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One month until Sziget 2012!

No news today, just a quick reminder that Sziget 2012 starts in exactly one month from today.

In exactly one month, it will be Day –2, the day of the Hungarian song, followed by the Csik Zenekar night on Day –1.

And then, it will be Day 0, the metal day, and the full Sziget will be on its way after that, with the whole lineup

Hopefully, this month passes fast!

11 thoughts on “One month until Sziget 2012!

  1. Does anyone know when the last announcement is coming? Looks like there’s still one mainstage slot left on Friday and also one A38 slot on the same day.

  2. …what about the schedule, when is it going to be announced?
    does anybody know when was announced in previous years?

  3. So its looking like there is more to be announced, I was really hoping the The Cure would be at Sziget and at one point thought they were a dead cert – now I’m feeling they won’t be if Snoop is the last headliner.

    Hope I’m wrong, what do people think?

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