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Official announcement: The Roots, Maximo Park and more

As expected, we get an official announcement today.

Here are the bands announced:

  • Maximo Park (already posted here)
  • The Roots
  • Kraak & Smaak
  • Agnes Obel
  • Beardyman
  • Citizens
  • Bonaparte

36 thoughts on “Official announcement: The Roots, Maximo Park and more

  1. @street…. been wanting to see the roots for years, very exctied now, just hope they dont clash with anyone 🙂

  2. Actualy for me these names are amazing news! Six out of these seven bands are really enjoyable to outstanding (I can’t stand Maximo Park) and the line-up got much better for me with these bands.

  3. Thursday
    – The Roots (Main)
    – Maximo Park (Main)
    – Citizens! (A38)

    – Kraak & Smaak (Arena)

    – Bonaparte (A38)
    – Beardyman (A38)
    – Agnes Obel (A38)

  4. @MJ there’s only one spot left on the Main Stage on thursday. So they can’t both pkay that day.

  5. @Bender
    anti-flag will play on a38 stage instead of main stage. sziget festival official said it on their wall when one guy asked “when will anti-flag play?”

  6. nope you’re not the only one bob. very poor line-up so far, as i think the poll shows!

  7. dont think we can expect it to get any better, the bloody beatles could be playing and id still say it was a shit lineup. hey ho… beer it is. and before anyone says it, yes i have had a listen to each of the announcements music and i still say this is the worse lineup ive personally seen at sziget

  8. just been listening to the bands that i hadn’t heard of from this announcement and Bonaparte are amazing

  9. well if they both are playing thursday that pretty much says korn are headlineing that day, ive heard of a few of these b4 so gonna spruce up on my knowledge, really hope the cure get announced for saturday headliner, would make my friend really happy

  10. How many acts will be at arena after 22?? Some days there’s 2 and the steve aoki and axwell only one for the moment. Can we expect more announcements for these 2 days?

  11. @Kapaopango: There are usually two slots for international DJ headliners, but these slots are sometimes shared by more than one artist (like Advent vs. Industrializer). The DJ headliners usualy start around midnight. Before and after “local” DJs perform.

  12. BTW: on Sziget Facebook Official it was announced that the metal bands for Day Zero will be anounced in about two weeks!

  13. YES, these are some good names 🙂 Last year went to lowlands saw beardyman, it is really really amazing

  14. Look at the line up poll. 50% very bad.
    Hope the organisation will do something about this…

  15. Do you really think that the organisation will look at this poll on this site?:) Don’t think so! Besides the line up is really OK, so please-please whine somewhere else. I’ve been at this festival last four years and the line-up is totally comparable.

  16. For me the line up is full of great bands to discover on stage.

    The main stage is almost equal (waiting for the last headliner to judge)

    The A 38 line up is stronger than last year

    The World Stage line up is the best ever

    My real disappointment is the Arena line up which is weird. I am not a fan of these dj’s at all and there is definitely too much dubstep (almost only dubstep…)

  17. Pool is not truth someone is usino autoclick program for keep on votino on very bad, in a hour after 20 easy very bad got 1,2k of vote lol, this is so sad

  18. You’re right, we just checked the statistics in the poll plugin and there was an unusual amount of votes in the last two days. We’ll make a decision on what to do with it soon, but we’ll probably remove it from the site altogether.

  19. …i wrote in chinese not english…fucking autocorrect however having a confirmation on this thing is really sad

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