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No Flying Lotus at Sziget 2012

There’s not always good news to share.

Sometimes, there’s an information like the one for today that has to be posted.

Unfortunately, the fact that Flying Lotus was not in the official schedule was a sign that the performance would be cancelled.

According to, Flying Lotus will be working on the new album, due in October. That is why all August dates are cancelled.

The full article can  be read here (Hungarian), and this is the Google-translated version.

The article also mentions some good news: the addition of New Zealand’s Electric Wire Hustle, to play the A38, on August 9.

(thanks, dzsinni!)

7 thoughts on “No Flying Lotus at Sziget 2012

  1. fuck that!!! sziget you got to replace the acts if you keep deleting them!! that’s some real shit first modeselektor then flylo!! i wasn’t complaining about the line up but this sucks! not professional at all!

  2. the fact they cancel isnt szigets fault, a lot else is though…

  3. i agree with diseasefire, so pissed off at flylo and modeselektor not playing 🙁 they better replace them with goooood people!

  4. Doubt you’ll get any replacements now, pretty much a complete line up I think

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