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Official: Snoop Dogg, Sum 41 & more!

As always, john doe’s suggestions were right. He suggested Snoop Dogg, and we certainly got him in the new official announcement.

He’s joined by Sum 41 and a few other interesting acts.

We’re talking about Leftfield, SebastiAn (playing A38), Aly and Fila and Lange ft. Betsie Larkin (for the Arena).

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15 thoughts on “Official: Snoop Dogg, Sum 41 & more!

  1. Best dance act is surely tiga 😉 trust me. If you talk about techno act this year there is only adam beyer, but he is great.

  2. the advent & industrialyzer are sick too! they got a unique style of industrial techno definetely one of my favourite techno acts at the moment 🙂

  3. @diseasefire my favourite techno act of the moment is dubfire, he is incredible, i heard really much techno artists but no one impressed me as him, he has an unique stile and original ideas if you have time give him a look 😉 (advent they will play with adam beyer i’m right?)

  4. @sziget ok yes i know dubfire and i saw him live at sziget last year he’s really really good 🙂 advent will play right before adam i think! my favourite techno act ever is laurent garnier by the way

  5. @diseasfire laurent garnier is not the techno i like i’m Sorry i like only the song which he or she did with deadmau5 however adam beyer +advent as i see in line up they shouldn’t play back to back? At least they are written adam vs advent them shouldn’t be’ adam back to back advent? If like that i will be’ mad!

  6. BTW: It looks like Sziget Hungary might have (unofficially) confirmed Netsky for the A38/WAN2:

    És érkezik az A38 helyszín Meduza Night sávjába SebastiAn, a francia elektronikus zenész, DJ és producer, a kortárs gall electro house jeles képvisel?je. Ebben a sávban – mint az már ismeretes – a Sziget korábbi Meduza helyszínének szerelmesei hallhatják kedvenceiket. Ugyanitt fellép még az öt nap alatt a már korábban bejelentett DJ Fresh és Tiga, a rajongók örömére itt lesz a The Agony & the Ecstasy featuring Jessy Allen & Dynamite MC a High Contrast prezentálásában, és lesz továbbá Dirthyphonics live és Netsky.

    Can someone who understands Hungarian try to check if they are properly naming Netsky as as a performer? With Google Translate it sounds like him performing there…

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