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Oliver Heldens, The Horrors, Kwabs @ Sziget 2015

Update: The Thing Things (UK) will play the Main Stage on the 13th at 17:45, leaving the MS with only one spot left to fill (Sunday, the 16th, at 17:45). The A38 stage has a new open spot – the 13th @ 22:00, while the 3AM slot on Saturday the 15th is still blank.

Here are the latest names included in the Sziget 2015 lineup:

The Horrors (UK) – Main Stage, 12th of August (17:45)

One of the great new guitar acts on the British musical scene, The Horrors are to be commended for one of the best musical materials released lately in the UK. The Essex band will come to Sziget with materials from their latest album, Luminous, released last May.

Oliver Heldens (The Netherlands) – Telekom Arena, 12th of August (23:30)

Sustained by Tiesto, and for a good reason – Oliver Heldens is considered one of the acts who will probably shape the electronic music of the future. Ambitious and talented, this Dutch DJ/Producer mixes styles in a unique way. Pete Tong considers him one of the determinative producers of our times.

Kwabs (UK) – A38, 16th of August (18:30)

A refined, melodic mix of neo-soul and synth tunes are the signature of Kwabs, the London youngster of Ghanaian origin. His first single – “Walk” – was a huge success in all Europe, and his upcoming album (to be released this September) is among the most anticipated releases of the year.

Slots left to fill

Main Stage

  • Thursday, the 13th, 17:45
  • Sunday, the 16th, 17:45

A38 Stage

  • Saturday, the 15th, 03:00

Considering that the Sziget 2015 Facebook Voting Contest will end today, one of the names most likely to be added to the lineup is Turrentine Jones (UK), as it has over 1,000 more votes than the first runner up, Plastic Barricades.


120 thoughts on “Oliver Heldens, The Horrors, Kwabs @ Sziget 2015

  1. So probably the moving from A38 to MS as John Doe talked about will be on Thursday with Turrentine Jones taking over the A38 slot (hopefully not Main Stage at least).

    That means that they still have time to fix the mess they’ve made on Sunday by putting Passenger and the end show at the same time. Move Passenger to the MS-slot and add someone to A38 instead. If not, pay Weezer well, and gey’ll accept the 1745 slot on MS 😉

  2. I know, but somebody better get them over soon. Can’t remember that I’ve seen them on any festival line-up in Europe since 10/11 and then only in UK. Would be exclusive and suitable (but as you say, very unlikely)… For what it’s worth, the dates are at least free 😉

  3. Weezer are probably the best day time act I’ve ever seen on a Main Stage. It’s difficult to put in to words how good they were

  4. @Eddie I don’t know if I wanna hear about it 😉 One of few bands left on my “bucket list” that I haven’t seen yet, since they usually stay in the US. Nearest I’ve been was on Werchter last week when FIDLAR played Undone (The Sweather Song) 😉

  5. I hope the John Doe hints were real, 3 international acts from 2014 would be great.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if we’ll just get some more Hungarian names for the remaining slots. However, with the current number of local acts on the line up it might be hard for the organization to find some musicians who aren’t on the festival already.

  6. It’s hard to complain about an Hungarian festival using Hungarian bands, but with that many stages it should be possible to only use the locally huge ones on the main two stagesy. I don’t know if there are any data on the percentage of festival goers that are locals (I would guess about 50%), but I would imagine that even them would be mainly interesting in watching the bigger international acts.

    With the quite weak line up this year, either it is because of bad work or limited availability of good bands in the period, they should make sure that the last names are good and exclusive (not that I think it will happen). To put 3 middle ranked bad that also played last year on the list, is not my idea of trying to fix the line-up… However if 1 slot is to the winner of the competition, 1 is a nightly DJ-set then only 1 is left on the main stage. The clues from John Doe hasn’t really given us much to go after…

  7. To me it seems clear the hints meant Girls In Hawaii will play in the main stage on August 13th. Hawaii is an island + they played last year on the 13th in A38 (fits the 13. A38 – MS hint).

  8. No way to know that, John Doe didn’t give us any band specific hints. And why would they book a A38 opener for the mainstage, no new album yet, not on a proper tour…

  9. When will the full line-up be finalised? Are there still tickets left?? I listened to Turrentine Jones – decent. Are they main stage?

