maiden for Day 0 seems plausible. They already did it in the past.

    And I really think these are better names than last year (Blur>Stone Roses, Franz Ferdinand > Placebo and I don’t even talk about Korn….)

    And we know that Sziget is not about big headliners (like Eminem or Neil Young that are @Pukkelpop for instance)but music diversity (electro and indie line up are really good this year)

  10. Joep most people bought tickets already. This happened last year. Plenty of lame bands performing to tiny gatherings of people. Why not have some variety? Every new announcement is some mediocre artist or an unknown.

  11. This is so dissapointing compared to previous year, blur, biffy clyro, franz ferdinand and others are all similar boring rock music, nothing exciting. Where are arctic monkeys, foals, or some good rap music like other years!!!!?

  12. I am pretty happy! I’ve seen Biffy, Chase&Status and a few others before recently. Can’t wait to see them again they are abs fantastic live! Mega excited about Franz have been a fan since their early Glasgow days. Heard a lot about Gas Light Anthem and Nick Cave being awesome live so will happily go and listen. Ace dance line up too… Erol Alkan, Boyz Noize and Hadouken! they are going to be rad 🙂
    Still have my fingers crossed for SOAD, Maiden and Arctic Monkeys to come! Based on when last years big names were announced I think people should stop moaning… The best is probably yet to come.

  13. on the official site:

    Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks as there are more names and productions to come for the 2013 Sziget Festival!

    The program for 5th and 6th of August will be added shortly!

  14. QOTSA would definitely be awesome. They were already my number one band to see but their new album being all kinds of incredible has somehow increased that need even more. What’s the chances of a band playing both VOLT and Sziget? I think it’s happened before hasn’t it? If QOTSA and Deftones played I think I would die. Nick Cave is a great addition…

  15. QOTSA are probably out of the question, since they’re playing at Volt.

    Official FF webpage says they’re playing on 11th. It’s maybe a mistake or maybe they’ll be playing before that DJ guy (Guetta), which is quite funny. On the other hand we would get another headliner.

  16. Oooh that’s nice again! Franz ferdinand, empire of the sun and tame impala in one time – great news!

  17. iron maiden would be the first metal name at sziget, and there is a need for a decent metal band although maiden isn’t my first choice but its better than most of the electro stuff announced right now real good names but too many i’d rather look at musicians making heavy music with instruments than watching someone behind a macbook and a turntable and just crank up the bass the whole time if i wanted to see that i would go to mysteryland or balaton

  18. Happy with Nick Cave but I agree with johan and the need for some metal bands to be added to the lineup. A great music festival should have a good representation of ALL music! Can’t believe the organisers have turned their back on metal because of a poor turn out at Ministry last year!

  19. @Johan: The Official Szigetsite says this about Nick Cave: “With this modern, energetic but still typically Nick Cave-like album, that fascinates both critics and fans, they have booked a guaranteed headliner spot for this year’s festival season.”

    + there are also 3 other names announced for 7 aug and this year sziget have only 4 acts a day at the mainstage.

  20. + Sziget Facebook confirming that SOAD will not come because they are an Armenian-American band

  21. I live in Wales so standing watching bands at the Main Stage gives me the vitamin D my climate denies. I’m very, very sad that Sziget is so poor it can-not even afford to fill its main stage with a full programme of acts. Guess it’s broke like the rest of us!

    Please be a premier MUSIC festival. If you think you can reinvent yourself as a cultural festival (with music) and still attract the same number of paying customers you’re mistaken.

    As much as I love the freaks, the theatre and the vibe, I am truly there to see GENIUS musicians live.

    In times of wealth then give me culture; in hard times give me escapism.

    I am not an Iron Maiden fan; I have always found them slightly ridiculous. I have just u-tubed a live gig and bloody hell, the gig was brilliant and pure escapism. Exactly what is needed.

