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Non-Musical Programs at Sziget 2016

In the last few weeks, we’ve seen lots of exciting – and perhaps not so exciting – acts announced to perform on one of Sziget 2016’s stages. But let’s not forget that Sziget is not just another music festival. This year, just like in the past, they will offer their visitors a variety of non-musical programs to attend, all adding the now legendary “Sziget feeling”. Here they are.

Transe Express – Mù

Transe Express is a popular street theater group from France, with two previous performances at Sziget (in 2006 and 2007). This year they will return to the “stage” with Mù, a performance to take you into the wonderful world of Jules Verne. From the depths of the sea, through the fire and to the Moon, the performance will have monumental décor, music, singing, acrobats and lights. 

Transe Express will perform every night between the 11th and the 15th, after the closing act of the Main Stage.

Cirque du Sziget – the best of the non-musical programs

Cirque du Sziget was among the most successful non-musical programs last year, so this year the organizers prepare with even more spectacular performances. At this year’s edition, there will be not one, but two tents, each capable of accommodating over 600 visitors, and an open air stage beside them. The list of performers will be truly international: Soap comes from Germany, Marcel et ses drôles de femmes comes from France, a Les Dudes come from Canada, and we’ll have performers from Australia and Hungary as well.

Cirque du Sziget will have performances each day between the 11th and the 16th, between 3:30 PM and 1:15 AM. The closing act of each Cirque day will be a fire juggling show that lasts for half an hour.

Theater and Dance Tent

The Theater and Dance Tent will offer its visitors two non-musical programs each day, both in the tent and in the open.

Expect to see dance and theatrical performances of local groups and artists, such as Újvári Milán, Juhász Adél and Porteleki ÁronSzeri Viktor and Vavra Júlia, the Body Lotion duo (Arany Virág and Lányi Júlia) as well as Trefeli József and Varga Gábor. 

The list of international acts contains performers like Maastheater from Rotterdam, Roni Chadash from Israel, Etay Axelrod and Chiaki Horita, Ziya Azazi from Turkey, E.sperimenti Dance Company, National Dance Company of Wales and many others.

The Theater and Dance Tent will house two performances a day, at 5 PM and 11 PM.

Classical, Opera and Jazz Tent

This venue might have been misclassified – it is a very much music related one. This year it will be home to the Óbudai Danubia Zenekar, along with composer / pianist Oláh Kálmán and conductor Hámori Máté. They will play classical music, film music, and more.

The Armel Opera Festival will return after its huge success last year, with Hello Flöte!, a surprisingly anomalous rendition of Mozart’s “The Magic Flute”. Other artists to perform here include MoltOpera, Szegedi Nemzeti Színház, Bring It On!, Crossymphony and Conduct me. The Talamba Battery Band will fire up the stage in the evening, followed by jazz performances after midnight.

Vándor Vurstli (Traveling Fun Fair)

Fun fair it is, with traditional forms of entertainment inspired by the turn of the 19th and the 20th centuries. Automatarium will be therewith its robotic panopticon, as well as Omnivolant with its small trailer that turns into a food vending caravan in a spectacular way, all this to the sounds of the Brincadeira drummers. But you can also expect to see Sarruga with its huge fish, the two Murmuyo clowns, and many more.

Museum area

This year’s Museum area will host the traveling exhibition of the Musée national de l’histoire de l’immigration, sheding more light on the question of borders, migration and the refugee crisis. But expect to see exhibitions brought to you by the following institutions: Aquincumi Múzeum, Iparm?vészeti Múzeum, Hadtörténeti Intézet és Múzeum, kArton képregény és karikatúra múzeum, Magyar M?szaki és Közlekedési Múzeum, Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum, Mai Manó Ház, Magyar Zsidó Múzeum és Levéltár, PAM Pénzügy?r- és Adózástörténeti Múzeum, Robert Capa Kortárs Fotográfiai Központ, Rómer Flóris M?vészeti és Történeti Múzeum, Szépm?vészeti Múzeum,Magyar Nemzeti Galéria, Hopp Ferenc Kelet-Ázsiai Múzeum, Vasarely Múzeum.

I Ching Maze

This year’s maze, inspired by the classic Chinese Book of Changes, will be open between 2 PM and 10 PM each day.