  10. This is shaping up really nicely, looking forward to the Horrors! The A38 stage will be good to see new upcoming bands too

  11. And i’m quite sure of stromae… last year was terrible. Was not able to get in the A38 like many others. They will make it right with putting him at the main stage…

  12. Weezer for “Island in the Sun” and Girls in Hawaii because Hawaii is an island would be awesome! :))

  13. What the hell guys?! 🙂 2013 names? Weezer? Ahah I love you all! Didn’t John Doe just say that we’ll have 2014 names from Sziget’s management festivals? So why are we talkin about this? And about a38/mainstage switches? And don’t forget it’s still about afternoon slots guys, so.. Stromae??!!? What are you thinkin about ahah, much love.

  14. He also said that Sziget has more islands, so Girls in Hawaii (island + A38-MS switch) & Weezer (Island in the Sun…day, at 5:45 PM)!

  15. How exactly? Every show they play is in the US. They’re hardly likely to fancy a trip to Eastern Europe for a one-off show in the middle!

    Just to summarise the hints:

    Free slots: 2014 names
    The Sziget has more than one island
    13. A38->Main (possible)

    A band that fits two of those is Triggerfinger, A38 in 2013 and played Main last year. I hope not, personally.

    Girls in Hawaii meets the ‘Sziget has more than one island’ one, but a Main Stage slot seems a bit much doesn’t it?

    If there is a possible 2013 to Main band and it’s Tame Impala than John Doe will be forever a genius. I don’t care that who he’s booked as a headliner. They’re the best recording band on the planet right now in my opinion.

  16. Weezer are impossible principally because of bad musical taste of the curator of the main stage this year!!! 😀

  17. Best case scenario:

    1. 2014 names & Sziget has more than one island: Girls in Hawaii (maybe they can stay somehow at A38, Aug 15, though)

    2. A38->Main: Tame Impala (on August 13)

    3. The Sziget has more than one island: Weezer (on August 16). I know that they don’t have an European tour, but there are some exceptions. Kings of Leon, for example, they have only about 5 concerts this year, but they’ll be present at Sziget. Bring Me the Horizon is another example (no concerts at all, but they’ll play Reading & Leeds).

  18. Sorry, I misread. I thought you said quite possible! Of course Tame Impala and Weezer won’t happen 🙁

  19. Weezer just started with me dreaming about it, but if they wanna come to an Island In The Sun, I will join Eddie in eating whatever needs to be eaten to make it happen 😉 AND I’ll withdraw all my criticism of the Sziget line-up this year and the next 5 🙂

  20. Things Weezer did at Leeds when I saw them that made them amazing:
    1) Played Say It Ain’t So/Hash Pipe/Surf Wax America/Island in the Sun 😉
    2) Played Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus as a joke because everyone gets them confused with Wheatus
    3) During Buddy Holly, Rivers ran off stage, out the side of the stage and just kept running and running away from the Main Stage with about 20000 people chasing him. It was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen at a festival. I can’t even remember how it ended.

  21. But guys, tame impala are a 2013 name, not 2014 (As John Doe said in the first hint). Am I wrong? If yes just tell me what I misunderstood please, because there are too many infos and posts.

  22. Well, the hints were:

    1. 2014 names
    2. The Sziget has more than one island
    3. 13. A38->Main (possible)

    An no one said that all of those 3 have to be accomplished at the same time.

  23. Let Rivers run to Sziget and I’ll find more people to chase him around if that what makes him happy! 🙂 If I can’t get Weezer this year, John Doe (and his friends) better make sure we get them for 2016!!

  24. I’ll be at the first time at this festival and I have a question: if there is heavy rain, let’s say, which lasts for 2 days, will be there a lot of mud at the stages & camping areas? Should I worry about it and prepare some boots and prepare for a Glastonbury-like festival if the weather will be a rainy one?

  25. The 13. A38>Main could either mean a band on the 13th moving to the Main Stage or a band from the tent in 2013 playing on the main this time. Two possibilities (at least).

    I took this to be a separate instruction to the new names being 2014 IF it was about a band who played in 2013, due to the (possible) bit, but who knows?