    To paraphrase recent official sziget announcements

    SZIGET REINVENTS ITSELF AS EUROPEAN CULTURAL FESTIVLl (Colourful Hippies making soundscapes and wobbling to music)

    Vry, verry sad

  22. 4 bands on the mainstage? shocking, Sziget seems to be on a downhill slope tbh, shame, was really looking forward to this year, all be it the line up isn’t that bad, there is some good acts there, but its still weak for a major festival, and really weak compared to previous szigets

  23. I think line up is quite comparable to previous years in terms of quality.

    In terms of number, indeed, it is different.

  24. I have to admit it: this will be my first Sziget, and I don’ t understand something. If It was good until now the five performance per day on the main stage, What is the problem now? And I will be naive and forget the financial burdens.

    They could put on main stage for example Floggying Molly , Bad Religion, Hadouken for the 5th act. But they put them to a tent which is going to be crowded , but cooler party I think, if i could get there at all:D

    So they can save the outcry if this is true. And replanned 5 other, maybe cheaper acts to A38, but the whole thing will not gonna be sorrowful.

  25. No, as I wrote: “if this is true” . I just thinkin’on this first world problem 😀

  26. Hey guys, Iron Maiden would be amazing. At festivals they absolutely rock! I have seen them a few times and it is always incredible. Even non-metal fans get a buzz out of it. Please god let this rumour be true!!

  27. Unless it’s disappointment about the lack of metal, I don’t understand all the whining about the line up. For Sziget terms, I think the line up is great this year. Each of the likely headliners is bigger than Korn, White Lies, 30stm (2x), Lilly Allen, The Kooks, all of whom have been headlining Sziget in the past. If you don’t like Guetta, in my opinion the likely co-headliner Franz Ferdinand is bigger than the acts just mentioned too. The undercard is great too, so I really don’t see why this year the line up would be really weak compared to previous Szigets.

    If you call the line up weak for a major festival, you have a point. Compared to some other major festivals, the Sziget line up is weaker 9/10 times. But don’t forget at Sziget the ticket price is less than 50 euro for a day ticket and less than 40 euro per day with a Weekly Pass (even less than 30 euro if you count early bird price €199 for 7 days). I don’t think you can expect organisers to put up a line up as strong as f.e. Reading/Leeds for that price. If you want bigger names, go to another festival, pay more, miss all the special things about Sziget and please stop whining!

    Iron Maiden? They certainly wouldn’t be my favorite choice after having seen them twice at Sziget already. The first time was nice, the second time I found it very boring. But I won’t complain, as I know there are probably many people who have not seen them at Sziget yet.

    Four bands on the main stage instead of five? If it’s true, I wouldn’t be too much bothered with that. At 15.00 I’m usually laying in the sun somewhere random on the festival or in a spa, but this year the new beach will probably be my new favorite place to spend the afternoons. With new features as the beach and the color party Sziget is getting even better in my opinion, certainly not worse. I’ve been going to Sziget since 2008 and I haven’t been this excited about Sziget in a long time.

  28. Are there not going to be any more rock-type bands at Sziget? 🙁 I mean come on, bring on something,anything. So far, pretty mediocre.

  29. @ Hungry: you re totally right, looks better then last year, and not only the music

  30. @Crazyfrog, well i would be very happy if some of the names of frequancy came to Sziget. Like: Tenacious D, Of Monters And Men, Pennywise, Jake Bugg, Brendan Benson and Jonathan Jeramiah. Imo that are some ‘guitar’ names Sziget can use this year 🙂

  31. Disappointment about lack of metal and big rock acts is justifiable

    2009 FAITH NO MORE main stage headlining masterclass
    2010 IRON MAIDEN Saturday
    MUSE Sunday

    These memorable performances closed Sziget with a bang! And for many people these are already ‘vintage’ years

    Now in 2013 we have David Guetta closing the festival ?!

    On the early schedule that was leaked before there isn’t even a slightly rock alternative playing at the same time on Sunday night.

    This is quite a big change over a relatively short time period.