PS4, Xbox and eSports, with and against big names like Dixit, Bang, Hanabi, Pandemic and others. But expect less digital games, too, like darts, Rubik’s cube instruction and contests, as well as card games, table games and more. The most entertaining of all the non-musical programs for the gamer in you!

Chess tent

’nuff said.

#SzigetMozi/TEDxBudapest Club Tent

This year’s TEDxBudapest Club Tent will focus on what sets us apart, yet ties us together. It will be home to the Magic Mirror, with round tables and debates on the LGBTQ question, as well as screening queer-themed works from the Berlinale. ArtZone will be a place for creation and relaxation over the day, focusing on sustainability.


Luminarium returns to the Sziget for the 11th time, with Trilumin, a work of art shown to the world for the first time, built by the Nottingham-based Architects of Air. Luminarium will be open for the whole length of the festival, between 12 PM and 1 AM.

Before I Die

The interactive art project signed by Candy Chang, a Vietnamese artist slash designer, will expect visitors to open their minds each day between noon and 10 PM.

Sports Zone, Ability Park

This year’s Sports Zone will bear the mark of the year’s two most important sporting events, the Olympics and the EURO 2016. Among others, it will be a place where the events of the Rio Olympics can be followed live.

Ability Park will try to show the world what it means to live with a handicap.


18 thoughts on “Non-Musical Programs at Sziget 2016

  1. Sziget Nederland has announced John Coffey and Rilan & The Bombardiers for Europe Stage, Erik Ankoné and Leif de Leeuw Band for Blues Stage and LOLA for Light Stage. I think it’s a very good addition!

  2. @Marcu I just noticed this, seems very odd as it’s not related to Sziget but I’ll definitely be going!

  3. @Marcu Foals will play a day later, Hardwell closes Sziget on the 16th.
    We can have someone who plays the 16th be the “guests”.

    I’m glad I’ve booked my return flight on the 18th now 😀

  4. Oke.. looks a little bit crazy, but i like crazy 😀 ..
    Fuerza Bruta was looking soooo cool.. i hope the new one is also good 🙂

  5. I’ve listened to most of the bands announced til now (I still miss some of the ones from the last day, but whatever). I found out in the end that there are more or less 9 bands I want to see per day, which is a good ratio (not takin in consideration clashes and stuff) and overall better than the last year (there was an average of 6 bands per day).

    Even if we are far far far away from the greatest edition that 2014 was, I think that this year will be a fairly good one, for sure better than the latest.
    I also don’t think that this year Sziget doesnt deserve the sold out, I am more like asking myself how came that it didnt sold out in the previous editions.

    Still, in my wettest dreams I figure out a Sziget with the bands of the ’14 edition and the DJs from the ’15 edition. It would be a dream.

  6. Still, in my wettest dreams I figure out a Sziget with the bands of the ’14 edition and the DJs from the ’15 edition. It would be a dream.

    If not this year, maybe next one, because it will be the 25th edition of Sziget. I hope they’ll prepare something special. 😀

  7. Oh, just saw that it doesn’t work to put blockquotes in comments here (the first statement should have been a blockquote, in order to respond to Yelo).

  8. @Sziget, by mobile I can see the difference 😀
    Too bad, anyway, that I think I won’t have the chance to get to the island for a long time after this year…

    Hope the best for the Colosseum lineup 🙂

  9. The Colosseum design posted from Sziget Italia und France looks different from the 2015 edition ?
    Will there be a new colloseum design or am i wrong

  10. Tale Of Us ???? John Digweed ???? Sasha ???? Sharam ???? Max Cooper ???? The Martinez Brothers ???? Sam Paganini ???? Boddika ???? Butch ???? Mind Against ???? &ME ???? Johannes Heil ???? Nastia ???? Woo York live ???? Mendo ???? Dorisburg live ???? Behrouz ???? Demi ???? Pulsinger & Irl ???? Kevin Luke

  11. Colosseum line up (Sziget Festival Nederland):
    Tale Of Us ???? John Digweed ???? Sasha ???? Sharam ???? Max Cooper ???? The Martinez Brothers ???? Sam Paganini ???? Boddika ???? Butch ???? Mind Against ???? &ME ???? Johannes Heil ???? Nastia ???? Woo York live ???? Mendo ???? Dorisburg live ???? Behrouz ???? Demi ???? Pulsinger & Irl ???? Kevin Luke

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