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Official for Metal Day: Dimmu Borgir, Hammerfall, Moonspell & more!

Great news for metal fans expecting the Metal Day at Sziget 2012! Dimmu Borgir, Hammerfall, Moonspell, Lacuna Coil, Ignite and Superbutt will be playing Sziget!

We had already told you about Lacuna Coil playing Sziget Festival 2012 a while ago, and that’s now official.

Here’s what the announcement on the Sziget Festival Official Facebook sounds like:

Metal Day at Sziget Festival 2012!
Metalheads can start up this year’s Sziget Festival with a day in paradise, as Dimmu Borgir, Lacuna Coil, Hammerfall, Moonspell, Ignite and Superbutt will all appear on the dedicated Metal Day of the event on August 7th in Budapest, Hungary.

Of course, we don’t need to tell you that Metal Day is August 7.

62 thoughts on “Official for Metal Day: Dimmu Borgir, Hammerfall, Moonspell & more!

  1. I had my hopes up for metal day something like Scorpions a good big name but this really sucks

  2. This is very nice =) It is not what I have hoped for, but it’s better then nothing, right? 😉

  3. I think it’s a great line-up for metalday.

    Many bands requested and discussed (like Scorpions or Refused) aren’t metal bands at all and the bands confirmed are well known in the metal scene (even though Ignite are more hardcore than metal).

    All of these bands could have been headliner or co-headliner on last year’s metal stage so that all metalheads should be fine with this billing (even though it’s still sad that the metalstage is cancelled for the mainfestival).

  4. @llbert

    damn right :)…. had only heard of ignite, laguna coil and hammerfall before the announcement but have listen to the others and they are all awesome (especially dimmu borgir) really looking forward to it now

  5. Only reason I’m disappointed in this is because I was hoping for some bands I liked as a youth, napalm death etc. have had a listen to all of these bands and not really my thing. Might pop to see one or two for a chuckle though!

  6. I would join you Thomas but can’t sell my flight too and would make a loss on the ticket as it never sells out. Gutted. But will make the best of a bad lot meeting up with all my foreign mates at the bars! Also at least at this sziget I won’t miss any of the bands I want to see like I normally do, as there’s only 2!!

  7. Selling my ticket to!
    what a crap line-up. My expetation were higher for the 20th edition

  8. It was meant to be my last sziget as its getting close to having a family time, pity this one is leaving a bitter taste. 🙁

  9. Exactly for many of us that’s all it takes.. 🙂

    Scorpions wouldn’t have done it for me :-p

  10. Well I like 2 bands in a week so I guess I should be over the moon. Weirdly I’m not though.

  11. Is that the lineup complete then? Or can I still have hope on another announcement?

  12. @disappointed sziget fan…. just out of interest who are the two you are looking forward to?

  13. @adam clark…. i’d never heard of them before today but after blitzing through their back catalog on spotify this afternoon i’m really looking forward to them 🙂

  14. Only like Lacuna Coil out of that lot and i already knew they were playing! brilliant! that style of metal is not my thing at all its abit too gothy for me, i prefer my Nu-metal/Industrial metal/Alternative metal, im quite open minded with my music but that music bores the life out of me :/

    i have checked out superbutt though and i quite enjoy them acutally more my thing, so going to watch them and lacuna but the rest im probably gonna miss and just explore sziget :/

  15. leningrad and the pogues, think youve asked me that before under a different name. the metal day was my last hope. really gutted about this lineup :-()