    One of the charming things about Sziget was that it did have a significant metal presence. Metal fans didn’t need to go to separate metal festivals as they do elsewhere (e.g. Wacken Germany, Download UK). Having a ‘metal day’ doesn’t count.

    Myself and other fans of Sziget do obviously feel disappointed as a festival that holds a very special place in our hearts has changed.

    You don’t have to suggest we go somewhere else. It was obvious last year that many already have. I’ll be there and I’ll find a way to enjoy myself as usual but it’s sad to think that something is missing.

    There are tonnes of bands I would love to see. We all know our early wish lists are unrealistic but Maiden would be a game changer for me and many others.

    The Maiden England Tour would be AMAZING! Classic songs that may not be heard again for a long time. How could anyone pass that up?

    As Wibble Wobble puts it,

    ‘I am not an Iron Maiden fan; I have always found them slightly ridiculous. I have just u-tubed a live gig and bloody hell, the gig was brilliant and pure escapism. Exactly what is needed’

    🙂 It’s never too late to get Maiden!


  32. Couldn’t care less about the lack of metal, only two disappointments I have is that they cut on the mainstage and that they got Guetta instead of an actual ‘good’ big name. Rest is just awesome.

  33. i love sziget but there is a lot of fanboyizm if people are saying the lineup is ‘quite comparable’ to previous years..
    ok recent years they’ve had..
    Chemical Brothers
    Iron Maiden
    Fatboy Slim
    Faith no more
    Nine Inch Nails

    Blur yes are a big act on par with stone roses last year(who pulled the smallest crowd of the week), david guetta is a big name in dance although hes more pop now, for me last year was fine, was more than happy with the lineup, this years is just bland, frequency’s lineup is a lot better than sziget tbh better dance and rock acts its got some exciting acts in there

  34. Reading this only makes me lose hope and gain frustration about how bad the line up is, I bought my ticket before most of the lineup was announced and its my first time to sziget based on the awesome line up in other years: bloc party, the xx, paolo nutini, crystal fighters, prodigy, klaxons, the stone roses, the roots, babyshambles and so much more, Im not even bothered too much about headliners, there is no decent indie rock its all so bland! franz ferdinan, biffy clyro and blur possibly the worst headliners ever and iron maiden would just make that worse. The majority of smaller bands have 1 well known song and thats it, luckily peter bjorn and john, empire of the sun and the joy formidable are decent but still! Its lucky that ive been convinced by a friend that the atmospher at sziget will make it brilliant anyway, i really hope so, if not then you better pull something out of the bag sziget!!!!!!!!

  35. Is it really about bands with “well known songs”? Really… I have found many and more counting new bands from Sziget2013 spotify playlist, and i think it is one of the best thing in Sziget, go to new gigs you dont go in your home country! And still, gigs in sziget is something like 30% of the festival, 70% is about people and amazing atmosphere and chilling.. I think Scott, you will have time of your life there, i will, again!

  36. @adam clark: For a part I agree with you, as I think disappointment about the lack of metal is justifiable indeed, but I don’t agree that there are no big rock acts. Maybe it’s not the kind of rock music you like, but in my opinion Blur and Nick Cave are two very big rock acts. Biffy Clyro may not be that big (yet), but at least they’re bigger than some of the headliners Sziget had in previous years and they definitely are rock acts too.