  26. @Sziget Yes it will be (very) muddy, so take your precautions. I remember some of the areas last year and it wasn’t a pretty sight 🙂

  27. Thank you Eddie, now I understand that “13.” thing. I was pretty sure john was talkin about the 13th but it makes a lot more sense with 2013 and the Tame Impala link. I think that’s the reason john doe also said “(possible)”. It would be something big, I think it’s not so easy. But in my opinion tame impala would change the festival and will make it even better than it is. Making happy a lot of typical festival goers who are asking for more quality undercard bands this year.

  28. @Sziget it can be muddy but it’s far far away from what Glastonbury is! Last year it didn’t rain until thursday and it only lasted 1-2 days (and it didn’t really bother me).

    Tame Impala would be amazing!

  29. It’s too soon to check the weather… just read the “weather thread” on glastonbury forums on efestivals and you’ll see how complicated it is 🙂

  30. If it’s tame impala and this guy (with this interesting nickname Sziget) is right about the weather I’m gonna p*e in my mouth for happiness. (I’m not so excited about tame impala, but to know when it will rain woooo)

  31. In 2014, the last two names announced were Korn and NOFX, so there is hope that we’ll have at least one pretty big name playing at 5:45 PM on August 13 or August 16. Tame Impala would be good, Weezer would be great, both of them would be brilliant!

  32. I would be also funny that the two remaining slots to be completed by Weezer… and Wheatus. Wheatus are from Long Island, New York.

  33. Skrillex is a main stage closing name like Avicii or Guetta or Harris or somebody else from this club of millionaire djs 🙂 not an a38 3am name

  34. I would like Years and Years (they play at Flow Festival in Helsinki), do you think it would be feasible?

  35. I’m betting Dropkick will be this years Stromae, although with all the moshpits going on at their gigs even worse (and more dangerous)..

  36. I just checked the official sziget app .Ting tings moved to 2nd mainstage slot on the 13th, their 10-11:15 spot on A38 is empty now. I didn’t notice any other changes, nothing mentioned on facebook.

  37. For me that means that they are “downgrading” yet another available slot. The change has been made on the website as well.

  38. So the A38 – MS switch which John Doe said was about The Ting Tings. Hopefully Girls in Hawaii will replace them at A38 and we’ll get Tame Impala or Weezer for Sunday. 😀

  39. Future Islands, Enter Shikari, The Gaslight Anthem, Foxes (who the f***?) and Passenger play the slot that the Ting Tings were supposed to play, so hopefully we’re getting someone as nice. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to watch any of these (Florence, Alt J and I like my main DJ at night after some rock during the day).
    but with Ellie Goulding headlining, I’m waiting with excitement.

  40. Called that one. The Ting Tings on Main low down makes sense to an extent, I’ll go for a wander about while they’re on. Have they even done anything since they had that minor hit about 7 years ago? Uninspiring booking

  41. Both the booking and the moving is uninspiring, but what concerns me is that it doesn’t call for any good replacement.

    Also, when you first have published a schedule, please inform people when (and why) you make changes. At least wait to do it until you have something to inform about as this doesn’t make any sense. It does however follow the bad line of communication that they have established this year.

    As for the speculations themselves. I haven’t followed this forum for a long time, but haven’t John Does clues usually been confirmed by him if anyone has made the correct guess? Also, hasn’t it usually been around bigger names (which Girls In Hawai definately isn’t)?

  42. Let’s pray that another 2014 name will be at A38 stage on August 13 and that “Sziget has more than an island” hint will bring Weezer for Sunday. :))

  43. If that prayer gives us that result, I will start actually believing in a God 😉

  44. Sziget is right in the middle of a 4 week free period for Weezer. So do you think they will skip their holiday with their families to come to Europe last minute? With this line up and European exclusive they would headline or at least co headline.

  45. Girls in Hawaii will be your more than one island you’d imagine. He flat out said the other names were 2014 names, so no Weezer, no Tame Impala and with the slots available, no one decent. Best case scenario is The Kooks for Sunday I reckon (if you call that a best case).

