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New Sziget 2014 names next week!

New Sziget 2014 names will be unveiled next week, says the Sziget Serbia Facebook page.

In a post on the page, the admin says that

Next week we publish new names and recall the headliners of this year’s Sziget

(Google Translated)

That is very good news before the weekend, isn’t it?

44 thoughts on “New Sziget 2014 names next week!

  1. According to Sziget Official “We will be flooding you with news, programs and all sorts of interesting info on Monday! Stay tuned!”, so I dont think they will announce new names, but programs instead.

  2. Exactly PsychoBram, it’s only 3 days from now so john doe or Blast……

    @dzsinni: Sziget Serbia said that they will publish new names.

  3. Probably they release names for World Music Stage and a sort of timetable for Main Stage/A38/Party Arena… Sunday evening I’ll expect some hints my dear John 😉

  4. Irie Maffia that’s a pleasant surprise! good party music!!..
    Last year they also had a dj set under the name “Elo X Kemon” ..really good of my best memories from last year 🙂

  5. John can you give us the first letters? Come on, we are only a few hours before the announcement 🙂

  6. 204? This is too hard. I can only say “Sum 41” and “Blink 204” but you know…it’s midnight and maybe something a little easier could be better 🙂

  7. Well I thought it could be The 1975 but they are in Japan on 16-17th August… They could play on 13th?

  8. they are playing there on 10-11 and 16-17, so I doubt they would come back to Europe between that. who knows. maybe it’s not just one band with numbers, maybe it’s two or even perhaps all three bands with numbers that give us 22 altogether 😀

  9. It would be awesome SkaPanda… I only know one song of M83 and I love it! And Blink no comment 😀

    I just typed 22 on google and I saw… Taylor Swift (one of her song!).. mini heart-attack :p

    Sum 41 would be great too.

  10. Blink-182 in Germany&Austria during Sziget
    (Chiemsee, Highfield, Frequency, Stuttgart, Dortmund, Crash Fest)

  11. Songkick says that Dortmund, Stuttgart and Crash Fest are after Sziget.. But let’s keep the suspense? 😛

  12. Because I don’t like rap and my passion for rock hasn’t been fulfiled yet! But It’s not about me it’s also about the spirit of Sziget, 2 hip-hop headliners?

    Anyway, only a few hours to wait 🙂

  13. I agree with Noeliam: 2 hip hop headliners + 3 electro headliners (waiting to know if Skrillex will headline or not) are too much. Ok, we have QOTSA and rockers usually like Prodigy, but another Rock headliner is needed. Sziget is always great, but this is the only thing I don’t like of this “new direction”.

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