    @lambo: In terms of how big the headliners are, I think this year Sziget certainly has a line up comparable to previous years, if not even better. Of course you may prefer the line up of last year, but I think that is a matter of personal taste and not because last years had bigger acts.
    When I look at your list, there are some very big names in it, but also some that are not that big and somehow I miss headliners like White Lies, 30STM, Korn and The Kooks in your list. Did you forget that not all headliners have been big in the previous years? If you take the biggest acts of last year, put them together with the biggest acts of the previous years and expect that is what this year’s Sziget line up will look like, it’s no wonder you’re disappointed. In recent years Sziget never had five big headliners, so I think it’s not realistic to expect that, but so far this year is very good for me. In my opinion Blur, Nick Cave and David Guetta are just as big as most of the acts you mentioned and would perfectly fit in your list, while Biffy Clyro and Franz Ferdinand are not less big than for example Kasabian and Pendulum at the time they played at Sziget. And they certainly are bigger than the headliners I just mentioned.
    Blur on par with The Stone Roses? In Europe Blur is definitely much bigger than The Stone Roses. I can’t imagine they’ll pull the smallest crowd of the week. 🙂
    And if you react, please don’t start about fanboyism: I’ve asked many of my friends and all (not one exception!) say this year the line up is better than last year. And they’re definitely not all fanboys, as eight of them go to Sziget for the first time this year.

    @Scott: I won’t argue your taste, as that’s something personal. Since personal tastes are different, there will probably always be different opinions about line ups too. But there are two things about your comments I’d like to reply to.
    1. Your comment about the majority of the smaller bands having one well known song is quite funny, as half of the acts you mentioned have only one well known song too.
    2. About the rap music, apart from Dizzee Rascal, Seeed, Azealia Banks, Timbuktu and probably Shutka Roma Rap too you’re right. Of course I understand these acts are not as big as Snoop Dogg, but I can’t remember there ever was a rap act that big at Sziget before, so is it realistic to expect a rap act that big again for this year?

    @all: Let’s see what the Saturday headliner will be and what Day 0 will bring. Of course I hope it’ll be something I like, but if it isn’t something I like I won’t complain, as I’m already more than happy with the line up so far. Anyway I hope it’s something at least one of you but hopefully more of you will like.

  37. @ Hungry

    Thanks for your comments. I’ll be watching Biffy & Nick Cave. I’m keen to see how Biffy play having watched from afar as they have grown into a band who can headline major festivals in the UK. Nick Cave I also look forward to, having once worn out a copy of Let Love In in the good old days of cassettes.
    So 2 biggish rock bands …

    Blur I’ll probably miss. Last year I opted for Emir Kusturica instead of Korn and wasn’t disappointed, so I think I’ll find myself there again when Blur take the main stage 🙂

    Lambo & Wibble Wobble both appear to be saying that there were more eye catching headliners in the past. With them I have to agree. Big names are important – even at Sziget. Is Nick Cave really a main stage headliner?

    Still I have no idea who to watch on Sunday night?
    Can Transglobal Underground or Zaz top the Killers?

    (Boys noize & Erol Alkan who play the Arena later both piss all over Guetta – personal taste ofcourse)

  38. the line ups in previous year have been so much better and @scott i do agree with the fact that all the headliners are a bit bland. im excited for some of the artists released in the line up but overall im pretty dissapointed as had this line been released before id bought my ticket, i might not have decided to go. hopefully atleast one of the last headliners will be really good as i dont really think franz ferdinand is really a worthy headliner when previous years have been so impressive lineup wise. its pretty annoying but hopefully the atmosphere will make up for it

  39. @adam clark:
    Even though because of our personal taste we will make different choices (Emir Kusturica was a good show indeed, but I’ll probably go to Blur this year) and it has a different impact on our opinion of the line up, I have the feeling there’s more we agree on than we disagree on. 🙂
    My answers to your questions:
    For me Nick Cave is one of the greatest alternative rock acts around. I’ve taken a quick look at his tour schedule and he seems to be headlining almost all festivals he’s playing at this summer. Therefore I think Nick Cave is definitely a worthy Sziget headliner, a name big enough for Sziget terms. Glastonbury and Rock Werchter are exceptions where Nick Cave is not headlining, but many of the acts mentioned by lambo wouldn’t be headlining there either.
    I’ve never seen them before, but I think Transglobal Underground nor Zaz can top The Killers. If they could, they would probably be on Main Stage. I’m opting for David Guetta, who isn’t my favorite DJ either, but with the end show I think it’ll be nice to watch (and hopefully to listen to as well). If the end show is very good, it might even top The Killers (or Goran Bregovic, whose show I’ve been to last year, because I saw The Killers already at Sziget a few years ago).
    By the way, for me personally it’s a very good thing there are no headliners this year that have performed at Sziget in recent years too. That’s one of the reasons why I prefer many other acts over Iron Maiden as a possible headliner. But of course I understand a lot of people don’t have this reason to not want Iron Maiden, so I won’t complain about that if they are coming to Sziget again.