    A38 Thurs- Girls in Hawaii
    A38 Sat- La Roux followed by a local DJ
    Main Sun- The Kooks

    My guesses

  46. I agree with Eddie and really don’t know why you guys keep on talking about Weezer. John Doe was clear: new names are Sziget 2014 names (or Balaton Sound and Volt 2014 if the Island hint was related to other festivals).
    Anyway no La Roux for sure on Saturday, 3am is too late. Maybe Diplo that played last year at Balaton Sound and will be there for Major Lazer. In a lot festival ML will play Diplo will have a solo dj set. I bet on him for that slot.

  47. @Eddie I think you’re right, and it pisses me off.. They lack three slots, it’s impossible that they can have spent close to their budget with these names and still not even in those last names they can’t find something good or exclusive, and have to recycle names that were poor last year as well. There’s not a lot of bands touring, but more than enough to get something that’s not on every other festivals or that wasn’t there last year.

    There is still hope, so I will wait and see, but up to now it seems like a very lack of creativity by the booking team. I wasn’t as annoyed as many others when they lacked the last 20 or so names, but now I am. Also after the schedule came out, pretty much everything I want to see is clashing somehow and 80% concentrated on fri/sat.

  48. Kooks were quite obvious from the beginning, just with the 2014 hint and looking at their tour. But Tame impala have been a beautiful dream with the “13 a38->ms” hint, but now it’s over ahaha. I like the kooks and didn’t see them last year so I’ll see them. Would have liked to see tame impala this summer, but no problem 🙂 I have to see Jose Gonzales, bizkit, c2c, and sigma on Sunday.. So the kooks are fine

  49. I’m not going to make any predictions but here’s what I think.

    For the 10pm slot in a38 I can see it being a half decent fairly well known band. No million plus seller but by looking at the acts in that spot on other days I’m fairly confident of someone worth seeing.

    For the 3am slot in a38 it looks certain to be a dj or maybe competition winners. So probably not much for me but probably of interest to people who wanna carry on partying.

    I think the main stage act yet to be announced is difficult to work out the type of act or their popularity but it I can imagine it being a similar type of act in terms of popularity as the choice for a38 on the 13th.

    Like I’ve said before I’m fairly happy with the line up, its far from perfect but still good enough so whatever else is added is a bonus.

    No predictions but I would be happy with the kooks as a nice afternoon slot on the main stage and clean bandit for a38.

    My dream would be Manic Street Preachers anywhere.

  50. no way for tame impala.
    “13 a38->ms” hint means ting tings go to the MS at aug 13th.

  51. VOLT Fesztivál is good! Quimby is good! Now waiting Slash. My hubby like if you watch livestream on his website!

  52. Well, it seems that Sziget moved its rock to VOLT. Last year Arctic Monkeys, this year Slash…

  53. Subways set has swapped with Jamie Woon. Good for those hoping for less of a clash with Kasabian

  54. some good moves so far, moving subways so they don’t clash with kasabian just makes sense.

    Another good move would be to move future islands so they dont clash with florence.

  55. The Ting Tings moved to new available slots are sunday 5.45 on MS, thursday 10pm and and saturday 3am on A38.

    Are they really a main stage band? And why releasing the program if it’s not final? Just more and more confusing

  56. I really think that in this way they ‘re tellin’ us: “we didn’t succeed to find two very good names, but we still try to have a dignity (even if it ain’t true), so we move a silly band from the A38 to an awful slot in MS, cuz we’re gonna put in their place an even-more-silly band”.

    So yes, I guess it’s gonna be Girls in Hawaii.
    When John Doe, our beloved god, told us 13. A38->MS (possible), it was like “the 13th we’ll try to move a band from the A38 to the Main Stage, if we can manage”.

    About the remaining slot in Main Stage, I still bet on La Roux – more than The Kooks.

  57. then i just hope for someone good to see in the A38 while Ellie is on MS…a decent rock band would be great

  58. If they moved the Ting Tings to the Main Stage it means they are gonna call a band less famous than then. I don’t know if less good, but less famous for sure.
    I say this because the slot at A38 while an healdiner perform in MS is secondary (even if the headliner herself is secondary).
    Even if they put people on the A38 that is more famous than most of the bands in the MS…
    Well, it’s a little blurry.