  16. i also sold a great proportion of my trojan cd collection to get the money to go this year for the best ever 20th anniversary lineup! i honestly think it is the worse sziget line up since ive been going. i know its relative to what you like, but i have a wide musical taste and some how its just the 2 bands i want to see. if you add my tickets and my flights and spending cash, im looking at having forked out easily over £600! i could have gone to see leningrad on there home turf and the pogues the same for less than that. so so so gutted. also a lot of the people i know from ukraine/poland/russia/serbia etc who ive met over the years are now not going because of the weak lineup and not being able to justify spending that much cash to see nothing of interest to them. ive lost a lot of faith this time round. ive always spoke highly of sziget and out of all my friends was the first to go in 2002 and subsequently dragged over friends along year after year. but now i wont be recommending anyone books without waiting to see the lineup, which probably means not going as flights get so expensive if you wait till now to book, and you get charged more for your ticket if you wait. I’ve even thought about cutting my losses and not going this year, but i have 2 people coming with me (sziget virgins!) who i convinced to come, so cant really let them down. and theyre not happy with the lineup either. anyway im doing all this on my iphone and my finger bleedin hurts. sorry for spelling mistakes and auto correct annoyances!

  17. @ d.s.f…. that’s all perfectly understandable mate, hope you manage to have a good time regardless of the lineup and discover some awesome new bands (or just get drunk 🙂 )

    i must admit that looking at the past lineups on wikipedia that i must be really lucky as this year (my first trip to sziget after doing numerous uk festivals for 10 years) has the best lineup that i have seen! i’ve got an eclectic music taste and mostly looking forward to seeeing the roots, stone roses, leningrad, anti-flag, bonaparte, leftfield, placebo, korn and goran bregovic

  18. Alright, I’m ‘kind of happy’ with these new names. Too bad Refused is missing in the metal day. 🙂
    But I know one thing: I’m going to have a great time this year at Sziget, but I wil NEVER buy my ticket in advance and be screwed like this year!!

  19. haha I’ll be drunk definitely! and i’m sure i’ll have a good un as i usually do. if you meet a noisy brit with a massive stereo that’ll be me! Leningrad live are amazing! even though there newest album isn’t the strongest they’ve done. also go see paso if you like your ska a little less punky! ok now i realise its 3 bands i want to see this year! but still, a week of music 3 bands?!

  20. @Disappointed sziget fan…
    To be fair it’s not true to say one band is enough for a whole week. Back in winter my partner and I were weighing up the options between Sziget who had announced The Stone Roses only or Brutal Assault who announced some great headliners very early on… Among them were Amon Amarth, Ministry and Dimmu Borgir – 3 bands we are crazy about! (Sure we would have loved The Black Dahlia Murder, Machine Head and a few others…)For reasons others have mentioned before … I too felt we had to book early and make a quick decision about our fights, tickets, hotels, etc… We opted for Sziget by holding our breath and gambling that some of our favourites from Brutal Assault would appear at Sziget on the ‘metal stage’. As both dates and location were close this seemed like a good bet. Then came all the emotion with regards to the disappearing ‘metal stage’ and the new ‘metal day’.So when today’s announcement of Dimmu Borgir finally came it did make my festival and it did come as a huge almighty relief! Leaving aside the rights and wrongs of whether it’s right to pay extra for a metal day, over the week on a metal score those 3 bands will definitely do it for me 🙂
    Sorry that you didn’t get the outcome you hoped for. 🙁

  21. KoRn n Placebo and the sziget experiance bought my ticket, the rest of the bands/djs are all a bonus, although the lineups not as ‘big’ as i was expecting but im happy with alot of the acts and have made some great discovies to go watch
    was hopeing more from metal day but i love lacuna coil so not going to complain too much but was hopeing to know/like more than 1 band on metal day as metal is my genre of choice

  22. Can anyone tell me anything about Ignite I like the song on the official Sziget website but when I search for it on spotify I only get an album from 2000 as well as some god botherer rubbish and some dance trance rubbish neither of which can be played on metal day?

  23. This year I bought the ticket when i saw the world stage line up… awesome… the other things are bonus…

    I think that the organizers will have preparad some surprises for this year… it’s just june and the line up is almost closed. Its de 20th birthday!

    What do you thing??

  24. Surprises? How would they surprise us? The lineup is almost completed. I’m so disappointed.

  25. I still have a horrible feeling the scorpions will still be announced! I hope I’m wrong!

  26. so can anyone tell how many bands are left to be announced? and when we might get these names? i have to keep dreaming!

  27. I think there’s 2 dj’s left and one band for the main stage, and some hungarian groups, according to mellowmaniac’s comment.