  40. Franz Ferdinand, Tame Impala & Empire of the Sun are playing at the same time 🙁

  41. Franz Ferdinand isn’t a headliner because they will be playing the day guetta is headlining

  42. what a disastrous timetable….. nero early in the evening? and flogging molly, die arzte and joy formidable at the same time… three acts i was looking forward to….

  43. So far no spectacular bands. Need some strong headliners still, the likes of Rammstein, Muse, Foo Fighters.

  44. Yes add some real names!! Metallica, Foo Fighters, Muse, Rammstein, and please not only one of them.. Line up sucks for now!

  45. Hungry: your right about personal taste. Time to be a little bit positive: in august there will be a week of great atmosphere, good music, and a lot of fun for only € 200. Time to look forward

  46. As far as I can tell on the main stage, there is one 6pm slot on the 9th to be filled and one headliner slot on the 7th and that’s it

    A38 one afternoon slot on the 10th and then complete

    So one big name and 2 others and we are all done for the main bands.

    Day -1 and 0 are yet to be announced

    As SzigetFF pointed out “Franz Ferdinand, Tame Impala & Empire of the Sun are playing at the same time.” As these are 3 of the best indie bands announced this is very strange planning.

    Sorry to be negative but in no particular order last years Stone Roses, The Killers, The XX, The pogues, Placebo, Hurts, Glasvegas, Crystal Castles, Noah and the Whale, Maximo Park, The Vaccines, The Horrors, dEUS etc is a 1000% better Indie lineup

    No Metal so that can not be argued as being as good

    I like some electronic music but it does not really thrill me so I can’t say if the lineup is good, bad or average, any comparison?

    World Music, again I’m not informed enough to have an opinion, is it a better lineup than previous years?

    Silly wise, I guess LMFAO is the same as Guetta and could be fun.

    I would have loved a bit more indie sunshine music like Of Monters And Men & Jake Bugg and ALT J but i guess now this is impossible.

    I will wait until last minute before deciding to buy next years ticket and go for the festival that best suits my tastes. Saving £30 was a false economy but as long as it does not rain, the week will be excellent regardless.

    Only happy posts from me from now on.

    Keep the discussion going, loving all the comments, both possitive and negative

  47. @simon And then comes a fairy and we all can fly and love will be all around us.

  48. I think it’s a real mixed bag. It’s certainly not an awful line up, but it could be a lot better

    Headliners- The likes of Jamiroquai and Neil Young are touring, who would have been really good left-field, Sziget-style headliners. They’ve missed the boat there and that is disappointing. On the other hand, Blur are an excellent headliner and Biffy Clyro are a decent mid-sized headline band with a decent back catalogue. Nick Cave is on the left-field scale, though I think he’s much more justifiable as a sub/co-headliner. David Guetta on the final day is a great idea (big, bombastic dance show to finish) but it’s possibly the wrong act. Deadmau5 or The Chemical Brothers would suit the festival better in my eyes, but since he clashes with Boys Noize (if the schedule is correct) I’m not complaining too much. If they get a big Saturday headliner I think it’s a decent set overall, but the rumours of Kasabian aren’t massively encouraging. I like Kasabian, but they are very hit and miss live and regularly tour. I’m not that in to Iron Maiden but I can see why people want them. Hopefully they play Day 0 so everyone can be happy (I’m not going on Day 0!)