    About the DJs, I still can’t find other names than Djaikovski or Bonobo, if they are from ’14, cause this year A38 is more underground from the one last year, so lot of Dnb, experimental, Dubstep, Psytrance and stuff.

    Any idea, folk?

  59. Gentleman és Babylon Circus, SOJA és Che Sudaka egy id?ben? Azt hogy sikerült? 🙂 😀 lol

    /For those not speaking Hungarian: Gentleman and Babylon Circus, SOJA and Che Sudaka at the same time? How did they do this? – SzigetNews/

  60. What I saw guys is that the 5:45 PM slot on the MS is now increasing in artist popularity day by day: Ocho Macho, Asaf Avidan, The Horrors, The Ting Tings, Marina and The Diamonds, Hollywood Undead, “?”.

    Hopefully the empty place will be completed by someone more popular than Hollywood Undead. I’m okay with The Kooks, but I would like a proper rock band. Limp Bizkit is not ‘rock enough’ for me that day.

    One more reason why the festival needs a popular band on the last day is that they need to end it by leaving a good impression, so I really hope the MS empty slot will be a cool name. I don’t really care about the remaining A38 empty slots.

  61. Kingdom of Hegyalja has just been canceled! Maybe we will see someone from there (Nightwish, Rudimental, Eagles of Death Metal, Clean Bandit (possible 2014 name?), The Darkness)… didn’t verify if they are available though.

    In the hungarian article they say that they might play in Budapest but not as part of the festival so we’ll see!

  62. Nightwish have a concert in Germany in Aug 15, but they are available in Aug 16!

  63. At least hegyalja could admit that line-up sucked and promised to give a refund. Sziget would never do that even if they only have a tribute stage. This years they should be ashamed about this line-up.

  64. hú de kemény ember. fáj az igazság? benne vagy a sziget szervez?csapatában? szóltam én hozzád egy rossz szót, hogy le f*szfejez? Idióta majom.

  65. I don’t understand a word but I see some *… calm down guys! I swear to you it’s gonna be awesome!

  66. In Vietnam so missed a bit but just had quick read and the highlight seems to be Art and his positive attitude. Keep up the good work! I’d take Kooks too and Palma Violets don’t know there schedule tho.

  67. Unless they come up with some good acts here (hopefully none of the ones mentioned so far) the biggest troll is starting to be Sziget. Also I hope John Doe’s hint didn’t apply to all available slots, just the one on Thursday (which by far already is the worst day).

    And while they’re at the rescheduling, move Passenger away from the end party!

  68. Passenger is a good alternative to the ones who can’t stand Big Room. Fair enough if I won’t be forced to spend the final moments of the party in the Coxpon smoking hashpipe and cursing the world as I did with Harris last year.

    I think that we will get:
    – A silly act for the 21.00 slot in A38 on 13th – they moved the Ting Tings to MS, it means they won’t get anyone better than them (and they ain’t that good / critical acclaimed)
    – A so-so act for the MS on 17th, nor good nor bad, but totally not decisive for the line up (Kooks, La Roux, blabla)
    – A good act for the A38, electronical one. I say this because they could not fill it or fill it with hungarian artists, so I guess they are looking for someone talented.

  69. It can be a good alternative at all other times as well. As they haven’t published the map yet I don’t know if they make any big changes in the stage locations, but Passenger is also as low key as you get it (one man accoustic) and I have a strong feeling an afterparty with Garrix will not only ruin ours but his experience as well. I’ve seen it happen at Werchter and the stages are closer together at Sziget (last years set up at least).

    Otherwise I unfortunately agree with you. My expectations are extremely low after the recent events, and I can’t understand why they won’t at least try to make it somewhat interesting, not just copying the worst parts of last years line-up. A38 at 03 should be ok, but it’s not more EDM we’re lacking so I’d rather they put their money on some of the other two slots.