  28. Bugger then, pretty sure it won’t be fat boy slim as I do framing for him and asked his pa and she didn’t think so. Hopefully we’ll get at least one good drum and bass dj!

  29. I also have a bad feeling that the scorpions will still be announced – after all, apparently John Doe is never wrong!

    However, like lambo, it was Ko?n and Placebo that decided us, plus the addition of the Pogues for the world stage. If all those turn out to be really good, then anything else is a bonus really, plus we DO need time to explore the city!

    Very dissappointed by the lineup for Metal Day – will probably potter up there to fetch our wristbands and lanyards, to save queueing on the Wednesday, see what Superbutt and Ignite are like, and then see how we feel from there ……..

  30. Think there’s a good chance I’ll be in a spa on ‘metal’ day! Normally do that half way through the week, but an early one might be nice!

  31. You whiners should look at this years Roskilde lineup:)
    This is total bullshit compared to Sziget, if you ask me (two things I’d like to see The Cure and Jack White). Ticket costs 240€, food is awful there, weather is like lottery and beer costs at least 5€.

  32. I think John Doe literally meant he was only reading and not giving a hint about any band.

  33. @Ilbert yeah that lineup did not make me happy when they released it, but bought my Roskilde ticket months ago..
    Bought my sziget ticket around christmas.

    I think this years sziget lineup is good, compared to the Roskilde.
    Are you going to Roskilde? It’s a good complement to the Sziget lineup when i look at it now.
    Am i whining, no this is what happens when i buy stuff months ahead. 🙂

  34. hahaha, john doe has become Brian in “Brian’s life”: whatever he says, we think he is giving us clues… he is the mesiah!!!

  35. Was there five years in a row in the early 90s ..yeah when it rains it really sucks ,,but this year i’m prepared for everything except snow 😉 ..those pictures you posted sums it up pretty good 😀

  36. @Crazyfrog: It’s not precise! 😉

    …the running order is based on what is listed (and how it is listed) on the differen Sziget pages and the times are based on last year’s times and the Day Zero announcements.

    In the past these times (when published) were about 90-95% correct. But they just should give a first overview.

    Usually I would have published also times for the Worldmusic stage and the WAN2/A38 stage at about this time, but with an additional band on the worldmusic stage and no confirmation if we will get six or seven acts each day on WAN2 I want to wait for more official news (I think we might get seven acts each day at WAN2/A38).

  37. dissapointed sziget fan, netsky has been comfirmed by sziget hungry to be playing hes drum n bass 🙂

  38. well that’s got me up to 4 things i definitely want to see! thanks fella!

  39. @very mildy less dissapointed sziget fan, no problems man think they playing on for the A38/WAN2 stage:

    “És érkezik az A38 helyszín Meduza Night sávjába SebastiAn, a francia elektronikus zenész, DJ és producer, a kortárs gall electro house jeles képvisel?je. Ebben a sávban – mint az már ismeretes – a Sziget korábbi Meduza helyszínének szerelmesei hallhatják kedvenceiket. Ugyanitt fellép még az öt nap alatt a már korábban bejelentett DJ Fresh és Tiga, a rajongók örömére itt lesz a The Agony & the Ecstasy featuring Jessy Allen & Dynamite MC a High Contrast prezentálásában, és lesz továbbá Dirthyphonics live és Netsky.”

    also if you like your drum and bass you should check out high contrast mate <— they are also playing sziget

  40. @lambo Where is Netsky confirmed? That’d be awesome! 🙂 But what is your source? The only drum n bass acts I see are High Contrast, Dirtyphonics and DJ Fresh.

  41. @rascal, ive just posted the above statement ^^ cant understand the language but looks like thats what it says

  42. @lambo, that’s why I said never mind. I just loaded the page before you posted the statement 😉

  43. Netsky’s music sounds awesome!!
    Think i will dance off a few calories on that gig! 😀

  44. @John doe please give me a hint whether Noel Gallagher is likely to perform!PLEASE I’M BEGGING YOU

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