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Offficially no Metal Day or Stage at Sziget 2013

Sziget 2013 won’t have a metal day or metal stage, the organizers have confirmed once again in a comment on the Sziget Festival Official Facebook page.

The comment says as follows:

There will be no metal day neither metal stage at Sziget Festival – as we stated earlier. The timetable you saw previously was not a final version – please be patient (yes, we understand how much you hate to hear this by now), and wait until we announce the official timetable. Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.

The timetable question referred to a version of the timetable that was published on the Hungarian website.

14 thoughts on “Offficially no Metal Day or Stage at Sziget 2013

  1. Brilliant “Were these snakes originally on a plane?”

    If that is an actual serious group though I think some people need to be put down 🙂

  2. Hum….no metal on sziget, sad, very sad !
    This festival represents all the world’s music except metal strange, very strange…

  3. I deliberately chose to ignore the minus/zero days this year. Even if there had been a metal day it would still be a form of exclusion from the festival proper. So that was my protest. It’s sad but no real surprise when you consider how far back this topic has been raging. The real question for me, is will they extend the number of main stage bands (if the original announcement was indeed temporary)and is there to be metal/rock headline name included in the official 5-Day festival programme?

  4. @Adam, I really wouldnt hang your hopes on a Metal/rock headliner. To be honest as its only 31 days to the festival I think they are struggling to get another headliner at all perhaps as someone said they will bump the editors up and introduce more filler to the day.

  5. I really don’t get this. I thought that in 2011 the Metal stage was a succes.. Many people went to that stage to watch Judas Priest and such.. It was always busy at that stage.. why ignore that succes?

  6. No metal is no surprise for me. Otherwise we should have heard some names. It ‘s disappointing that there is no heavy music at all. I hope the other stages give some pleasant surprises. And I do hope dat Day Zero gives more interesting names. Wovenhand is OK, but the rest…..

  7. I may be wrong, but if I can remember correctly, that link that had Motorhead down for Sziget was talking about a previous years festival and people didn’t notice until the rumour about them was widely circulated.

  8. Not fan of metal, but stage was good and vert important for festival (never attend it). Sad

  9. It really seems as if Sziget is ‘cutting all ties’ with anything metal related, I personally couldn’t care less as it’s not my music, but imho it doesn’t seem like the way to go, since (at least from what I’ve gathered), the ‘metalheads’ are usually the most loyal and overall quite a nice crowd to have at a festival. For that reason alone I’m not sure I’m happy about this direction

  10. I think the festival is going the wrong direction. Sziget should be about all the music even metal. I think everything should be represented at sziget. In my opinion that’s what sziget is about. It’s a shame they change this.

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