    The rest of the Main Stage is really weak, and I doubt I’ll be going to see many of the acts on show. I understand how big Die Arzt are in Germany so they’re clearly a strong booking, but I have very little interest in Alex Clare, Franz Ferdinand, Enter Shikari, Skunk Anansie, Mika etc. Most of them appear to be acts who have had one big hit and there’s not a lot behind it

    The World Music Stage has some really interesting sounding music on it, but unfortunately a lot of the better sounding acts clash with other bands I wanted to see e.g. Kabatronics-Boys Noize, La Pegatina-Everything Everything, PASO-Nero, Calexico-Booka Shade and Emir Kustirica-Blur. I’m hoping to catch at least part of some of those acts regardless

    The major positive is the electronic music. I’m likely to check out Feed Me, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Nero, John Digweed, Parov Stelar, Boys Noize, Erol Alkan and Felix Cartal, and there are a number of others that I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing if it wasn’t for clashes (Sebastian Ingrosso and Chase & Status were geat last time I saw them). It’s difficult to stress to people outside of the scene just how STRONG a line up that is. They’ve not only got the best acts on record but also the best live acts (Nero and Boys Noize were both absolutely mind-blowing last time I saw them)

    Empire of the Sun, Tame Impala, Woodkid and Dry the River are all really good additions elsewhere too (WHY did they clash Tame Impala and Empire of the Sun!?)

    So, like I say, a mixed bag. If the Saturday headliner is good I’ll be very happy. If it’s not I’ll still be fairly happy, especially if one of the acts announced is someone like Moderat

  49. This will be my 13th Sziget in a row and I’m quite satisfied with this year’s line up. Although I’ll be spending more time at A38 than at main stage, there are still many bands I’m looking forward too.

    I think Blur will rock the place, Nick Cave was a great headliner the last time he was here, Skunk Anansie were also brilliant. Editors are one of my favourite bands (I’ll see them 3 times this summer) and it’s interesting they’ll play in the afternoon before Mika. I also feel sorry abut Guetta, because going onstage after Franz Ferdinand is a joke (they will move the island as the times before). I’d prefer seeing Regina Spektor at A38 because I don’t think her music’s suitable for main stage. I saw Die Ärzte the last time they played here and they were fun, !!! are also cool live. Hopefully they bring a cool headliner on Saturday (maybe Rammstein, so that there’s at least a bit of metal).

    I understand that 200 EUR is a lot of money for seeing only a few of bands some of you like, but Sziget was never Glastonbury when it came to headliners. It’s about romantics. You drink a cold beer in a can for 2,5 EUR, sit on a bench at a cool bar (in the shadow!), meet a lot of cool people and see a bunch of great bands you haven’t heard of before.

  50. Personal band rating for main stage, lowest 1 highest 5






    How about you?

    Bands I am looking forward to off the main stage: Calexico, Link Quartet, Tame Impala (although they clash with Franz Ferdinanad) Empire of the sun (again same time slot as Franz Ferdinand and Tame Impala) Bat for lashes, Woodkid and I guess the same as the rest of the entire festival – all of the obvious electronic bands.

    No idea how the tents are going to cope as without decent main stage acts, everyone will try to get into the tents to watch Chase & Status, Boys Noize, Nero etc. Large tents but not that large.

    Love the idea of the Sziget beach, I will bring some books and will enjoy doing nothing in the sunshine.
    Hope the Circus is good (it was very good last year.)Lots of time to see everything on offer this time around.
    Will get to explore Budapest a little bit more than the obvious 1 or 2 baths, by no means a bad thing.

    Vitamin D, here we come.