  70. All come to fesztivál of my hubby next year! Parkway Drive so good! Now Rise Against! Watch on internet!

  71. John Doe takes care of VOLT?
    I would trade Sziget only for Glastonbury 🙂

  72. And John Butler Trio should be great on the last day ! … They come from an island, Australia. 😉

  73. App update,check out the map… but when you check the map… coming soon..not a great year for Sziget

  74. after taking a good luck at the schedule:

    gaslight –> dropkick –> gramatik –> knife party is going to be huge in a38.

    and passenger –> milky chance –> c2c –> sigma will make for a good night as well.

    two pretty solid sets of artists playing back to back

    considering how much it would be to see these artists alone (they all headline their own tours), and how much there is on offer the other 4 nights (i say this because day -1 is extremely slim pickings, even optimistically) i’m pretty happy with what my money is buying. colosseum is stacked anytime after midnight most nights, with a big international name (or two!) almost every night, so that’s great. telekom has at least a big international dj or two every night. i’m finding myself leaning towards two or more places at once after midnight almost every night of the week.

    however, there are of course no massive names that i can check off my “list” really, and the main stage is lacking really hard. but a38 can only really get better (and imo it’s already pretty damn good some nights and at least decent most of the others), and the other stages aren’t that bad.

    so i think sziget did alright. surely there are things that need to be fixed in the booking process but for $300, it’s not bad. it could easily make up a solid 3-day lineup, especially with the electronic acts in a38, arena and colosseum, and it’s cheaper than most 3-day festivals elsewhere are. so money well spent i think. rant over.

  75. circus lineup times announced on website:) looks like a very complete circus lineup this year from 2pm to late every day:). the circus was one of my highlights last year.

    Another highlight that i haven’t spotted this year yet was the opera. Is this happening this year.

    Also the Hungarian village – is it returning, loved dancing in the dance hut.

    Also the soviet era bit – is that back?

    Theres still loads to announce i think:)

    The ability park? Ruin bars, logic games, etc. loads to come.

  76. any hint for the last main stage slot John? kooks or la roux? 🙂

    anyway, I saw a live of Kraftklub (16 august opener) on youtube. They’re very entertaining, I think I’ill have a freakin good time in that german moshpit

  77. If we absolutely have to have a repeat from last year then let it be BossHoss. Biggest positive suprise for me last year as they were really fun live.

    Also, Millencolin is available if they don’t need to recycle old names for all the slots. Only busy dates are 14&15 in Germany. Would be awsome!

  78. Wu-Tang would have been also cool, I just saw they play Untold Fest in Romania 31 july. Anyway, no

  79. @TM you really reckon a band as good as Millencolin could be on the Sziget radar?

  80. @bobo: Sajnos, the Sziget has more than one island. My hubby busy with own fesztivál 😉

    David Guetta was good! Punnany Massif start now. Will be good!

  81. So John Doe will be back after VOLT? 🙂
    surely they won’t publish names during VOLT… so new names and the map and stuff next week?

  82. My program so far:

    Monday, Aug. 10

    • Supernem (H) (6:15 PM – 7:30 PM)
    • Arctic Monkeys Tribute by Confuse a Koala (1:00 AM – 2:30 AM)

    Tuesday, Aug. 11

    • Gentleman & The Evolution (D) (4:00 PM – 5:15 PM)
    • Babylon Circus (F) (4:45 PM – 6:00 PM)
    • Florence + The Machine (UK) (9:30 PM – 11:00 PM)
    • Jungle (UK) (11:45 PM – 1:00 AM)
    • Infected Mushroom (ISR) (1:30 AM – 2:30 AM)

    Wednesday, Aug. 12

    • Gogol Bordello (USA) (4:00 PM – 5:15 PM)
    • Typhoon (NL) (4:45 PM – 6:00 PM)
    • Après la Classe (I) (5:00 PM – 5:45 PM)
    • The Horrors (UK) (5:45 PM – 7:00 PM)
    • Che Sudaka (ES) (7:45 PM – 9:00 PM)
    • Boban i Marko Markovic Orkestar (SRB) (9:15 PM – 10:30 PM)
    • Enter Shikari (UK) (10:00 PM – 11:15 PM)
    • Canzoniere Grecanico Saletino (IT) (11:15 PM – 12:30 AM)
    • Jaguar Skills (UK) (1:00 AM – 2:30 AM)
    • SBTRKT (UK) after: Ludmilla (3:00 AM – 5:00 AM)