  51. I bought my ticket primarily on seeing Placebo and KoRn headline last year because they never headline festivals in the UK, so was a real novelty to get to see them both perform headline sets at a festival. Stone Roses, Snoop and the Killers were all just an amazing bonus, last year was a perfect mix of styles/genres and it all balanced out, don’t get me wrong the line up this year is nice, but ive seen them all (apart from blur & nick) many times before, I go to festivals all the time, and I know its always down to personal choice, another mans shit is another mans gold and all that, and the big dance acts id of looked forward to seeing have early slots, not the same late night slots they had last year? which I find kind of odd

  52. Probably the DJs in the Arena listed in the schedule at 22.00 and later will play much later in the night. For many years Sziget didn’t announce a detailed schedule for the Arena and simply put all night acts at 22.00 in the schedule. I believe last year was the first time a detailed schedule for the night was announced, but it seems this year they return to their old habit. For Chase & Status, Nero, Booka Shade and Empire Of The Sun the time in the schedule is probably right, as there always is one big live act in the Arena around that time.

  53. Off Topic comment (in a very poor english, sorry…):
    clicking randomly on – I don’t speak hungarian – I found this:
    It’s the list of main sponsors for this year. I think there’s a pair of interesting informations:
    1) The return of Jack Daniel’s. No more Jim Beam Motel but – I hope – Jack Daniel’s pub again
    2) Jaegermeister instead of Unicum
    3) Playboy (maybe they’ll invent for us something funny).

  54. I think the lineup is better than last year…

    We had a blast last year on the smaller stages, we really liked the roma stage and magic mirror.

    Im chuffed by Blur and nick cave – absolute dream headliners for me. nice to see regina spekor in their as well.

    Also big names for me are mystery jets, wood kid, franz fernand, empire of the sun, everything everything, bats for lashes, skunk anansie, trigger finger, the cribs, calexico.

    the saturday lineup looks ropey for me (maybe a cool headliner will pull it up), but all the other days are strong.

    Cool headliners that are playing elsewhere this summer for me are

    Kraftwerk, sigur ros, QOTSA, NIN ect.

    Smaller bands still hoping for are….
    Django Django, Alt J, Partick wolf, Yeah yeah yeahs,

  55. The Saturday is the best day for me so far; an amazing headline on the top will make it even better.

  56. where did you get the schedule? i can’t find it anywhere.
    if franzferdinand and timeimpala are really at the same time, i will write letters and knock on their doors until they change it!

    by the way I’m still hoping for at least one big name, which for me would be for example arctic monkeys.
    But I think it will be awesome anyway, as ALWAYS!I’m there since 2009 and never been disappointed once!

    maybe the band you wished for will not perform this year, but I’m sure if you listen to the those acts which you are not yet familiar with, you will find some new favourites among them !

    and THANK GOD they changed unicum to jägermeister!!

  57. I hope for Florence + the machine as final headliner, then I would be really satisfied with the line-up.

  58. She is said to be exclusive to Coke Live too, but that’s often said and they then play elsewhere

  59. Poland is very close to Hungary, so you never know. I don’t expect them to but I still got some hopes.

  60. @L “if franzferdinand and timeimpala are really at the same time, i will write letters and knock on their doors until they change it!”

    I think that’s a good idea! Let’s do that with a bunch of people and all send a letter/mail 🙂 Two really nice bands playin together… shame

  61. Kraftwek

    playing OYA Norway festival on Friday
    and playing Flow festival Helsinki on Sunday

    Fingers crossed for Saturday headliner slot at SZIGET

  62. Rammstein is touring around Europe the end of July – wishful thinking or maybe they can be booked? would be awesome to see them at Sziget..

  63. The Ferris Wheel looks gigantic. A bottle of whine and off we go. 🙂

    As far as clashing of Tame Impala and Franz Ferdinand is concerned, you could start a Facebook petition. Getting a lot of members to change the time of Time Impala gig would maybe convince the organizers.

  64. It can’t be that difficult to change Tame Impala’s date for The Cribs or ZAZ.

  65. well alright then! but i still haven’t found the official schedule… could someone link it in for me, please?
    after that, we can start a facebook group or something.. luckily it’s quite easy to find the organisers

  66. maybe Atoms For Peace? they are going on tour and they have whole August free (Maybe Thom York, Flea or somebody else from band have something during this month) but they are going to be close to Hungary…(Slovakia, Poland)

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