    Thursday, Aug. 13

    • The Dumplings (PL) (1:00 PM – 1:45 PM)
    • The Maccabees (UK) (4:00 PM – 5:15 PM)
    • The Ting Tings (UK) (5:45 PM – 7:00 PM)
    • MØ (DK) (6:30 PM – 7:45 PM)
    • Roy Paci & Aretuska Allstars (IT) (7:45 PM – 9:00 PM)
    • ….To be announced…. (10:00 PM – 11:15 PM)
    • Interpol (USA) (11:45 PM – 1:00 AM)
    • Dixon (D) (2:00 AM – 5:55 AM)

    Friday, Aug. 14

    • Lo Stato Sociale (I) (3:30 PM – 4:30 PM)
    • AWOLNATION (USA) (4:00 PM – 5:15 PM)
    • The Subways (UK) (6:30 PM – 7:45 PM)
    • Kasabian (UK) (7:30 PM – 9:00 PM)
    • The Gaslight Anthem (USA) (10:00 PM – 11:15 PM)
    • Dropkick Murphys (USA) (11:45 PM – 1:00 AM)
    • Function (D) (12:00 AM – 1:00 AM)
    • Marcel Dettmann (D) (1:00 AM – 4:30 AM)
    • Gramatik (SLO) (1:30 AM – 2:30 AM)
    • Knife Party (AUS) after: Chris. Su (H) (3:00 AM – 5:55 AM)
    • Sidney Samson (NL) (3:00 AM – 4:30 AM)

    Saturday, Aug. 15

    • Fast Animals and Slow Kids (I) (2:15 PM – 3:00 PM)
    • Hollywood Undead (USA) (5:45 PM – 7:00 PM)
    • Major Lazer (USA) (7:30 PM – 9:00 PM)
    • Beatsteaks (DE) (8:15 PM – 9:30 PM)
    • Goran Bregovic Wedding and Funeral Band (SRB) (9:15 PM – 10:30 PM)
    • Kings Of Leon (USA) (9:30 PM – 11:00 PM)
    • Vitalic live (F) (12:00 AM – 1:00 AM)
    • Ellen Allien (D) (1:00 AM – 4:00 AM)
    • Nero (UK) (1:30 AM – 5:55 PM)
    • ….To be announced…. (3:00 AM – 5:55 AM)

    Sunday, Aug. 16

    • José Gonzalez (SWE) (4:45 PM – 6:00 PM)
    • ….To be announced…. (5:45 PM – 7:00 PM)
    • Limp Bizkit (USA) (7:30 PM – 9:00 PM)
    • Milky Chance (D) (11:45 PM – 1:00 AM)
    • Damian Lazarus (UK) (1:00 AM – 3:30 AM)
    • C2C (F) (1:30 AM – 2:30 AM)
    • Sigma live (UK) – after: DJ Marky (BR) & Stamina MC (UK) (3:00 AM – 5:55 AM)

    • Camo & Krooked (A)
    • Fuerza Bruta – Giant Street Theatre

  83. FAB: How much of Goran’s concert and how much of Kings of Leon are you going to see?

  84. Turrentine Jones have been confirmed for the Europe stage on Sunday. Just saw the announcement. I like Sziget gives upcoming bands a chance. That must be the final spot taken now?

  85. So it seems that Turrentine Jones won the Facebook Voting Contest. It’s not the final spot because we still have 2 empty slots at A38 and one empty slot at Mainstage.

  86. @eddie You’re probably right, but one must hope. Could be this years NOFX and should be farily easy to get.

    I hear many people talking about Goran. I was planning to see him until he clashed with KOL, which makes me a bit unsure. I don’t know much about him, so are his shows cool?

    Any other of the local, world village, irish stage band people know about that holds a good party (regardless of music type)? I’m trying to listen to most of the bands before I go, but often for those types of bands they are very different live. Also it’s easy to miss some om the non-english speaking bands because songs ofter takes longer to stick.

  87. I personally don’t listen so much to Goran’s records, but his live shows are just so amazing! Very energetic and Balkan spirit, a great party. But I had the opportunity to see Goran’s gigs a couple times before, and I’m pretty sure I’ll easily see him at least another time in the future, so this year at sziget I’m gonna see Kings of Leon as they’re one of my top 10 bands and I’ve never seen them. That’s why the choice is easy for me, but not for everybody. Both shows will be huge, different but huge.

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